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Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Information Center

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Information Center - A Complete Guide
Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Information Center - A Complete Guide

The Selkirk Rex is an clever, pleasant and easy-going cat. They weigh anyplace from six to sixteen kilos and are usually wholesome.

One of many latest cat breeds, it has shortly gained in reputation. Their uncommon curly fur makes them stand out and get observed.

What’s In This Information

Selkirk Rex cats could also be new to the present ring, however they haven’t wasted any time producing new nicknames.

“Dip and dry cat,” “cat in sheep’s clothes,” “poodle cat” and “dangerous hair day cat” are just some of the nicknames their house owners hear frequently.

As a Selkirk Rex proprietor, you will have to be okay with different individuals eager to pet your cat.
The tender, curly, plush, thick fur of those cats shouldn’t be solely uncommon however can also be almost irresistible!

Selkirk Rex Breed Evaluate: Contents

What’s a Selkirk Rex

This cat solely turned an formally acknowledged pure breed in 1990.

Selkirk Rex Cat Breed Information Center - A Complete Guide

It’s a medium to giant cat with distinctively curly fur and a usually pleasant disposition.

Selkirk Rex Historical past

This cat acquired its unlikely begin in 1987, when a breeder of Persian cats named Jeri Newman obtained a name from an area feline rescue group.

The shelter had acquired an uncommon kitten who had softly kinked (wavy) hair.

Ms. Newman adopted the kitten and bred her to a purebred Persian from her personal line.

A number of litters later, curly-haired kittens started to emerge.

After a number of generations the genetic mutation naturally developed into a brand new breed named Selkirk Rex, a nod to its birthplace in Montana and a close-by mountain vary, the Selkirk Mountains.

Selkirk Rex Character

The Selkirk Rex cat has garnered a popularity as a affected person, sweet-tempered and outgoing cat. This can be a plus since this cat will naturally draw consideration!

The Persian affect is essentially chargeable for this breed’s love of an excellent cuddle, whereas the British shorthair affect provides it an easy-going, calm character.

This breed is usually clever, so don’t be stunned in case your cat learns to open doorways and drawers.

Selkirk Rex Temperament

This cat is understood for its pleasant temperament. It gained’t be overly demanding of your consideration however can be sad if left alone steadily.

The American/Unique shorthair contributed a playful high quality to it’s temperament.

Can Selkirk Rex Go Outdoors?

There are execs and cons to think about when deciding whether or not to let your cat outdoors.

Indoor cats keep away from hazards comparable to visitors accidents and theft whereas dwelling inside may be tense for cats who want retailers for his or her pure instincts. For extra info take a look at our information to outside versus indoor cats.

Selkirk Rex Weight

This cat has a robust, stocky physique and a spherical head with spherical eyes and a sweet-natured gaze. It’s a medium to giant breed, weighing anyplace from six to 16 kilos.

selkirk rex

Selkirk Rex Colours and Coats

The Selkirk Rex’s signature coat may be short-hair or long-hair in all kinds of colours and patterns. In truth, there are 95 acknowledged coat colours and patterns!

The Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation acknowledges any genetically attainable coat colour or mixture of colours.

The shorthair model is usually described as a “teddy bear cat,” whereas the long-haired is usually likened to a “woolly sheep.”

The gene liable for its exceptional fur is dominant, which means just one father or mother cat must cross it alongside for a kitten to be born with curly fur.

Additionally, each straight and curly fur kittens may be born in the identical litter.

Amazingly, lower than 9 generations after Ms. Newman’s stray kitty, this mutation gave rise to a well-liked new breed of curly-furred cat!

Shorthair vs Longhair

Selkirk Rex short-hair and long-hair cats got here out of the identical genetic line. The distinction in hair size partly displays the unique shelter kitty’s DNA, which Ms. Newman concluded to have included a long-hair gene.

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Hair size can also be decided by subsequent breeding between Selkirk Rex cats and British Shorthair, American Shorthair or Persian cats. So at this time’s cat stays an evolving genetic line.

Moreover, analysis has recognized a straight hair number of this cat – nevertheless, this can be a comparatively uncommon phenomenon (in case you are curious, this research consists of footage of curly-haired and straight-haired Selkirk Rex cats).

Grooming Your Selkirk Rex

This cat’s distinctive curly coat means it may be extra labor-intensive to take care of than typical shorthair or longhair breeds. Brush it too typically and you’ll brush out the curls. Don’t brush it sufficient and you’ll possible encounter snarls, tangles and mats whenever you subsequent get round to it.

Equally, bathe your cat too often and you’ll wash out the pure oils that hold the coat smooth and plush. Don’t bathe your cat sufficient, nevertheless, and the coat is liable to get greasy.

This cat’s coat can also be distinctive in one other means: it has three layers!

Instruments for Selkirk Rex Grooming

To strike the suitable stability, it helps to spend money on particular grooming instruments.

These embrace a large mouth comb with lengthy tines that may penetrate via all three layers. You might also need to maintain a de-greaser useful for occasions when you could have gone too lengthy with out bathing.

Nevertheless, when you plan to point out your cat, present breeders say this cat breed is definitely simpler to prepare for the present ring as a result of the curls are “wash and put on.” In different phrases, you possibly can bathe your cat the night time earlier than and towel dry – no blow drying or additional styling required.

The subsequent morning, simply flippantly spritz the curls and “scrunch” them together with your palms to refresh the coat’s pure curl. Voila – your cat is prepared for the present ring!

Selkirk Rex Shedding

This can be a low shedding breed.

A Hypoallergenic Cat?

There’s a completely satisfied fable circulating concerning the Selkirk Rex “hypoallergenic cat.”

Sadly, there isn’t a such factor as a hypoallergenic cat.

Equally, there isn’t any cat that doesn’t shed in any respect – not even the hairless cat breeds, since they sometimes have some effective downy hair as nicely.

selkirk rex

In reality, shedding is a secondary challenge to the manufacturing of proteins, the actual culprits behind cat allergy victims. A protein often known as Fel d1 is the allergen that tends to impress probably the most signs, though Fel d2, Fel d3 and Fel d4 may additionally be accountable.

All cats produce these allergens of their salivary (mouth) and lacrimal (eye) glands in addition to their sebaceous (pores and skin) glands. Nevertheless, some cats produce lower than others.

Curly-coat cats shed lower than many straight-hair cat breeds, which suggests chances are you’ll are available contact with much less of the irritating proteins. So, whereas selecting a Selkirk Rex might imply your cat allergy signs are lowered, there isn’t any assure.

Selkirk Rex Well being Issues

As a result of this can be a comparatively new breed it doesn’t have a lot genetic well being historical past.

Nevertheless, because the genetic contributions from the British shorthair, Persian and Unique/American shorthair breeds are well-known, it’s potential to look forward to some potential well being considerations.

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These are the main heritable well being circumstances related to this cat breed:

Polycystic Kidney Illness

This congenital illness is widespread to the Persian breed and should present up in Selkirk Rex cats as nicely.

Small, fluid-filled sacs (cysts) type contained in the kidney and proceed to develop till they take up extra room than the remaining kidney tissue, inflicting renal failure.

A cat with this situation may have the cysts contained in the kidneys even at start. However as a result of not all affected cats present signs, typically it isn’t detected till the situation has significantly compromised the kidneys.

Remedy focuses on maintaining the kidneys practical for so long as attainable.

There’s a genetic check that may decide whether or not a kitten has the cysts or not, however solely an ultrasound can point out how critical the situation could also be.

The genetic check is beneficial for figuring out whether or not a pair of cats might move the situation to their kittens, so breeders ought to have their breeding cats examined.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

This difficult time period may be translated to imply “thickened coronary heart partitions (ventricles).”

When the guts partitions thicken, it’s more durable in your cat’s coronary heart to help their physique. Whereas there are some drugs, this can be a very troublesome situation to deal with and can progress to coronary heart failure in time.

There’s a blood check that may decide the probability a kitten will develop this situation.

Hip Dysplasia

The Selkirk Rex is taken into account a medium to giant cat breed. The bigger the cat, the extra strain on the hip socket.

Hip dysplasia is a heritable situation the place the socket is badly shaped, inflicting ache whereas operating and leaping.

Sometimes, solely surgical procedure can right hip dysplasia.

There isn’t any genetic check for kittens to find out the probability of hip dysplasia sooner or later, the duty lies with breeders to not breed affected cats. An X-ray could make a definitive analysis as soon as signs seem.

Whereas the genetic well being circumstances talked about listed here are critical and may sound daunting, the Selkirk Rex breed is taken into account principally wholesome.

Hopefully, breeders will decide to minimizing the danger of great congenital well being points by sustaining adequate genetic variety. You’ll be able to play an element too, by selecting a breeder who takes the well being of the breed significantly.

Selkirk Rex Lifespan

This cat sometimes lives anyplace from 10 to 15 years.

As with all cat breeds, your cat’s eating regimen, degree of exercise, enrichment, general well being and genetic make-up contribute to how lengthy your cat might stay.

Selkirk Rex Meals

The right meals in your cat will depend upon its age, way of life, and whether or not it suffers from any of the well being points talked about above. Your veterinarian could make a suggestion based mostly in your cat’s particular state of affairs.

Are Selkirk Rexes Good Pets?

The Selkirk Rex cat has quite a bit going for it, and it’s no shock this cat breed is quickly gaining in reputation!

The distinctive curly coat means these cats are cute as may be. Who wouldn’t need a snuggly-soft kitty to twist up with? Its character can also be a serious plus. This cat is all about being petted and liked as a part of your loved ones.

As a result of this cat does properly with respectful youngsters and cat-friendly canine, it makes an awesome household pet.

Selkirk Rex Breeders

Discovering a very good Selkirk Rex breeder is a vital a part of bringing house a wholesome kitten. Normally, search for a breeder that’s up-front about their operation and takes satisfaction within the well being of their lineage.

A breeder ought to give you every of the next:

  • Proof that their breeding line has been genetically examined and proven to be freed from polycystic kidney illness and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  • Proof that the father or mother cats have been X-rayed and proven to be freed from hip dysplasia.
  • An preliminary well being assure on your new kitten (this sometimes runs from six to 12 months).
  • A take-back supply in case your new kitten doesn’t work out.
  • Pedigree papers.
  • Proof that your new kitten has acquired all required vaccinations.
  • Willingness to assist you to go to the cattery in individual and see that the operation is clear and wholesome.
  • Enthusiasm to allow you to meet and work together with each dad or mum cats and your kitten earlier than you commit.
  • Permission to have a kitten of curiosity genetically examined for polycystic kidney illness and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy for those who want.

What is a Selkirk Rex? - Cat breed review.

Selkirk Rex Worth

Since this cat breed continues to be comparatively new and occurs to be fairly in style, you possibly can anticipate the worth of Selkirk Rex kittens to place a dent in your pockets.

Usually anticipate to spend anyplace from $500 to $800 for a wholesome, pedigree kitten.

The worth for a kitten varies relying on coat shade, gender, delivery order, measurement, lineage, championship present standing and different elements.

Selkirk Rex Kittens

These kittens are in demand and chances are you’ll have to get on a ready record to get one.

Caring for a weak kitten is an enormous duty. For extra info, take a look at our guides on litter coaching, socialization and dealing with biting. Our The Completely happy Cat Handbook is a helpful useful resource for holding your cat glad and wholesome.

Rescuing a Selkirk Rex

An alternative choice to the prolonged strategy of discovering a breeder is adopting a Selkirk Rex from a rescue group or shelter, though they could be arduous to seek out.

Chances are you’ll not be capable of study as a lot concerning the well being historical past of an adopted cat, however you’ll be able to nonetheless choose to have it genetically examined for polycystic kidney illness and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy earlier than making a dedication. Some rescue organizations will even pay for this to facilitate quicker placement of fascinating cats in good houses.

The Happy Cat Handbook

Petfinder and are useful assets for locating a Selkirk Rex cat.

Selkirk Rex Mixes

As a result of it’s a comparatively new breed, there aren’t many mixes. There’s, nevertheless, the Lambkin cat, a cross between the Selkirk Rex and Munchkin breeds.

Execs And Cons of Getting A Selkirk Rex

As a result of this can be a comparatively new and in style breed, house owners might face challenges. The cons of the breed are:

  • its reputation makes it troublesome to discover a cat
  • kittens might be very costly
  • discovering the stability between under- and over-grooming their distinctive fur
  • lack of genetic well being historical past for the breed.

Regardless of these elements, this cat has many fantastic qualities. The professionals are:

  • low-shedding, virtually “hypoallergenic”
  • calm character
  • pleasant temperament
  • social nature
  • and naturally Selkirk Rex’s distinctive curly fur!

Ought to I Get a Selkirk Rex?

Its uniquely curly fur makes it in style, but in addition troublesome to groom. Fortunately this breed is usually pleasant and calm, making them nice for households with older youngsters or households that steadily have friends.


As a result of this can be a new breed, little is understood about potential well being points and particular care necessities. Your veterinarian can present suggestions in your particular cat.

What are your ideas on this new cat breed? Do drop us a remark and tell us what you assume!

This text has been revised and up to date for 2019.

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