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Savannah Kittens – Your Guide To Finding and Raising a Savannah Kitten

savannah kittens

savannah kittens

Apparently, Savannah kittens are one of many few trendy pet cats that additionally carry wild cat genes!

In case you are simply beginning to analysis Savannah cat kittens, you’re about to study simply how distinctive the Savannah cat breed really is!

On this in-depth article, discover out all about Savannah cats’ early lives, and the place to get Savannah kittens.

What’s a Savannah kitten?

A Savannah kitten is a really particular breed of cat! Savannah kittens come up from a mating between a home cat and a wild African serval cat.

savannah kittens

Nevertheless, solely the F1 era of Savannah kittens has a serval dad or mum.

Within the F2 era, a Savannah kitten has a grandparent. An F3 Savannah kitten has a serval great-grandparent, and so forth.

Your Savannah kitten’s character might be very totally different relying on his era.

It’s critical to study concerning the variations between F1 Savannah kittens and later generations so you’ll be able to decide the most effective kitten in your state of affairs.

Savannah kittens – How wild are they?

Right here is an summary of some variations between generations of Savannah kittens that will help you focus your efforts on the fitting kitten for you!

F1 Savannah kittens

The F1 is the primary Savannah era.

Particular person cats on this era are additionally the most important – these cats are real Guinness E-book of World Report holders for “tallest cat!”

F1 kittens have one African serval father or mother (often the daddy) and one home cat dad or mum.

F1 Savannah kittens have 50% serval DNA. The retain plenty of wild bodily and behavioral traits.

Consequently they want plenty of specialised care – they don’t seem to be for the inexperienced or the faint-hearted!

To realize some perception into what we imply, check out this text about Boomer, an African serval dwelling with a pair who breed Savannah cats.

F1 kittens will sometimes bond intently with just one member of the family and disappear if friends come to go to.

Anticipate to take a position between $15,000 and $20,000 for an F1 kitten.

F2 Savannah kittens

F2 Savannah kittens have a serval grandparent.

Their mom is an F1 Savannah, however their father is often one other home cat, or a Savannah cat from a decrease era. (Savannah males are often infertile till across the F4 era, because of phenomenon often known as Hybrid Male Sterility.)

F2 Savannah cats are probably the most variable of their character and temperament, with some exhibiting the F1 traits and others exhibiting extra “pet cat” traits.

An F2 kitten will usually value you between $four,000 and $11,000.

F3 Savannah kittens

With the F3 era of Savannah kittens, you’ll begin to see extra of the “home cat” character rising.

These kittens, whose closest serval relative is a great-grandparent, will be capable of bond with a number of relations and usually additionally tolerate visitors nicely.

Nevertheless, the quantity and power of “wild” traits they show can range immensely, as can the precise quantity of serval DNA they carry.

An F3 kitten value sometimes ranges from $1,500 to $6,000.

F4+ Savannah kittens

Beginning with the F4 era, you will notice more and more extra home cat and fewer serval affect.

These cats can lastly make nice household pets in the suitable residence. They are typically extra excessive power than the standard pet cat and are very sensible.

You possibly can anticipate to spend anyplace from $1,500 to $9,000 for an F4 or later Savannah kitten.

Savannah kittens colours and markings

Savannah kittens might or might not seem like their wild African serval kin.

Cat breeding genetics could be a difficult enterprise, particularly when totally different breeds of home cats are bred to a wild serval!

The excellent news is that there are such a lot of lovely Savannah colours and markings that you’re more likely to wind up sharing your life with a really pretty and distinctive wanting cat!

Additionally, you will have a lot of colourful inspiration for selecting your Savannah kitten’s new identify!


Snow Savannah kittens characterize one of many rarest colours. These Savannahs have putting blue eyes to enrich their very softly cream/silver coat and black spots.

Whereas snow Savannah kittens are highly regarded with pet cat house owners, if you wish to present your Savannah, it is very important know that snow shouldn’t be a acknowledged TICA (The Worldwide Cat Affiliation) shade.


The brown or gold noticed tabby Savannah is the colour sample that the majority intently matches the serval.

This colour tends to be most vibrant throughout kittenhood and can turn out to be paler and extra muted as your Savannah grows up.


The silver coat shade with black markings can vary from a really mild icy-white to a a lot darker charcoal.

These cats sometimes even have an enthralling black nostril.


A smoke coloured Savannah kitten will typically have white hair roots!

The white does have a tendency to point out by means of despite the fact that it happens closest to the pores and skin, giving these kittens a really distinctive and memorable coat.


Black in a Savannah is a melanistic coat shade, which suggests it’s the actual reverse of albinism.

What’s so fascinating about black Savannah kittens is that they nonetheless have the attribute serval spots, however you simply can’t see them until you might have a sure sort of mild and take a look at the coat just-so!


The one coat colour in Savannah kittens that’s rarer than snow is lavender. A lavender coat is the results of a really particular mixture of recessive genes, which is definitely masked by different genes.

Whereas TICA doesn’t acknowledge this coat colour for present functions, pet house owners like it!

The lavender shade on a Savannah is definitely a soft-grey that enhances the black markings particularly nicely.


Markings on a Savannah kitten can vary from basic spherical or oval serval spots to rosettes and marbling (bigger spots).

In case you are thinking about collaborating in cat exhibits, it’s value noting that solely the noticed sample is accepted by TICA.

Savannah kittens character and temperament

As you simply discovered whereas we studied Savannah kittens genetics, the Savannah cat temperament and character can differ fairly a bit from one era to the subsequent.

F1 kittens

F1 Savannah kittens will not be really helpful for most individuals.

They are often superb feline companions, however their care wants are very exact and they’ll solely bond with one individual in captivity.

Their character could be very a lot a genetic lottery.

You’ll be able to ensure that there will probably be loads of wild affect on this era – they’re half serval in any case – however there’s no means of predicting which wild traits and home traits they may inherit.

This is only one purpose an F1 Savannah isn’t appropriate to reside indoors with youngsters or different pets!

F2 kittens

This era exhibits probably the most variability in character and temperament, and also you gained’t know for positive what your F2 Savannah will probably be like till she grows up.

You possibly can end up liked up with a cat who’s energetic and excitable but in addition charming and cuddly, or in a extra keeper-like relationship with a cat who’s extra wild animal than pet.

F3 kittens

F3 Savannah kitten temperament is steadily turning into extra dependable.

That is partly as a result of they’ve principally home cat DNA now, and hopefully as a result of your breeder has made cautious and intelligent breeding decisions.

These kittens are more likely to resemble a rambunctious common cat on lengthy legs. They’re playful explorers, glad hunters, and really people-centric.

They’re the primary protected selection if your loved ones consists of older youngsters who may be taught the right way to deal with and work together together with your pet cat appropriately.

F4+ kittens

If your loved ones consists of younger youngsters and/or different pets, your solely actually protected selection for all relations’ sake is an F4 or later era Savannah cat.

These cats are sometimes delightfully sociable, playful, cuddly and can bond readily with a number of relations and tolerate visitors fairly nicely.

Savannah kittens measurement – these are huge kitties!

The Savannah cat is certainly an enormous feline!

Savannah kittens, like most bigger breed pets, develop and mature slowly.

Your Savannah kitten might take as much as 4 years to succeed in his full grownup peak, weight and measurement!

F1 Savannah kittens would be the most sizable at maturity. Males can weigh as much as 25 kilos and females as much as 19 kilos. They will stand as much as 18 inches excessive and be so long as 24 inches.

F2 Savannah kittens can stand as much as 18 inches and be so long as 22 inches. Males will weigh as much as 20 kilos and females as much as 16 kilos.

F3 and later era Savannah kittens might stand as much as 17 inches tall and measure as much as 21 inches lengthy. Males can weigh as much as 20 kilos and females as much as 13 kilos.

Later generations of Savannah cat are comparable in measurement to regular home cats – it’s their lengthy legs which proceed to provide them away!

Do Savannah kittens make good pets?

In case you are looking for an uncommon and thrilling pet cat for your loved ones, you might be questioning if a Savannah kitten can be a sensible choice!

If anybody in your loved ones has pet allergic reactions, you might also be questioning if a Savannah kitten would set off these allergic reactions.

Listed here are some issues to think about.

Are they authorized?

Initially, do you know that it’s unlawful to maintain Savannah cats in some states?

Some states, and even areas inside states have an outright ban on maintaining all generations of Savannah cat.

Different states and areas solely ban the F1 and F2 generations, and nonetheless others require you to use for a licence to maintain Savannah cats.

Examine the native legal guidelines in your space earlier than you pay a holding payment for a Savannah kitten, otherwise you may uncover you’ll be able to’t deliver them house in any case!

Do they make a superb household pet?

A well-trained and socialized F3 or later era Savannah kitten could be a nice household pet!

These cats are sensible, sociable, simply trainable, very playful and desperate to be with their household always.

Nevertheless, they demand a variety of time and a spotlight, so they’re often greatest suited to households with older youngsters who’re beginning to grow to be unbiased.

Are they hypoallergenic?

As a result of the Savannah cat breed is understood to shed considerably lower than a totally home pet cat, some individuals assume they’re hypoallergenic.

Sadly, there isn’t a really hypoallergenic cat breed, because the Fel D 1 protein that really causes allergy signs exists in a cat’s saliva and urine in addition to in shed hair.

The Savannah cat in all probability gained’t shed as a lot as many different cat breeds, however sadly the Savannah isn’t a hypoallergenic cat breed.

Savannah kittens coaching and play

Savannah kittens are very sensible and sometimes take to coaching instantly.

You possibly can even practice your Savannah cat to stroll on a leash if you wish to.

Your Savannah kitten will want numerous enrichment and playtime, plus loads of interactive and solo play toys that give your kitten the prospect to “hunt,” pounce, climb, leap and keep lively and match.

In case your Savannah kitten gained’t be allowed to roam outdoors as they develop up, then you may also think about constructing an enclosed outside space for them to play in.

These massive cats want a proportionately great amount of area to train correctly in!

Savannah kittens food regimen and care

With the best weight loss plan and care, Savannah cats can reside from 12 to 20 years.

In contrast to African servals, Savannah kittens don’t have to be fed a uncooked meat eating regimen, though many breeders contemplate this the optimum weight-reduction plan selection for Savannahs.

Each time potential, go for a grain-free, protein wealthy kitten meals in your Savannah kitten.

Your Savannah kitten could seem petite when she first arrives house, however that gained’t final lengthy.

It would be best to make certain the Savannah cat litter field you select is sufficiently lengthy, tall and large to accommodate your kitten as she grows.

Savannah kittens well being points and veterinary care

Due to the Savannah kitten’s distinctive parentage, this cat breed could also be extra delicate to home pet drugs, together with anesthesia.

Earlier than bringing a Savannah kitten into your loved ones, you need to find an area veterinarian who’s educated to deal with unique pets and can know methods to regulate drugs in case your Savannah cat ever wants medical remedy.

That is particularly very important for F1 and F2 era Savannah kittens!

The identical warning holds true on your kitten’s vaccinations.

Your Savannah kitten will probably fare greatest utilizing killed fairly than reside vaccines, since these kittens mature extra slowly and their immune system will nonetheless be creating.

You could need to delay vaccinations by a month or in order a security precaution. Speak together with your kitten’s breeder and your vet for the perfect steerage.

Discovering wholesome Savannah kittens

As you now know, Savannah kittens come up because of breeding an African serval to a home cat.

The breed of home cat might differ fairly a bit as a result of servals and F1 Savannah females might be choosy in selecting companions!

This will make it difficult to find out what well being points to observe for in Savannah kittens.

You’ll want to get as a lot info as you’ll be able to from any potential breeder about their kittens’ household tree.

A very good breeder will know precisely which breeds of cat have contributed to their litter’s ancestry.

Subsequent you should use our breed listing to analysis well being problems with the home cats and ask the proper questions earlier than making a dedication to a kitten.

The place to get Savannah kittens

Savannah kittens are rising in popularity as we speak than they’ve ever been earlier than!

This implies you’ll probably have extra decisions for the place to get Savannah kittens as extra breeders are beginning Savannah breeding packages.

TICA and the Savannah Cat Affiliation each have assets on their web sites to match you up with native Savannah cat breeders.

As with all purebred home pet, any breeder you’re employed with ought to show a health-first breeding philosophy.

Ask for verification that mum or dad cats have been examined and cleared of all recognized well being points.

The breeder also needs to give you proof of all required vaccinations, an preliminary assure of well being and a take-back choice in case your new Savannah kitten doesn’t work out for any purpose.

Savannah kittens – is now the proper time for your loved ones?

No pet must be introduced residence flippantly.


However Savannah kittens, with their wild ancestry, require much more cautious consideration.

These cats are huge, energetic, and include a level of unpredictability.

However in the appropriate residence state of affairs, a Savannah kitten can thrive and in addition convey you a lot pleasure!

Did you select a Savannah kitten?

What drew you to them, and did you might have any reservations?

What recommendation would you supply to somebody on the lookout for their first Savannah kitten?

Please tell us within the feedback field!


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