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frozen raw cat food

frozen raw cat foodAre you considering of switching your feline to frozen uncooked cat meals?

Perhaps you need your cat to eat a food regimen that’s nearer to what they’d get within the wild.

On this article, we’ll take a look at the professionals and cons of frozen uncooked cat meals.

There might be recommendations on getting ready uncooked meals in addition to suggestions for a few of the greatest frozen uncooked cat meals manufacturers obtainable.

However first, we’ll take a look at the distinctive dietary wants of cats and the way it impacts their well being if these necessities aren’t met.

Distinctive Dietary Wants in Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals

Protein and Amino Acids

Proteins are important in any eating regimen.

They’re the constructing blocks for cells, organs, hormones, blood, pores and skin, bones, enzymes and tissues.

Since cats are obligate carnivores, they get protein from animal sources.

The truth is, cats require extra protein than many different animals since additionally they use it for power.

Amino Acids

Dietary protein accommodates amino acids. A cat’s metabolism breaks amino acids down at a excessive price.

Whereas different animals are capable of regulate their price of protein breakdown, cats can’t.

Deficiencies of sure important amino acids can result in critical well being issues for cats.

For instance, taurine is discovered solely in animal-based merchandise.

Cats who don’t get sufficient of this important amino acid are prone to retinal degeneration.

Dilated cardiomyopathy and developmental defects in kittens are additionally related to a scarcity of taurine.

Arginine is one other important amino acid that the majority different animals are capable of make of their physique.

Nevertheless, cats don’t have the enzyme wanted to supply it.

It aids within the elimination of protein waste merchandise by means of urination.

In line with this research, a cat’s food regimen excluding this from even one meal might end in dying.

Fat and Fatty Acids

Like protein, fats and fatty acids are important to maintain a cat wholesome.

Fats offers power and aids within the absorption of fat-soluble nutritional vitamins.

They supply insulation and shield the interior organs.

Important fatty acids have to be offered in cats’ food regimen as a result of they’re unable to make them.

Fatty acids are important for:

  • pores and skin and coat upkeep
  • correct kidney perform
  • reproductive well being
  • imaginative and prescient
  • cell construction
  • hormone manufacturing.

This research discovered that cats who ate a eating regimen poor in important fatty acids confirmed indicators of:

  • liver degeneration
  • extreme fats within the kidneys
  • mineralization of the adrenal glands
  • degeneration of the testes
  • thickening of the pores and skin.


frozen raw cat food

Nutritional vitamins and Minerals

Nutritional vitamins and minerals are different important vitamins in your cat’s food regimen.

With out them, your cat gained’t have the ability to perform correctly.

Nevertheless, it’s additionally essential that they get them within the correct quantities.

For instance, vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which suggests it will get saved within the physique.

The immune system, pores and skin, coat, muscle mass, nerves and imaginative and prescient all want vitamin A to be wholesome.

Cats are unable to transform beta-carotene from crops into vitamin A. Subsequently, they need to get it from an animal supply.

Nevertheless, an excessive amount of Vitamin A saved within the liver can result in toxicity.

Cats additionally want a lot of water-soluble B nutritional vitamins reminiscent of niacin and thiamine.

They assist to take care of a robust immune system.

A deficiency in B nutritional vitamins can depart them vulnerable to sickness.

Making certain your pet will get the right vitamins within the right quantities is significant for an entire, balanced food regimen.

That is why selecting a frozen uncooked cat meals weight loss plan ought to all the time be finished together with your veterinarian recommendation.


Though cats get most water necessities from a uncooked meat weight loss plan, they need to nonetheless have entry to recent water.

Execs of a Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals Food regimen

A uncooked food plan is usually known as the biologically applicable uncooked meals (BARF) weight-reduction plan.

Within the wild, cats eat prey with excessive quantities of protein, average ranges of fats and little or no carbohydrates.

Supporters of uncooked meals consider that since this can be a extra pure means for cats to eat, it’s additionally more healthy for them.

You see this reasoning when shopping frozen uncooked cat meals critiques.

One profit is that it lets you know precisely what your cat is consuming.

Draw back of Business Cat Meals

Many business meals include preservatives and fillers.

They’re typically crammed with carbohydrates, which cats can solely tolerate in small quantities.

Since cats have a restricted capability to metabolize sugars, this results in weight problems and diabetes.

This is the reason advocates for a uncooked food plan for cats declare that there are quite a few well being advantages, together with:

  • boosting the immune system
  • enhancing digestion
  • higher dental well being
  • elevated power ranges
  • enhancing urinary well being
  • silkier coat and higher pores and skin situation.

Cons of a Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals Food regimen

Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals–Dietary Deficiency

One of many largest errors individuals make when feeding a uncooked food plan to their pet is just feeding them recent meat and bones.

They could not think about protein, fats and nutrient content material.

Earlier than you give your cat uncooked meat, it’s essential to have her checked out. Talk about recipe choices together with your veterinarian.

An incomplete food plan that lacks important vitamins can result in critical well being issues in your cat.

Your vet will doubtless advocate dietary supplements to make sure this doesn’t occur.

This research in contrast two uncooked diets with a business cooked one and located that each supported feline progress.

Nevertheless, it additionally said that there could possibly be nutrient deficiencies in the long run with a uncooked eating regimen.

Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals–Bacterial Contamination

Probably a fair larger menace is the danger of cross contamination.

Getting ready uncooked meat can expose you and your loved ones to harmful pathogens, together with salmonella and e coli.

This could result in life-threatening sickness.

On this research, two cats in the identical residence died from salmonella an infection related to a uncooked eating regimen.

In 2014, the USDA discovered the next charges of salmonella in uncooked meat:

  • Hen three.eight %
  • Floor beef 1.6 %
  • Turkey 1.7 %

Since pathogens can stay on preparation surfaces and utensils, it’s essential to be diligent when getting ready uncooked meat.

Protected Meals Dealing with When Getting ready Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals

Everytime you’re dealing with uncooked meat, it’s essential to scrub your palms ceaselessly or put on gloves.

All the time put together uncooked meals in a delegated space to regulate contamination.

Feed your cat on this similar area.

Afterward this space must be completely cleaned and sanitized utilizing bleach.

That features bowls, different utensils and any objects that is available in contact with uncooked meals.

Getting ready Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals

Since getting ready a uncooked meals eating regimen requires a substantial period of time, make sufficient to final for a number of weeks and maintain it frozen.

Elements sometimes embrace uncooked meat from muscle tissue and organs, floor bones, eggs, water and dietary supplements.

Have a big slicing board, meat grinder, knives, bowls, disposable gloves, kitchen scale, storage containers and freezer area.

Meat Preparation for Cats

All the time use recent, high-quality meat. Meat from the grocery retailer is meant to be cooked.

Buy organ meat from a butcher or native farmer as that is meant to be eaten uncooked.

Muscle meat could be reduce or processed by means of the meat grinder, however items must be in chunks.

Grind organ meats individually, and put each kinds of meat within the fridge.

Bones additionally must be floor individually. Mix the dietary supplements in a bowl.

This sometimes consists of wild salmon oil, taurine, vitamin B complicated, vitamin E and psyllium, however all the time verify together with your vet.

In a bigger bowl, mix the meats and complement combination and stir nicely.

Freeze particular person parts utilizing glass or plastic containers, freezer luggage and even muffin tins.

Some pet shops supply pre-made mixes of floor uncooked meat within the freezer part. Simply thaw and add dietary supplements.

Commercially Ready Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals

Alternatively, contemplate a few of the frozen uncooked cat meals manufacturers which are obtainable.

These meals are pre-mixed, packaged, frozen and despatched to you.

They’re the subsequent neatest thing to recent. Commercially ready meals are a lot much less time consuming.

All you need to do is thaw them.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that all the protected meals dealing with guidelines nonetheless apply.

Business uncooked meals may also be contaminated.

One research that evaluated 25 business uncooked meals diets for canine and cats discovered salmonella in 20 %.

Higher within the uncooked is a complement premix for getting ready a uncooked meat eating regimen for cats of all ages.

It accommodates nutritional vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It’s additionally made with 100 % human grade elements.

All you must do is add uncooked meat and water.

Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s presents frozen uncooked dinners for cats.

These uncooked frozen meals are made out of 98 % meat, organs and bone.

They’re fortified with added nutritional vitamins and minerals, taurine, probiotics and antioxidants.

These meals include no grains or gluten.

This model is accessible in patties and morsels and thaws in minutes.

Steve’s Actual Meals for Pets

Steve’s Actual Meals For Pets provides frozen uncooked meals made with grass fed, hormone, and antibiotic-free meats and poultry.

Hen, turducken and pork meals are appropriate for both cats or canine.

For instance, the hen meal accommodates floor hen, uncooked floor hen bone, hen livers and hen gizzards.

It additionally has fruit and veggies, salmon oil and taurine.

Their meals are formulated to satisfy the dietary necessities for all levels of a cat’s life.

They provide a 100 % assure.

Darwin’s Pure Pet Merchandise

Darwin’s Pure Pet Merchandise additionally carries frozen uncooked cat meals meals.

Darwin’s Pure Choices™ embrace a selection of turkey, hen and lamb patties.

All are pasture-raised and cage free, with no added antibiotics, steroids or synthetic hormones.

Recent meals are instantly frozen in vacuum-sealed packages to protect high quality and vitamin.

It’s then shipped in insulated containers all through the U.S.

Freeze-Dried Uncooked Cat Meals

That is an much more handy solution to serve your cat uncooked meals.

Freeze drying is the method of eradicating moisture whereas the meals is frozen. It permits the uncooked meals to be shelf protected.

Whereas there’s minimal processing, the vitamins, enzymes and protein buildings must be well-preserved.

To organize, you simply should re-hydrate the meals with water.

Nevertheless, when it comes to dealing with, take the identical precautions for bacterial and contamination dangers as you’d with any uncooked meat.

Intuition Freeze Dried Uncooked Increase Mixers Grain Free Recipe All Pure Cat Meals Toppers by Nature’s Selection are made with responsibly sourced, farm-raised rabbit, organs and non-GMO greens and fruits.

Including Intuition frozen uncooked cat meals on prime of your cat’s kibble is an effective method to transition them to a uncooked food regimen.

Intuition Freeze Dried Uncooked Market Grain Free Recipe Nuggets for Cats by Nature’s Selection  makes it straightforward to feed your cat uncooked meals.

You merely crumble the nuggets and add water to serve.

Components are 90 % hen and liver, and 10 % greens, fruits and nutritional vitamins.

LIFE ESSENTIALS BY CAT-MAN-DOO All Pure Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats for Cats & Canine are created from 100 % freeze-dried salmon.

Pure fish oils hold fur shiny and act as a pure anti-inflammatory in your pet’s joints.

They’re a wholesome snack that’s low in energy.

Frozen Uncooked Cat Meals Abstract

We’ve given you many choices for frozen uncooked cat meals that we hope are useful for you and your cat.

Do you’ve gotten a cat that eats a primal frozen uncooked cat meals weight-reduction plan?

We’d love to listen to about it within the remark part under.

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