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Singapura Cat – The World’s Smallest And Friendliest Cat Breed?

singapura cat

singapura catThe Singapura cat originates, in fact, from Singapore. They’re small and dainty, often rising to not more than 6 to eight kilos. Full of character and like to play, these cats have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. They’ve a brief coat and you may anticipate them to be usually wholesome.

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Singapura FAQs

Our readers’ hottest and incessantly requested questions concerning the Singapura.

So let’s dive into the breed assessment.

Singapura Breed Evaluate: Contents

singapura catWhat’s a Singapura

Until you’re from the island nation of Singapore, likelihood is slim that you simply’re accustomed to this small, lovely and clever breed, however that’s all about to vary!

This intriguing feline is so beloved in its native nation that the Singaporean authorities declared it a “nationwide dwelling treasure” in 1991.

The muscular, beige and brown-ticked home cat is native to the streets of Singapore, with no cross breeding in its background.

Curiously, this superb little feline does have the basic tabby “M” formed mark on its brow.

Singapura historical past

Let’s begin our exploration of this fascinating breed by going again in time to the place all of it started for the Singapura (which suggests Singapore in Malaysian) kitty. The various streets on the Singapore landmass.

singapura cat

Some cat breeds are been immortalized in poetry and work for lots of of years. In distinction, it’s onerous to seek out a lot point out of Singaporean “drain cats” earlier than the 20th century.

This all modified when American Abyssinian and Burmese cat breeders Hal and Tommy Meadow introduced three cats house from Singapore at first of the 1970’s and used them to discovered the Singapura breed. The Meadows have been the unique Singapura cat breeders!

The distinctive moggie was an on the spot hit within the U.S., with breeders racing to breed the sensational Singapura cat.

The Singapura was registered by the Worldwide Cat Affiliation in 1979 and The Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation started registering the breed in 1982.

As we speak the Singapura is steadily being acknowledged across the globe, with its reputation steadily rising.

Singapura cats: creation and rivalry

Like several good cat story, this story has a bit extra controversy and intrigue!

Within the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Singapore Tourism Board began the method to acknowledge the Singapura as a nationwide mascot. And a world cat breeding scandal broke out.

It transpired that the three founding cats the Meadows introduced residence had additionally traveled out to Singapore with them from the US, described as Abyssinians on their paperwork. Abyssinians, like Burmese cats, usually are not Singapura cat breeds.

It was alleged the Meadows had then re-imported them falsely as “new” cats.

What’s a Singapura cat? The CFA investigation

The Cat Fanciers Affiliation was referred to as upon to research the difficulty. Was there an try to say different breeds of cats have been actually Singapura cat breeds?

The Singapura cat breeders (the Meadows’) admitted that the three founding Singapuras had been born in Texas in any case.

BUT, additionally they testified that these three cats have been the grandkittens of 4 totally different native Singaporean cats. These cats had been introduced into the US following a earlier journey to Singapore.

That they had lied to hide that earlier journey, partly as a result of that they had smuggled the primary 4 cats into the US with out paperwork. Finally, the CFA was satisfied that the Singapura breed was a professional and distinct breed and the matter was formally closed.

Regardless of this, debate has by no means fairly gone away. It’s fueled at times by proof like this 2007 research from the College of California which discovered that Singapuras are genetically indistinguishable from Burmese cats.

Nevertheless as one pragmatic CFA spokesperson put it on the time, on the earth of cat fancy it doesn’t matter how a breed involves exist, so long as it demonstrably meets its personal distinctive breed normal now. Now we all know there are not any Singapura cat breeds, only one singular breed.

Singapura character

This breed likes to play!

Loads of pleasing play toys and a difficult meals puzzle will go a great distance towards holding your little Singapura busy.

In any other case you could discover that her energetic curiosity is turned towards mischief making!

The Singapura has a excessive power degree and likes to run and bounce.

Fortuitously, his outgoing character signifies that this cat often will get alongside nicely with different cats, canine, and youngsters.

Singapura temperament

What sort of temperament are you able to anticipate from a pleasant, soft-voiced Singapura kitty?

For starters, this pint-size fellow is a people-pleaser with a robust sense of curiosity. So don’t be stunned in case your good friend takes to following you round the home!

The Singapura is an extrovert with a excessive kitty I.Q.

So ensure that you need a fixed companion, not only a showpiece cat, or an animal that makes for good “window dressing.”

The Singapura needs to interact with you, and damaging, attention-seeking conduct is all the time attainable when such pets are ignored.

Can Singapuras go outdoors?

As you now know, the Singapura was initially discovered on the streets of Singapura.

Though small and dainty, this can be a cat that may take care of itself in most situations. Nevertheless, many homeowners recommend that this breed’s worry of loud noises and small body imply it’s best stored indoors for probably the most half.

There are in fact risks inherent of getting an outside cat vs an indoor cat. However, there are many advantages to each.

Whether or not you need to have an indoors or outdoor cat it as much as you. As an outside cat, your Singapura might monitor filth again into the home however he may even discover lots to maintain him busy.

As an indoors cat you possibly can higher regulate any meals or substances your Singapura comes into contact with. You’ll even be much less anxious concerning the potential risks your cat may come throughout within the huge dangerous world.

If you wish to know extra, be happy to take a look at our article Outside Cat vs Indoor Cat.

Singapura weight

Cats are comparatively small home animals. However the Singapura has the excellence of being an exceptionally diminutive cat, with some cat fanciers describing it because the smallest recognized home feline.

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However regardless of its small measurement, the Singapura is a muscular cat, despite the fact that it might look fairly dainty.

Singapura kittens develop additionally slowly: in truth these moggies might not attain their full measurement till upwards of two years of age.

Typically this even causes them to be mistaken for underweight!

Precisely how massive is the Singapura cat? Full grown males ought to common 6-Eight kilos with females weighing in at round 5-6 kilos.

The CFA’s breed commonplace describes the Singapura as a ‘small to medium general measurement cat. Reasonably stocky and muscular physique, legs and flooring to type a sq.. Mid-section not tucked however agency.’

Singapura colours and coats

Look-wise Singapuras have ears and eyes that appear outsized on their petite frames.

They’re a shorthaired breed, with small ft, and a mean size tail that, in contrast to different moggie’s, doesn’t taper to some extent.

The Singapura cat has enchanting eyes, with colours starting from yellow to inexperienced all the best way to a blended hazel hue.

At first look, the Singapura seems to have a light-weight buff coloration.

However on nearer inspection you’ll discover that its intently laying undercoat is a light-weight beige with brown ticking.

The coloring is called agouti, and it may be attributed to a single gene within the Singapura’s DNA.

Grooming your Singapura

The brief hair on the Singapura is a low upkeep affair, and house owners can get by with a weekly brushing.

In fact should you and your pal are so inclined, every day brushing is a good way to bond together with your bestie.

Plus it provides you the chance to identify any potential well being points sooner quite than later.

In case you’re on the lookout for the perfect brush in your Singapura, take a look at this information.

Singapura shedding

The Singapura is a low to medium shedding breed which means you don’t have to fret an excessive amount of about being inundated with fluff.

Shedding is a pure course of that each one cats with hair undergo. If you wish to reduce the quantity of hair you discover round your home then it’s greatest to undertake a grooming routine.

As talked about above, this will simply imply brushing your Singapura a few times every week.

Are Singapuras hypoallergenic?

Should you’ve been looking for ‘Singapura cat allergic reactions’ I’m afraid this breed isn’t the hypoallergenic reply to your woes.

I’ll simply come out and say it. No cat is actually hypoallergenic.

What does hypoallergenic imply? Properly, as anyone with allergic reactions will inform you, hypoallergenic signifies that one thing is unlikely to provide you an allergic response.

Sadly, as a result of A) all cats shed and B) all cats are coated in a protein referred to as Fel d 1, all cats pose a danger to these allergic to our feline associates.

Though Singapuras aren’t notably heavy shedders this doesn’t imply we will advocate them to those that endure from allergic reactions. Ensure you learn up on hypoallergenic cat breeds right here.

Singapura well being issues

The Singapura cat breed is acknowledged as a usually well being one, though its small gene pool is regarding for some.

Breeds with small gene swimming pools can inherit fastened well being points because of the lack of genetic variety.

The long run influence of Singapuras’ small foundations is as but unknown.

And it’ll rely partly upon how a lot breeders embrace outcrossing with different breeds to extend genetic variation.

In the meantime, there are a few well being circumstances to concentrate on inside the Singapura breed.

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Uterine inertia

This can be a prime instance of an issue suffered by one of many Meadow’s founding cats, which turned widespread amongst her descendants.

Uterine inertia is a situation that reduces a feminine cat’s means to expel a fetus.

It’s brought on by weakened muscle tissues and has been seen in some Singapura feminine cats.

In such animals, a Caesarean part supply is carried out.

Pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency

Pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency is an inherited situation recognized to have an effect on the Singapura breed, and may end up in anemia.

Search for signs of jaundice, lethargy, weight reduction, diarrhea, and/or lack of urge for food in your Singapura.

For those who see them, don’t hesitate to take her to the vet, as these could be signs of PKD.

One research that examined for PK deficiency amongst 38 home cat breeds concluded that a number of at-risk breeds ought to be examined for the situation. The Singapura is amongst these breeds for whom such testing is advisable.

Subsequently, everytime you make inquiries a few Singapura kitten, the breeder ought to already know the service standing of each the mother and father.

The significance of the fitting vet

Since Singapura cats aren’t extensively owned but, one of many earliest steps you’ll be able to take to maintain them wholesome is discovering a vet who’s acquainted with them.

This can stand them in good stead from day one, since an skilled vet will assist you to monitor the expansion of a naturally slow-growing Singapura kitten. Particularly, they’ll know the distinction between small however wholesome for the breed, and too small.

Attempt asking your breeder to advocate a vet skilled with Singapuras close to you.

Singapura lifespan

The enchanting Singapura cat enjoys a mean lifespan of between 10-15 years.

In fact there are a number of issues that you are able to do to make sure your moggie’s well being and well-being.

Be sure you have your trusted veterinarian look at your cat, whether or not it’s a kitten or an grownup, quickly after you convey her residence.

Caring in your Singapura

Since Singapura cats are social extroverts and people-oriented, your furry pal will crave your consideration all through her lifespan. Giving her the relationships she wants will shield her from stress brought on by loneliness.

Frequent dealing with and early publicity to different animals and other people will assist your infant to turn into a assured kitty, who not solely needs to be with you, however is a pleasant and mannered pet as properly.

Your pet’s lifespan is additional accentuated with common consideration to her physique situation. Grooming periods are a good way to remain on prime of any modifications to your cat’s well being.

While you’re grooming your baby, take a peek into her ears, and if they seem soiled gently wipe the insides with a smooth material.

Kibble and tartar-control treats will assist to wash her tooth. However you may also help dental well being by common brushing with a pet toothpaste.

Singapura meals

Singapuras don’t have any particular dietary necessities that you must fear about. It’s doubtless that in the event you rescue or undertake a Singapura, he’ll already be accustomed to a sure weight loss plan.

If you wish to change their meals, don’t do it right away. It’s greatest to wean any cat off its meals and slowly introduce the brand new meals. It may be a good suggestion to seek the advice of together with your vet earlier than altering meals. They’ll have the ability to inform you about any meals intolerance your Singapura may need.

On the subject of the talk between moist and dry meals, yow will discover good arguments for each. Each include plenty of beneficial vitamins however it’s value discovering out what precisely is in any meals you purchase on your cat.

If you wish to find out about the perfect manufacturers of cat meals, take a look at our article right here.

Are Singapuras good pets?

That is an lively and extroverted breed. Singapuras love firm any consideration. They need to hit it off with youngsters, relations and even properly socialized canine!

One factor to remember is that this breed is sort of small and doesn’t like loud noises. So, perhaps rampaging toddlers wouldn’t make the most effective housemates.

Singapura breeders

So, the place are you able to discover a Singapura?

Cat breeders, rescue organizations, and shelters are all prospects, though it’s unlikely that you simply discover one on the latter location.

Singapuras are nonetheless comparatively uncommon in any case, so it’s unbelievable, though not unimaginable, that one will flip up at a shelter. Your greatest guess for buying such a particular cat is thru a accountable breeder.

Within the US, attempt the CFA Breeder Referral Service or TICA’s breeder listing. Within the UK, verify in with the Singapura Cat Membership for obtainable kittens.

Accountable breeders can be glad to reply any questions you may need and will be capable of give you outcomes of all well being exams. In case your breeder is reluctant to reply questions then think about discovering one other breeder.

It is rather necessary to say that we don’t condone the follow of shopping for cats from pet outlets. Often the animals in these outlets are bred in kitten farms the place the animals have a really poor high quality of life.

What’s the typical Singapura cat worth?

A web-based survey of adoption web sites confirmed that the Singapura cat worth can vary from $550 to $1,000 and up relying on the kind of cat (present or pet) you’re on the lookout for.

In fact present high quality cats are costlier and the worth depends on bloodlines and markings.

A pet high quality feline is a cat designated to have look faults which render it unacceptable for breeding or displaying.

These will probably be thought-about minor beauty faults to most house owners not concerned about a present cat, and embrace bodily qualities comparable to an incomplete nostril liner, eyes which are set too shut, or a head thought-about to be too lengthy.

However you’ll be able to relaxation assured, every thing else a few pet high quality Singapura is spot on. From its innate intelligence, expansive curiosity,and charming want to be your greatest pal!

Singapura kittens

Whereas everybody loves the joyful sight of a frisky kitten chasing its tail and racing about, committing to elevating one is usually a totally different actuality totally!

Earlier than you purchase a Singapura kitten, ask your self should you’re ready to deal with a continuous bundle of power whereas regularly reinforcing good manners for nevertheless lengthy it takes for the specified behaviors to stay.

Different cat house owners will relate once I say that as a kitten my cat Fuzzy by no means noticed a curtain he didn’t need to claw-climb, nor a full glass of water he didn’t need to topple over!

In the event you assume Singapura kittens are best for you, be sure you become familiar with our guides on litter coaching and dealing with biting.

If you wish to get a bit extra in depth, you then may need to take a look at The Pleased Cat Handbook.

Rescuing a Singapura

Rescuing animals is a superb selection for quite a lot of causes.

Perhaps a mature, grownup Singapura would slot in higher together with your way of life or present family? An older cat nonetheless has a great deal of love to offer, and on the plus aspect its temperament and well being are extra obvious with age.

Particularly, Singapura cats are acknowledged for retaining their sense of lively playfulness into maturity. So you’ll nonetheless get that sense of feline friskiness, however with out that maniacal edge that kittens can show.

For those who assume that a mature kitty is an effective choice for you, breeders will typically have a retired breeding or present cat out there, or know of a mature cat who wants a loving house.

All it takes is an easy inquiry, and you could end up with a mature companion which you can love for a lifetime!

The Happy Cat Handbook

You’ll discover a listing of Singapura rescues on the backside of the web page.

Execs And Cons of Getting A Singapura


  • Worry of loud noises may be unsuitable for some households
  • Uncommon breed many vets could also be unfamiliar with
  • An lively breed, might not slot in nicely in a passive home
  • As a result of they’re uncommon, they are often fairly costly
  • Small gene pool might end in well being issues


  • This cat will make a enjoyable companion from a kitten into previous age
  • Having a uncommon breed is perhaps interesting to some
  • Singapuras don’t shed excessively
  • Singapuras will hit it off with individuals and different animals
  • Not recognized for being aloof, grooming ought to be comparatively straightforward

Ought to I get a Singapura?

We’ve got a couple of extra tidbits of data as you contemplate whether or not or not the Singapura cat is best for you. First off, many Singapura house owners advocate that these moggies ought to all the time be stored indoors.

Though they (in all probability) come from the streets initially and have a muscular physique, they’re small and simply don’t have the brawny sort of character that lends itself to turning into a street-wise moggie.

You possibly can learn our information to indoor vs outside cats that will help you attain your personal determination.

Secondly, Singapuras have a robust dislike of harsh or loud noises. When you’ve got youngsters (and youngsters’s toys!) do you have got sufficient area for a Singapura cat to seek out some quiet sanctuary elsewhere at residence?

Subsequent, whereas many contemplate the Singapura to be the smallest cat breed, its character is certainly not on the timid aspect of issues!

This isn’t an aloof cat who needs to observe the world go by from a lonely perch. This feline is a people-pleaser who will path you from room to room, eager to be acknowledged and in on the motion.


If in case you have different pets and youngsters the Singapuras extroverted and curious nature signifies that it ought to get alongside properly with different “roomies.”

Selecting a Singapura cat

As you’ll be able to see, there’s loads of meals for thought earlier than you convey residence one among Singapore’s cutest exports.

Now you recognize that each one concerning the Singapura cat measurement, well being considerations and rather more. We hope we’ve helped you come a bit of bit nearer to creating that call.

Singapuras are vigorous and pleasant cats, who take part properly with household life.

They’re additionally nonetheless uncommon and costly, and extremely vulnerable to some inheritable sicknesses as a result of inbreeding.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what the longer term has in retailer for these little cats!

Do you have got a Singapura?

In that case we might love to listen to about your experiences with this distinctive feline treasure, within the feedback part under! This text has been extensively revised in 2019.

Singapura Cat

Singapura Breed Rescues




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