Why Is Cat Urine So Strong?

Also, how can it be removed? Feline Urine Odor is always a message, never a mistake. While you begin cat pee cleaning, keep an eye out for the prosperity of your feline partner!

So you received the pee-mail – feline pee on the partition, floor or cover, clothing or games bag. Your kitten has urinated somewhere other than the litter box, and you must get rid of the feline urine stench.

Why feline pee scent is so difficult to evacuate?

However, before digging into the points of interest of how to expel feline pee scent from your most cherished home item or the cover, you should understand the characteristics of feline pee, why it smells the way it does, and why disposing of feline pee isn’t easy!

There are various genuine cat pee eliminators on the market.

They are so sure of themselves that they have names like Serious/Extreme/Super/Eliminator/Neutralizing and Nature’s Miracle.

They’re also all called Cat Urine Removers!

Why is expelling feline pee scent so hard? 

When it comes to cleansing feline pee from everywhere, the process and item must outperform a few transformational ways that our feline friends have developed as an important part of their social informing structure over the decades.

I believe they were the true Social Networking pioneers since eradicating that specific feline pee taste necessitates focus and anticipation – similar to ridding oneself off FaceBook!

To put it simply, when a feline urinates outside the litter box, especially on a tall surface, they are striving to stand out enough to be seen, to get the attention of another feline, or to comfort themselves after a letdown or perceived danger.

Feline pee checking or showering (especially male feline splashing) is a refined method for leaving a message for various felines. It is meant to attract attention. Felinine is a protein found in urine. As it corrodes and separates sulphur particles, it causes the possess an aroma akin to feline urine to become more grounded with time – like a primitive clock!

Because he has an aberrant condition of the Felinine protein in his urine, the aroma of male feline pee is very strong. The amount of this protein in his urine controls his Cat Urine Odor Control (and smellier is better for young males!). Solid male felines will notice pee far more often than fixed felines.

The protein is a component of the pheromone framework – a fascinating kind of pee-male)! Furthermore, the unsaturated fats in feline urine make it sticky enough to stay on a tree for three weeks in the wind and rain!

So it’s no wonder that your kitten is peeing on your cover, hardwood flooring, and even your bathroom tiles!

To expel feline pee from any surface, particularly porous, texture writing surfaces, a feline pee cleanser must breakdown the unsaturated fats, separate the felinine protein, and then suspend the results in water to be washed away (this is how ‘Nature’s Miracle’ works).

Some feline urine stain and scent expulsion goods are designed to just soak the pee stains and separate the foul parts without being rinsed away (e.g. Pee Off or Urine Free Cat quality).

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