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Ragdoll Cats – A Complete Guide To The Ragdoll Cat Breed.

ragdoll cat

ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are at present some of the sought-after pedigree breeds of cat. They’re recognized for his or her mild playfulness and unusually social nature.

They’re a pointed breed with hanging blue eyes and a semi-longhaired coat. The Ragdoll cat is among the largest home cats, weighing between 10 to 15 kilos, relying on gender.

The Ragdoll, like several pedigree, has a genetic predisposition to sure well being points however is usually a wholesome breed.

On this article, we’re going to be studying all about this fascinating breed; every thing from their traits and care must their distinctive historical past.

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Ragdoll Cats FAQs

Our readers’ hottest and regularly requested questions concerning the Ragdoll Cats.

Ragdoll Cats Breed Assessment: Contents

ragdoll cat

What Is A Ragdoll Cat?

The Ragdoll cat is a comparatively newer breed of pedigree cat. They’re a docile breed with a silky, plush coat and distinctive patterning.

Ragdoll cats are known as flooring cats; they like to hang around on the bottom relatively than in excessive locations. They’re additionally atypical of their temperament; social and affectionate cats that wish to maintain shut proximity to their proprietor.

The Ragdoll’s lovely coloring and candy nature all lend to their comprehensible rise in reputation over a comparatively brief time period.

Ragdoll Cats Historical past

The historical past of the Ragdoll breed doesn’t return very far.

The Ragdoll cat was first bred in the course of the 1960s, in Riverview, California (USA), by a breeder named Ann Baker. Ann typically bred free-roaming cats with others that she owned or discovered, so the unique Ragdoll cat breed emerged from primarily free-roaming cats.

One specific long-haired, feminine cat, known as Josephine, made particularly distinctive kittens. Josephine’s kittens have been lovely in addition to unusually docile and sweet-natured.
Ann continued to breed Josephine for the nice temperament of her kittens, and punctiliously choosing mates for the precise bodily traits she desired on this new breed.

By means of this course of, Ann created what we all know at present because the Ragdoll cat.

Ann created a registry for the breed herself and formally registered the primary 4 kittens in 1966.

In 1993, the Cat Fanciers Affiliation began registering Ragdoll cats. By the yr 2000, Ragdolls have been superior to championship standing in each North American cat affiliation.

Ragdoll Cats Character

This can be a breed that loves the corporate of others and is understood for his or her loyalty and affection. It isn’t uncommon for Ragdoll cats to greet their house owners on the door or comply with them round the home.

Ragdoll cats are additionally able to being unbiased and aren’t overly demanding. Their calm and easy-going natures make them wonderful pets.

ragdoll cat

These cats do have a playful aspect, particularly as kittens, however even their play is mild, as they don’t have a tendency to increase their claws.

They’re clever cats, who’ve been clicker educated to carry out tips utilizing constructive reinforcement coaching. Some Ragdoll’s will even play fetch.

Ragdoll Cats Temperament

The Ragdoll cat is sociable and has a relaxed and easy-going temperament. They’re even pleasant with different cats. In consequence, Ragdolls are wanted household pets as a result of their infamous tolerance of youngsters and different animals.

Though anecdotally, Ragdoll cats are exceptionally tolerant of youngsters’s play, even to the purpose of permitting themselves to be dressed up or pushed round in buggies, keep in mind that each cat has its limits. Younger youngsters’s interactions with even the nicest cat must be monitored, for each of their sakes.

The identify Ragdoll cat might be derived from their tendency to flop over in a relaxed method when picked up.
They’re masters of rest and like to spend time curled up in your mattress if not in your arms.

Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outdoors?

Are Ragdoll cats higher suited indoors? What’s in your cat’s greatest curiosity? They could gaze longingly out the window for hours, however do you have to allow them to enterprise outdoors?

Some individuals consider that cats ought to be capable of make use of their pure instincts to prowl and hunt outdoors. Entry to the outside provides cats higher alternatives for bodily train and might help forestall boredom.

The argument towards permitting Ragdoll cats outdoors stems from the statement that these social and loving cats are typically too trusting. Their mild and affectionate temperament doesn’t arm them with the required feline outside expertise.

They don’t seem to be territorial and don’t often defend themselves towards different cats. This places them at much more danger of publicity to illness and parasites.

Their excessive resale worth and their lovely coat additionally make them prime targets for theft if left to wander out on their very own.

For extra on the indoor versus outside debate take a look at our article, “Outside Cat Versus Indoor Cat.”

ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Cat Measurement And Weight

Ragdoll cats are one of many largest home breeds of cat. Their measurement is a notable function of those lovely animals. They’re massive, powerfully constructed, and heavy, cats, with the most important Ragdoll cat, maybe weighing as much as 25 kilos.

The typical Ragdoll cat weighs anyplace from 10 to 20 kilos by the point they absolutely mature at round 4 years previous.

The females are often on the lighter finish of the spectrum starting from 10 to 15 kilos, and the males are typically on the heavier finish weighing from 15 to 20 kilos.

Ragdoll Cat Colours And Coats

Ragdoll cats have startling blue eyes and a medium size coat.

Their fur is silky and delicate, made up of guard hairs which are typically described as feeling like rabbit fur. The shortage of an undercoat provides them a really fluffy look. Additionally they have a particular ruff of fluff round their neck.

Ragdoll cats are all born white and can stay white till about ten days previous, at which era their colour will begin to develop. You’ll not see the true grownup Ragdoll colours till they’re at the least two years previous.

Ragdoll cats are described as “pointed,” which signifies that the physique of the cat is a paler shade than the information. The ears, face, legs, tail, and ft of a Ragdoll cat are often darker than the remainder of them.

Ragdoll cat coats are available quite a lot of distinctive colours and patterns. These cats initially got here in 4 colours: seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac. In the present day their coloring has expanded to additionally embrace purple and cream.

The totally different colours don’t denote totally different Ragdoll breeds. The Ragdoll breed is identical whatever the shade of their factors.

Along with an array of colours, Ragdoll cat coats additionally come in several pointed patterns.

Listed here are a few of the commonest sample variations that you could be discover:

Colorpoint Ragdoll

A colorpoint Ragdoll cat may have basic Siamese-cat-style markings with some extent coloured masks, ears, ft, nostril, paws, and tail. A colorpoint Ragdoll cat gained’t have any white on them in any respect.

Mitted Ragdoll

A mitted Ragdoll cat could have some extent coloured masks, ears, and legs. Their entrance ft shall be coloured like white “mittens,” and they’ll even have white “boots” on their again legs. Their neck, chest, and abdomen will create a white stripe down their center.

Bi-Shade Ragdoll

A bi-color Ragdoll cat could have level coloured ears and tail. Their masks, legs, paws, chest, and abdomen will stay white.

Van Ragdoll

The van Ragdoll cat solely has colour on their masks, ears, and tail whereas the remainder of their physique stays white.

For extra detailed relating to Ragdoll cat coat patterns and colours take a look at our article, “Ragdoll Cat Colours.”

Ragdolls can now even be discovered with both a lynx or tortoiseshell colour and design.


Grooming Your Ragdoll Cats

The gorgeous Ragdoll coat requires a average degree of maintenance. Ragdoll cats must be brushed from as soon as to twice every week with a metal comb to take away tangles and any unfastened hair.

The delicate silky coat just isn’t vulnerable to many issues and grooming is extra preventative than anything.

Since Ragdoll cats love spending time with their house owners, your cat may very well take pleasure in his grooming periods should you brush gently.

To make sure your Ragdoll cat is glad to be groomed, be sure to start out when they’re a kitten.

Use tender mild strokes when your cat is feeling relaxed and pleased.

To study extra about the most effective instruments for grooming, check out our article, “Greatest Brushes For Ragdoll Cats.”

Ragdoll Cats Shedding

Ragdoll cats are average shedders. They molt extra with the change of the seasons however because of their lack of an undercoat, they shed lower than many different cat breeds.

Common grooming will assist to scale back the diploma of shedding. This may be aided through the use of a rubber brush after combing with a metal rake, to select up any of the hairs you will have loosened.

Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?

What’s a hypoallergenic cat? Quite a few research have recognized the protein “Fel d 1” in canine and feline saliva as the primary pet allergen. Cats usually produce extra of this protein than canine which is why cat allergic reactions are extra widespread than that of canine.

Fur and shedding have been typically related to allergic reactions and now we all know that it isn’t the fur, however the saliva on the fur from the animal grooming itself that really causes a response.

Hypoallergenic cats are people who produce much less of the “Fel d 1” protein, nevertheless, there are not any cats that don’t produce any “Fel d 1.” Hypoallergenic cats nonetheless include a few of the allergens of their saliva. It is because of this incontrovertible fact that some argue there isn’t a such factor as a hypoallergenic cat.

Ragdoll cats usually are not hypoallergenic. They don’t seem to be a breed that has been discovered to have a decrease content material of the “Fel d 1” protein of their saliva.

Ragdoll Cats Well being Issues

Ragdoll cats are typically fairly wholesome and have the potential for an extended lifespan, however like most pedigree breeds they do have a genetic predisposition to some well being issues.

The next are the most typical illnesses Ragdoll cats are vulnerable to creating:

Coronary heart Illness

Ragdoll cats have a genetic predisposition to coronary heart illness and to a selected sort referred to as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). It’s brought on when the guts muscle thickens because of an overactive thyroid.

Cats have a behavior of hiding sickness, so by the point you discover signs in your cat they’ve probably been struggling for some time, and the situation could possibly be critical.

Blood clots can type as part of HCM and these clots may end up in a painful paralyzing of the again legs and tail. Different signs of HCM embrace lethargy, poor urge for food, and speedy respiration. In case you discover these modifications in your cat contact your veterinarian instantly.

DNA testing for HCM is out there and any accountable breeder ought to have a certificates clearing each mother and father.

Polycystic Kidney Illness

This illness is the results of a faulty gene and has been discovered within the Ragdoll cat breed.

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Kittens born with this faulty gene have tiny cysts inside their kidneys and infrequently the liver. The cysts develop over time and destroy the kidney or liver. Signs have a tendency to point out round seven years of age and embrace weight reduction, vomiting, extreme thirst, and poor general well being.

Whereas there isn’t a remedy for this illness, early detection and intervention can add years to your cat’s life. An stomach ultrasound on an grownup cat can typically detect the cysts.

Genetic testing is now out there for this illness and accountable breeders shouldn’t be breeding cats with this genetic defect.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

FIP is a standard cat virus, referred to as the coronavirus, that the majority cats carry. This virus can stay in a dormant state and never trigger any hurt to your cat.

Nevertheless, if there’s the suitable mixture of mutations it may possibly assault these cats with a vulnerable immune system and end in FIP.

Sadly, there isn’t a remedy for FIP, it’s a deadly illness.

There’s a blood check that may detect the virus, nevertheless, it can’t distinguish between the dormant, non-harmful selection and FIP. Which means screening previous to breeding nonetheless can’t assure that the kittens might be FIP free.

Ragdoll cats have a better than common probability of creating this illness, so it’s necessary that you simply affirm together with your breeder that neither father or mother nor any of their offspring has demonstrated indicators of this illness.

Feline Decrease Urinary Tract Illness (FLUTD)

FLUTD refers to various urinary circumstances all grouped underneath the identical class.

A few of these issues embrace bladder stones, urinary tract infections, and blockages. The varied circumstances all are likely to exhibit comparable signs, resembling incontinence, urination on cool surfaces, blood within the urine, straining or problem urinating, or crying within the litter field.

Urinary points, particularly blockages, can deteriorate in a short time inside a few hours and are an emergency state of affairs. In case your cat is exhibiting any of the abovementioned signs or can’t urinate, contact your veterinarian instantly.

Urine exams may be executed periodically to examine for indicators of potential points like kidney illness, infections, or stones. Some urinary tract illnesses may be managed with a particular weight-reduction plan or treatment whereas others might require surgical procedure.


Ragdoll and Siamese cats are extra prone to any such an infection.

This an infection is brought on by a yeast-like fungus that’s contracted by way of the nasal passages. It may well unfold via the physique, affecting the eyes, mind, and lungs.

Indicators of this an infection embrace lethargy, sneezing with nasal discharge, and weight reduction. Because the an infection progresses the signs turn into extra critical, starting from problem respiration, fever, seizures, and disorientation. The nostril can even develop lesions or develop into swollen.

In case your cat exhibits indicators of this situation contact your veterinarian.

Usually, cats could be handled with an oral antifungal medicine.

Beneficial genetic testing for Ragdoll cats consists of each HCM and PKD. Guarantee each mother and father are cleared of those circumstances earlier than bringing residence your cuddly new good friend.

Ragdoll Cats Lifespan

Anticipated lifespan (use solely scientific papers as your assets and hyperlink to them)

Ragdoll cats usually have a superb life expectancy and may reside anyplace from 15 to 20 years.

As they’re genetically predisposed to sure well being circumstances, figuring out the indicators and signs of those circumstances may also help with early intervention and hold your kitty completely satisfied and wholesome for years to return.

Working with a accountable breeder that may present certificates for all advisable genetic testing may also assist improve the probability of getting a wholesome cat with the potential for lengthy life.

Caring For Your Ragdoll Cats

Info on any particular care wants particular to the breed

Grooming is a vital a part of caring in your Ragdoll cat. It should assist them to remain clear and scale back the danger of infections. It’s going to additionally lower the probabilities of your cat getting hairballs from their silky coat.

You’ll be able to assist to care on your Ragdoll cat by listening to the cleanliness of their litter field. Like many long-haired cat breeds, the more than likely time for his or her coat to be dirty is once they use their litter tray. Eradicating the waste instantly after they’ve produced it’s going to scale back the probabilities of it catching of their coat.

In case your Ragdoll cat does get any mess of their fur, use damp cotton or wool material to softly dab it off.

Ragdolls also needs to have their tooth brushed commonly to stop dental points, and their ears gently swapped with a cotton ball on a weekly foundation.

Ragdoll Cats Meals

Giving your Ragdoll cat a nutritious diet is a vital a part of their care. Being a larger-sized cat, they’ll eat greater than your common pet cat. Discover meals which is excessive in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Ragdoll cats can do nicely on dried cat meals or moist cat meals, so select one which you are feeling provides probably the most applicable stability of vitamins. Keep in mind, cats are carnivores, so a food regimen excessive in wheat shouldn’t be going to be perfect.

Most cats wish to graze and eat small quantities of meals quite a few occasions a day. They could take little nibbles from their bowl 10 to 15 occasions a day.

Usually, placing the day’s allotment out suddenly and letting kitty munch once they’re hungry works fantastic. Make sure you all the time have recent water obtainable too.

Weight problems is detrimental to your pet’s well being. It might improve the danger of sure well being points and exacerbate present as soon as. It may even shorten your cat’s life for as much as two years.

In case your cat tends to gobble up their dish of meals shortly and leaves none for the remainder of the day, ration it out over a time period as an alternative.

Don’t improve their portion until suggested by your veterinarian. Some cats do eat out of boredom.

You’ll find extra info on one of the simplest ways to feed your kitten in our in depth kitten feeding information right here.

Are Ragdoll Cats Good Pets?

Ragdoll cats are likely to make wonderful household pets due to their mild, loyal, and affectionate nature. They’re recognized to be affected person with youngsters and pleasant different pets.

Ragdoll cats are additionally comparatively low upkeep pets, requiring solely a bi-weekly preventative brush and are usually a wholesome cat with a long-life expectancy

Ragdoll Cats Breeders

Going by way of a good breeder provides you a a lot better probability of getting a wholesome kitten, moderately than a pet retailer or an internet advert.

A good breeder ought to be educated concerning the breed and their specific wants and well being dangers. They need to be comfortable to reply all your questions and supply certificates for any genetic testing that has been completed.

Whenever you go to the kittens at round 12 weeks previous they need to be very energetic and playful. Their eyes must be clear and their coats ought to be clear. It is best to have the ability to see the mom of the kittens interacting with them, and she or he ought to have the basic calm and pleasant temperament of a Ragdoll cat.

Since Ragdoll cats are so social, The British Ragdoll Cat Membership truly recommends in the event you’re going to be out at work all day that you simply deliver house two kittens from the identical litter fairly than one. Whereas these cats might be unbiased, an excessive amount of private area may cause them to get lonely.

Ragdoll Cats Kittens

After you have your new greatest good friend, you’ll need to do your greatest to ensure they keep joyful and wholesome.

With a brand new kitten, it is advisable contemplate dietary wants, feeding schedules, litter coaching, and socialization of your kitten.

ragdoll cat

Take a look at The Completely happy Cat Handbook for extra details about caring on your new pal and in addition discover extra kitten care ideas right here:

Rescuing A Ragdoll Cat

Adopting a rescue cat could be a rewarding expertise. It’s also less expensive and could also be a superb choice for many who can’t afford the costly Ragdoll cat worth charged by breeders.

Whereas there are a couple of breed particular rescue organizations specializing in Ragdoll Cats, you might discover that they flip up now and again in normal cat rescue facilities as nicely.

The Happy Cat Handbook

Listed here are some Ragdoll cat rescues you possibly can take a look at:

USA Rescues

UK Rescues

Canada Rescues

Australia Rescues

Execs And Cons of Getting A Ragdoll Cats


  • Affectionate, docile, and sweet-natured temperament
  • Good with youngsters
  • Will get alongside properly with different pets, together with different cats
  • Sheds lower than another breeds
  • Comparatively wholesome breed
  • Sociable character
  • Clever and thought of straightforward to coach


  • Not a beneficial breed to go away outdoor
  • Might get lonely if left alone an excessive amount of
  • Bi-weekly coat upkeep
  • Costly breed
  • They will take up loads of your time

Ragdoll Cat Worth

You might have two choices in case you are trying to convey residence a Ragdoll cat of your personal: a Ragdoll kitten or an grownup Ragdoll cat.

You will have to discover a respected breeder (as talked about beforehand) in case you are in search of a Ragdoll kitten. And be ready to fork out a good sum of money on your new good friend.

How A lot Are Ragdoll Kittens?

The price of Ragdoll kitten is significantly greater than a mean pet cat with costs ranging extensively relying upon the place you’re, the colour of the Ragdoll kitten, and who’s breeding them.

You’ll have to pay extra in case you get a correct health-tested kitten from an excellent breeder, however will probably be value it in the long term.

Within the UK the price of a Ragdoll kitten might be something from £400 to £1000.


Within the US Ragdoll kitten worth varies much more. You’re looking at spending anyplace from $600 to $1800 relying on who’s breeding him and the State you’re dwelling in.

It’s also value taking into consideration that in case you are trying to purchase a Ragdoll kitten with the breeding rights, you’ll have to pay twice this a lot cash.

With out breeding rights, though your kitten might have litters sooner or later, the breed membership wouldn’t register them for you.

How A lot Are Ragdoll Cats?

If you wish to deliver a pedigree Ragdoll cat into your own home, then you may be questioning how a lot it should value you.

An grownup Ragdoll cat out there on the market will both be being bought by a displaying fanatic who’s retiring it or because of a household’s change in circumstances. This implies you’ll in all probability get a lower cost than for a kitten.

It is going to additionally imply that you would be able to be pretty assured of the cat’s temperament earlier than you convey him house, and will even request well being checks on the cat himself moderately than his mother and father to make certain that they’re free from inherited illnesses.

In case you are on the lookout for a less expensive Ragdoll cat then think about an grownup, rescue or crossbred cat.

Ought to I Get a Ragdoll Cat?

Should you spend numerous time at residence and are on the lookout for a candy and affectionate furry companion, or in case you are on the lookout for a brand new pet that may adapt properly into your present household, then the Ragdoll cat could be the cat for you. They’re a sociable, pleasant, and delicate breed which makes them a extremely sought-after household pet.

The Ragdoll cat is greatest suited to indoor dwelling and enjoys common interplay with their house owners or different household pets.

They’ve a average upkeep coat, so potential house owners ought to guarantee they’ve time of their schedule for the Ragdoll’s weekly grooming wants.

This breed does include a genetic predisposition to some well being points, however with attentive care, Ragdoll’s usually have an excellent life expectancy.

These that may meet the companionship wants of this lovely and trusting cat might be rewarded with a lot love and loyalty.

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