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Tonkinese Cats – A Complete Guide To This Unusual Breed

tonkinese cat

tonkinese catWelcome to our full information to the fantastic world of the Tonkinese Cat. Weighing in at about 4kgs on common, this breed has a brief, neat coat that is available in a variety of colours. These cats love firm and are usually wholesome.

On this article we uncover the origins of the Tonkinese breed and share what makes them particular.

In addition to supplying you with the whole lot you must know earlier than bringing Tonkinese kittens residence.

What’s In This Information

Tonkinese Cat FAQs

Our readers’ hottest and ceaselessly requested questions concerning the Tonkinese.

Let’s dive in and study all about this particular breed.

tonkinese catTonkinese Cat Breed Evaluation: Contents

What’s a Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese cats have an fascinating historical past that’s each lengthy, and brief.

Put merely, Tonkinese cats have been created by breeding Siamese cats and Burmese cats collectively.

The thought is nothing new – kittens of Siamese and Burmese cats have been described in Far Japanese poetry because the 14th century, they usually’ve cropped up right here and there ever since.

tonkinese cat

That’s their lengthy historical past. Trendy Tonkinese cats have a a lot shorter historical past.

The Tonkinese pedigree as we all know it at the moment was conceived by Canadian breeder Margaret Conroy within the 1960s.

Conroy got down to create a cat which embodied all the most effective attributes of Siamese and Burmese cats, and appeared a bit like each, with out the exaggerated options of both.

Tonkinese Cat historical past

When cats of various pedigrees are mated collectively, their kittens and grand-kittens inherit traits of every breed at random.

However by means of cautious choice, the breeding program began by Conroy started to supply Tonkinese cats that “bred true”.

Breeding true signifies that when two Tonkinese cats breed collectively now, their kittens will look and behave in a predictable “Tonkinese” approach.

At this level out-crossing with Siamese and Burmese cats was phased out, and Tonkinese cats started to realize recognition from breed registries in their very own proper.

The Tonkinese cat was first acknowledged by the Canadian Cat Affiliation in 1971, the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation in 1974, and The Worldwide Cat Affiliation in 1979.

From designer animal beginnings, Tonkinese cats have been lastly acknowledged by all the most important breed registries in 1990.

Tonkinese Cat character

The Tonkinese cat’s house owners LOVE to explain all of the fantastic issues about their cats’ personalities, and it’s straightforward to see why.

tonkinese cat

As a result of Tonkinese cats have a great deal of nice qualities!

These cute cats are lively and playful, and their mischievous adventures are assured to fill your property with giggles.

They’re additionally charismatic leaders. No Tonkinese cat proprietor would declare to be the boss in their very own residence any extra (however none appear to thoughts!)

And above all, Tonkinese cats adore firm. They’re full of affection and affection for everybody they meet, even youngsters, strangers, and different animals.

This makes them the right breed for you if the stereotype of cats being aloof and solitary has put you off prior to now. Or when you have youngsters and different pets at residence.

Tonkinese cat temperament

If Tonkinese cats have a motto, it’s “all the things sparsely”. They’re chatty, however not so vocal they’ll drive you to exasperation.

They’ll amuse you with their video games, however quiet down for a cuddle each time you’ve gotten time.

However, as a result of Tonkinese cats reside for companionship, they’ll ultimately get bored and annoyed in the event that they’re left at house on their very own all day.

Clever and resourceful, their mischievousness can over-spill into naughtiness once they’re lonely.

Holding them in pairs from kittenhood will go an extended strategy to serving to their conduct. But when work requires you to be out of the home all day, then a extra unbiased and self-sufficient breed is perhaps a greater cat-match for you.

Can Tonkinese go outdoors?

There’s nothing to recommend that a Tonkinese cat can’t be an outside cat. Whether or not you need to have a cat who can roam free outdoors is as much as you on this case.

The Tonkinese has a traditional, lively searching intuition and can doubtless give chase to smaller animals it considers prey.

Some think about free-roaming home cats to be a menace to native wildlife. Nevertheless, others consider that a cat’s predatory nature is a vital think about a wholesome animal ecosystem.

There are many execs and cons with regards to having an indoors vs an outside cat. Yow will discover out extra in our devoted article right here.

Tonkinese weight

Tonkinese cats are sometimes described as being heavier than they appear.

Regardless of being a small to medium sized breed, they tip the scales at about 4kg (9lb) on common.

That’s as a result of they carry a lot of muscle on their small body.

Which provides them their distinctive thickset look – or “cobby construct” in pedigree animal parlance.

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Tonkinese colours and coats

Tonkinese cats are a very kaleidoscopic breed.

tonkinese cat

They arrive in a large spectrum of muted and pastel tones. Together with silvers, grays, taupes, browns, caramels, lilacs and blue.

Some inclusive registries acknowledge all their potential colours, however probably the most unique registries nonetheless solely acknowledge 4 colours. These embrace Pure, Blue, Champagne and Platinum.

Considerably confusingly, Tonkinese colours don’t discuss with the primary shade of their physique, however the shade of their “factors”.

Understanding your Blue Tonkinese cat out of your Blue Level Tonkinese cat

Factors are the locations on the nostril, ears, paws and tail the place a Tonkinese’s coat is the darkest.

Level markings are exceptional as a result of the pigmentation in these locations is temperature delicate. They’re darkish as a result of the temperature of the pores and skin is decrease, which drives extra pigment manufacturing.

Tonkinese cat coats can both be Level (excessive distinction, the place the physique colour is far lighter than the colour of the factors), Mink (medium distinction between the factors and the remainder of the coat), or Strong (low or no distinction between the colour of their factors and the remainder of their coat).

So a Blue Level Tonkinese cat could have Blue factors (a sultry slate-gray, not truly blue!) and a pale creamy-gray physique.

A Strong Blue Tonkinese shall be slate-gray throughout. And a Blue Mink Tonkinese could have slate-gray factors, and a medium-gray physique.

Tonkinese coat colours

When you’d like to seek out out extra about how Tonkinese cats inherit their coat shade, the Tonkinese Breed Affiliation has an in depth rationalization of Tonkinese coat genetics. Additionally they have a enjoyable desk for predicting Tonkinese kitten colours.

Tonkinese cat colours take some time to develop and attain their last look, and maintain evolving all through a cat’s life.

The Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation Breed Normal permits 16 months for improvement of full physique shade, and permits for colours to darken with age.

Grooming your Tonkinese

Are you occupied with getting a Tonkinese cat, however frightened about how a lot grooming they’ll want?

Tonkinese cats are a brief haired breed, with a neat coat. They’ll take pleasure in some assist with grooming as soon as every week or so, however on the entire their coat is low upkeep.

In the event you have been hoping to discover a lengthy haired Tonkinese cat, then you definitely may be involved in Balinese cats or Himalayan cats (initially a Persian x Siamese hybrid) as an alternative.

Greatest brush for Tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cats don’t want a lot grooming, however in contrast to different breeds that battle you each step of the best way, they love the eye of getting their coat brushed for them (oh the irony!)

A rubber grooming paddle like this one from Pixikko will therapeutic massage their pores and skin as you as you go, for the last word spa-like remedy.

Tonkinese shedding

Thankfully for these of you apprehensive about cleansing up countless quantities of cat hair, the Tonkinese is a low shedding breed.

Its brief coat is definitely stored and doesn’t require any particular care.

Are Tonkinese cats hypoallergenic?

Tonkinese cats are simply one of many breeds which have mistakenly described as hypoallergenic.

Cat allergic reactions are triggered by Fel D 1 protein in cats’ saliva. As cats wash themselves they shed hair and dander coated in saliva. This results in the Fel D 1 protein turning into airborne because the saliva dries.

There are not any breeds of cat that don’t produce any Fel D 1 protein, So no really hypoallergenic cat exists.

Some allergy victims report that short-haired, low shedding breeds like Tonkinese are simpler to tolerate. Nevertheless, there’s a complicated biochemistry to allergic reactions which we don’t absolutely perceive.

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When you or a member of the family are allergic to cats, spending a while at your breeder’s house is one of the simplest ways to learn how you’ll react to their cats.

Tonkinese well being issues

So, we all know that this breed was created by mixing two pre-existing pedigrees. Usually we might inform you that the brand new hybrid might expertise any of the well being considerations related to both of their father or mother breeds.

tonkinese cat

To be on the protected aspect you must hope to discover a breeder who rigorously well being checks their kittens. Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to notice that UK charity PDSA retains detailed details about breed particular well being issues for pedigree cats. They usually listing “nothing particular” for the Tonkinese.

Tonkinese cats owe their strong good well being to the cautious breeding decisions of the individuals who based the breed – they’re fortunate cats.

Like all breeds of cats, Tonkinese cats do want vaccinating. Be certain that they’ve photographs towards cat flu, feline infectious enteritis, and feline leukemia virus. That is along with common remedy for worms and fleas.

Diabetes in Tonkinese cats

A research on the Royal Veterinary School in 2016 discovered that Tonkinese cats do have an elevated prevalence of diabetes in comparison with crossbred cats.

Nevertheless, resulting from historic breeding insurance policies, the UK Burmese cat inhabitants has a a lot greater price of diabetes than the American Burmese cat inhabitants.

It’s unclear whether or not the UK Tonkinese cat inhabitants inherited their danger of diabetes via out-breeding with UK Burmese cats when the breed was being based.

So it is probably not an issue that impacts US Tonkinese cats, however the analysis doesn’t exist but.

Tonkinese cat eye issues

Tonkinese cats’ eyes are their stand-out function.

They’re the one pedigree that may be registered with “aqua” eyes – an attractive, uncommon, inexperienced shade.

The colour is putting, however innocent. Tonkinese cats are not any extra predisposed to eye-problems than another breed.

Tonkinese lifespan

Expectantly and correct care, Tonkinese cats sometimes reside to round 15 years previous.

This can be a respectable age for a pedigree cat, and locations them firmly in the midst of the vary throughout all pedigree breeds.

Feeding your Tonkinese

If you deliver a Tonkinese cat residence, they’ll already be used to the meals they have been consuming at their earlier residence. Proceed feeding them this and if you wish to make modifications, achieve this steadily.

As Tonkinese cats are usually wholesome, it’s unlikely they’ll want a specialised food regimen.

They do have a excessive prey drive although, so in the event that they’re allowed outdoors you may discover that they catch loads of meals themselves!

Dry Meals vs Moist Meals

You could be questioning whether or not your new Tonkinese ought to eat moist or dry meals. The reality is there are advantages to each. For instance, moist meals has a better water content material. So, you’ll be able to relaxation straightforward that your Tonkinese is staying hydrated.

However, kibble comes with various ranges of dietary advantages and you’ll probably discover one which fits your cat greatest. You’ll nevertheless, have to ensure your cat is getting his fill of water too.

Because the Tonkinese doesn’t have any particular necessities, you must be capable of feed your cat both.

It’s all the time value consulting your vet earlier than altering your cat’s eating regimen. Your vet can check for any intolerances your Tonkinese may need.

Are Tonkinese cats good pets?

There are not any main well being considerations that may make a Tonkinese kittens or a Tonkinese grownup a nasty selection as a household pet.

These cats are pleasant, they love firm they usually love to talk. They need to hit it off with different pets and won’t be as standoffish as different cat breeds!

Tonkinese cat worth

The worth of a pedigree Tonkinese varies massively by the world you reside in, in addition to whether or not you have got your coronary heart set on a specific colour.

If there aren’t many breeders working in your space, the worth of a Tonkinese kitten can simply tip over $1,000, and even attain $1,500.

If provide and demand are extra intently matched, the worth shall be decrease.

Within the UK, costs for a Tonkinese kitten hover across the £550 mark.

Tonkinese breeders

Probably the most essential issues you are able to do when on the lookout for a brand new pet is to watch out the place you get the animal from. We strongly advocate that you simply keep away from pet shops and something that resembles a kitten mill.

Animals from these locations will not be handled correctly. This goes for each the kittens and the mother and father. Ensure you discover a breeder who correctly well being checks their kittens. Your breeder must be pleased to area any questions you may need and should perceive the significance of socialization of kittens.

Thankfully Tonkinese cat breeders are a tight-knit and exacting group.

The Tonkinese Breed Affiliation could be very properly organized, and their web site consists of a lot of contact info for Tonkinese cat breeders.

Within the UK, begin your seek for a Tonkinese cat with the Tonkinese Breed Membership.

Tonkinese kittens

The recognition of the Tonkinese breed signifies that many Tonkinese kitten litters may have been promised to ready consumers earlier than they’re even born, and by no means listed publicly on the market.

tonkinese cat

To convey a Tonkinese kitten house, make contact with breeders close to you, and ask to positioned on their ready record.

Caring for a weak kitten is an enormous duty. Be sure to take a look at our information to litter coaching, socialization and dealing with biting.

You may also need to contemplate studying The Joyful Cat Handbook.

Rescuing a Tonkinese

Tonkinese cats don’t typically arrive in rescue shelters, nevertheless it does occur, for instance if their house owners have a dramatic change in circumstances, or cross away.

Concentrate on Siamese and Burmese cross cats which are marketed as Tonkinese kittens.

First era kittens of Siamese and Burmese kittens could have an unpredictable mixture of traits from every of their mother and father. This isn’t essentially a nasty factor, however isn’t a Tonkinese both.

Alternatively, some breeders do supply retired breeding cats as pets for a reduced worth.

You’ll have much less time with these cats, however you’ll know precisely what character they’ve if you deliver them residence. Additionally, they is perhaps calmer than a high-octane Tonkinese kitten.

The Happy Cat Handbook

Yow will discover an inventory of Tonkinese rescues on the backside of the web page.

Tonkinese mixes

Torn between the charms of a Tonkinese and the lure of one other breed? Then you definitely could be eager about Tonkinese cat combine, for instance a Persian Tonkinese cat.

Tonkinese cat breeders are rightly pleased with the Tonkinese cat breed, and enthusiastic about carrying on the legacy of breeding wholesome cats, whose temperaments are precisely proper.

In consequence, many Tonkinese kittens are bought both already neutered/spayed. And even with an obligation that their new proprietor neuters/spays them right away with out breeding them.

This implies Tonkinese cat mixes are notably unusual. The place they’re marketed sometimes, it invariably appears to be the results of an unintentional mating, and the daddy may be utterly unknown.

Execs And Cons of Getting A Tonkinese


  • Tonkinese within the UK might have a better prevalence of diabetes
  • May be damaging if not adequately stimulated


  • This can be a strong breed with few well being issues
  • Tonkinese cats are affectionate and can love your organization

Ought to I get a Tonkinese?

Tonkinese cats are proof that conscientious breeding packages can create new pedigrees which might be lovely, wholesome, and have fantastic personalities.

For me, Tonkinese cats aren’t simply enchanting pets, but in addition a captivating historical past lesson in how so-called “designer animals” can transition from being controversial to extensively accepted.


Unethical breeders chasing fast income give hybrid breeds a nasty identify, however none of our home cats descended from their wild ancestors accidentally. They’ve all been visualized and coaxed into being by breeders.

Tonkinese cats are strong, enjoyable loving, and companionable.

If in case you have a variety of love to offer again, and time to share of their video games, then a Tonkinese may be the right cat for you.

Do you have already got a Tonkinese cat?

Is your home dominated by a Tonkinese?

Please inform us about your expertise of proudly owning a Tonkinese cat within the remark part!

This text has been extensively revised in 2019.

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