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Unique Female Cat Names – The Best Original Girl Kitty Names

unique female cat names

unique female cat names

Cats are filled with character, and each cat is exclusive. So in case you’re bringing residence a brand new woman kitty, you’ll undoubtedly be taking a look at distinctive feminine cat names!

In any case, not all cats go well with the extra well-liked names.

Distinctive names for feminine cats are good for displaying the character of your fbest new pal.

Whether or not you’re looking for cute distinctive feminine cat names, fierce feminine cat names, unusual woman cat names or distinctive black cat names, you’ll love this listing of distinctive feminine kitten names!

Prime Distinctive Feminine Cat Names

Our ten favourite distinctive feminine cat names for 2019 are:

  1. Zona
  2. Hester
  3. Abigale
  4. Aretha
  5. Miranda
  6. Katrinka
  7. Sparrow
  8. Davina
  9. Paisley
  10. Zinnia

Why Select A Distinctive Feminine Cat Identify?

It may be straightforward to comply with a development. And typically we might actually like a well-liked identify!

However different occasions, the “fashionable” record simply doesn’t actually match our one-of-a-kind pet.

In order that’s when it’s time to start out considering outdoors the field. You might want to look into discovering a singular identify for a singular cat.

However fortunately, there are many locations to seek out inspiration for the right identify. On this article, we’ve gathered some uncommon and really particular names so that you can select.

unique female cat names

Distinctive Feminine Cat Names: Gems

One nice approach to discover distinctive feminine cat names is to select a particular gemstone identify. Whether or not you decide one based mostly on delivery month or on gemstone qualities!

Plus, you may even discover one that completely matches your cat’s beautiful coat colour.

  • January (Garnet). Reliable pals are the blessing of Garnet.
  • February (Amethyst). Temperance and a balanced thoughts include Amethyst.
  • March (Aquamarine). Aquamarine brings youth, hope and good well being.
  • April (Diamond). Braveness and eternal love come to the Diamond’s bearer.
  • Might (Emerald). Magnificence, knowledge, endurance and progress are linked to Emerald.
  • June (Pearl). Pearl provides purity and pleasure.
  • July (Ruby). Ruby brings luck, love and well being.
  • August (Peridot). Magical powers and affect are the presents of Peridot.
  • September (Sapphire). Sapphire conveys safety, loyalty and belief.
  • October (Opal). Opal is a singular smooth stone type of silica that brings good luck.
  • November (Topaz). Topaz is seen as a stone of therapeutic and heat.
  • December (Zircon). Honor and knowledge are the traits of Zircon.

Distinctive Flower-Impressed Feminine Cat Names

Like gems, many flowers have their very own distinctive which means.

These flowers could make very uncommon feminine kitten names and totally different cat names feminine in your one-of-a-kind feline!

Right here we’ve listed some totally different blooms. Plus we’ve included their which means within the language of flowers. So which one most closely fits your new kitten?

  • Orange Blossom. Loveliness.
  • Camellia. Future.
  • Chrysanthemum. Honesty.
  • Cornflower. Blessing.
  • Daffodil. New beginnings.
  • Daisy. Innocence.
  • Lily of the Valley. Sweetness.
  • Sweetpea. Pleasure.
  • Lavender. Devotion.
  • Lilac. Old flame.
  • Morning Glory. Magnificence.
  • Pansy. Thoughtfulness.
  • Goldenrod. Encouragement.
  • Violet. Loyalty.
  • White Clover. Remembrance.
  • Jasmine. Candy love.
  • Bluebell. Kindness.
  • Lotus. Purity.
  • Edelweiss. Braveness.
  • Ivy. Friendship.

Distinctive Colour-Based mostly Feminine Cat Names

Pantone units the business colour commonplace annually by selecting a “shade of the yr” and a full shade palette to enrich it.

It’s fairly unlikely that your cat may have a fur shade to match. However that doesn’t imply that these colours can’t “sound” identical to your kitty’s character!

So, listed here are some totally different cat names feminine cat people will love. These are based mostly on well-liked Pantone colours from years previous.

  • Cerulean Blue.
  • Fushia Rose.
  • Aqua Sky.
  • Tigerlily.
  • Chili Pepper.
  • Blue Iris.
  • Mimosa.
  • Honeysuckle.
  • Tangerine Tango.
  • Radiant Orchid.
  • Marsala.
  • Extremely Violet.
  • Arcadia.
  • Niagara.
  • Flame.
  • Primrose Yellow.
  • Frosted Almond.
  • Holly Berry.
  • Serenity.
  • Nimbus Cloud.

Distinctive Feminine Cat Names: Well-known Athletes

Cats are merely superb athletes! Every one has an incredible mixture of grace and energy.

Plus, these well-known feminine athletes are fairly superb too!

So, for those who can sense an identical spirit in these names, they could simply be the kind of distinctive feminine kitten names you’ve been in search of!

  • Danica (Patrick): Racecar driver.
  • Billie Jean (King): Tennis.
  • Ronda (Rousey). MMA preventing.
  • Gabby (Douglas). Gymnastics.
  • Jackie (Joyner-Kersey). Lengthy leap.
  • Serena (Williams). Tennis.
  • Venus (Williams). Tennis.
  • Mia (Hamm). Soccer.
  • Bonnie (Blair). Velocity skating.
  • Nancy (Lopez). Golf.
  • Wilma (Rudolf). Operating.
  • Dara Grace (Torres). Swimming.
  • Leila (Ali). Boxing.
  • Anna (Kournikova). Tennis.
  • Geena (Davis). Archery.
  • Hope (Solo). Soccer.
  • Monique (Lamoureux). Ice hockey.
  • Maya April (Moore). Basketball.
  • Yelena (Isinbayeva). Pole vaulting.
  • Gisele (Marvin). Ice hockey.

Great ideas for unique female cat names

Distinctive Cute Woman Cat Names

Some cats are simply heart-meltingly cute and cuddly. So, these cute distinctive woman cat names and distinctive woman kitten names simply might suit your candy cat’s character like a glove!

  • Popsicle.
  • Paisley.
  • Tiny Tina.
  • Little Package.
  • Cuddle Bug.
  • MeiMei.
  • Candycane.
  • Kimmy.
  • Kiwi.
  • Honey Graham.
  • Brie.
  • Penny.
  • Biscuit.
  • Butterfly.
  • Zoe Grace.
  • Felicity.
  • Pixie Kitty.
  • Raisin.
  • Snow White.
  • Tia Maria.

Distinctive Feminine Cat Names: Birds

Cats love birds — perhaps slightly an excessive amount of, typically!

Nonetheless, a few of these names make superbly distinctive names for a kitten.

And if there’s something extra ironic than naming your feline after a fowl, we haven’t heard of it but!

  • Robin.
  • Starling.
  • Catbird.
  • Sparrow.
  • Dove.
  • Flamingo.
  • Magpie.
  • Blackbird.
  • Raven.
  • Turkey.
  • Canary.
  • Wren.
  • Chickadee.
  • Jay.
  • Mousebird.
  • Sparrowhawk.
  • Oriole.
  • Myna.
  • Passerine.
  • Guinea.

Star Signal Distinctive Feminine Cat Names

You will get some nice distinctive feminine cat names concepts by studying about your kitty’s start month signal! Match the month of your kitten’s start with one in every of these uncommon names.

  • Aries (March 21-April 19). The Ram. Identify: Aria.
  • Taurus (April 20-Might 20). The Bull. Identify: Bovi (for “bovine”).
  • Gemini (Might 21-June 20). The Twins. Identify: Gemini.
  • Most cancers (June 21-July 22). The Crab. Identify: Snow (a species of crab).
  • Leo (July 23-August 22). The Lion. Identify: Lea.
  • Virgo (August 23-September 22). The Virgin. Identify: Virga.
  • Libra (September 23-October 22). The Scales. Identify: Libra.
  • Scorpio (October 23-November 21). The Scorpion. Identify: Scorpia.
  • Sagittarius (November 22-December 21). The Archer. Identify: Archer.
  • Capricorn (December 22-January 19). The Goat. Identify: Caprine (means “goat”).
  • Aquarius (January 20-February 18). The Water Bearer. Identify: Aquaria.
  • Pisces (February 19-March 20). The Fish. Identify: Marina.

Distinctive Celestial Feminine Cat Names

Do you’re keen on star gazing? The celestial our bodies have a few of the most lovely, lyrical and distinctive names.

So one among these names is perhaps good as a reputation in your woman kitty!

  • Mercury.
  • Venus.
  • Saturn.
  • Rhea (Saturn’s moon).
  • Mimas (Saturn’s moon).
  • Phoebe (Saturn’s moon).
  • Europa (Jupiter’s moon).
  • Elara (Jupiter’s moon).
  • Leda (Jupiter’s moon).
  • Ariel (Uranus’s moon).
  • Miranda (Uranus’s moon).
  • Cordelia (Uranus’s moon).
  • Vega (star).
  • Capella (star).
  • Rana (star).
  • Gemma (star).
  • Andromeda (constellation).
  • Carina (constellation).
  • Lyra (constellation).
  • Cassiopeia (constellation).

Historic Robust Feminine Cat Names

Historical past is filled with robust, courageous, superb ladies. Perhaps one in every of these names will suit your female feline!

Plus, it’s a good way to recollect the ladies who performed an element in shaping our world.

  • Indira (Gandhi). First Indian Prime Minister.
  • Cixi (“See-chee”). Chinese language Empress.
  • Maria Theresa. Hapsburg Empress.
  • Hatshepsut (“Haa-shep-suit”). Feminine Egyptian pharaoh.
  • Empress Wu. Sole feminine Chinese language Emperor.
  • Theodora. Japanese Orthodox church saint.
  • Lakshmi(bai) (“Lock-sh-mee-buy”). “Indian Joan of Arc.”
  • Joan (of Arc). French Roman Catholic saint.
  • Cleopatra. Remaining Egyptian pharaoh.
  • Zenobia (“Zen-oh-bee-uh”). Syrian queen of Palmyra.
  • Florence (Nightingale). Nursing pioneer.
  • Grace (Hopper). Nationwide Medal of Know-how winner.
  • Jeanne (de Clisson). The Lioness of Brittany.
  • Amina. Nigerian queen.
  • Liliuokalani. Final native ruler of Hawaii.
  • Veleda. German army prophet.
  • Umbricia Fortunata. Roman enterprise supervisor.
  • Mirabai. Indian poet and mystic.
  • Helena (Rubenstein). American enterprise government.
  • Billie (Vacation). “First woman of the blues.”

Best Unique Female Cat Names - lots of original ideas for naming your kitten

Feminine Chief Cat Names

Listed here are some extra ladies who’re key figures from historical past. These unusual woman cat names honor the legacy of highly effective feminine leaders!

  • Marie (Curie). Cured polio.
  • Toni (Morrison). First African American author to win the Nobel Prize.
  • Sally (Journey): First feminine astronaut.
  • Amelia (Earhart): First feminine pilot to cross the Atlantic on a solo voyage.
  • Maya (Angelou): Presidential Medal of Freedom-winning poet.
  • Jane (Goodall): World well-known primatologist.
  • Rosa (Parks): Activist who launched the nationwide civil rights motion.
  • Nellie (Bly): Pushed the boundaries for all ladies journalists.
  • Aretha (Franklin): “Respect” singer.
  • Noor “Nora” Inayat Khan: Feminine spy who helped convey down Nazism.
  • Alice (Paul): Strategist behind ladies gaining the appropriate to vote.
  • Isabella. This Queen of Spain and her husband united Spain.
  • Clara (Barton). Founding father of the American Purple Cross.
  • Hazel (Johnson). Born a slave and solely 19th century feminine U.S. Military soldier.
  • Annie (Oakley). Sharpshooter.
  • Leola (N. King). First feminine visitors cop.
  • Mourning Dove. First revealed Native American feminine writer.
  • Maud (Wagner). First well-known feminine tattoo artist.
  • Laura (Ingalls Wilder). “Little Home on the Prairie” writer.
  • Jackie (Mitchell). Feminine teen pitcher who struck out Babe Ruth.

Fierce Feminine Cat Names

Some woman cats are all magnificence and style. However others are fiery and fierce.

In case your cat is the latter, you may discover a match with one among these fiercely uncommon feminine kitten names!

  • Lucy (Liu): “Charlie’s Angels” star.
  • Pink: World Music Award-winning artist.
  • Queen Bey(as soon as): “Lemonade” artist.
  • Dangerous Woman RiRi (Rihanna): Greatest-selling artist.
  • Lupita (Nyong’o): Kenyan Academy Award-winning actress.
  • Vera (Wang): bridal dressmaker.
  • Misty (Copeland): first African American American Ballet Theater principal.
  • Emma (Watson): “Harry Potter” actress.
  • Adele: Grammy Album of the Yr award-winning artist.
  • Lena (Dunham): Creator of hit collection “Women.”
  • Alicia (Keys): Greatest R&B Album Grammy award-winning artist.
  • Selena (Quintanilla-Perez). “Queen of Tejano Music.”
  • Lil Kim. Platinum award-winning rapper.
  • Sia. Smash hit singer/songwriter.
  • America (Ferrara). “Ugly Betty” star.
  • Shakira. Greatest-selling Colombian singer.
  • Hayley (Kioko). “Scooby Doo” star.
  • Scarlett (Johansson). “Lucy” star.
  • Ziyi (Zhang). “Crouching Tiger” star.
  • Lynda (Carter). Unique “Marvel Lady” star.

Distinctive Feminine Cat Names: Literary Characters

Ever since I named my cat Vassya (after one of many youngsters in “Anna Karenina”) I’ve liked selecting offbeat literary references for names.

It’s virtually assured you gained’t discover different cats with the identical names!

The Happy Cat Handbook
  • Eowyn (“The Lord of the Rings”)
  • Scarlett (“Gone With The Wind”)
  • Matilda (“Matilda”)
  • Hester (“The Scarlet Letter”)
  • Eponine (“Les Miserables”)
  • Beatrice (“A lot Ado About Nothing”)
  • Trillian (“The Hitch Hiker’s Information to the Galaxy”)
  • Elphaba (“Depraved”)
  • Clarice (“The Silence of the Lambs”)
  • Ramona (“Ramona And Beezus”)

Distinctive Feminine Cat Names Abstract

Few moments in life are as particular because the day you deliver your kitten to her new “endlessly” residence!

Selecting a reputation is never straightforward. Plus, it’s nice to be totally different or to have a reputation that reminds you of somebody particular.

We hope you’ve discovered inspiration and concepts on this record of distinctive feminine cat names!

What’s your cat’s identify? We’d love to listen to your personal concepts for cat names. Tell us within the feedback under!

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This text has been extensively revised and up to date for 2019.

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