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Ragdoll Cat Breed – What You Need to Know

Ragdoll Cat Breed - What You Need to Know


Ragdoll Cat Breed - What You Need to Know

The Ragdoll is among the hottest cat breeds on the planet as a consequence of its superb character. Having the “mild big” as a part of the household is definitely an exquisite and rewarding expertise. In case you intend to get a Ragdoll cat for your self, then discovering out as a lot as attainable about what life with a cat like that is may be extraordinarily helpful. Here’s what it’s worthwhile to find out about Ragdolls.

Ragdoll Cat Breed – Brief Historical past

The breed was developed within the 1960s by Anne Baker. Apparently, the origin of the Ragdoll cat doesn’t consist of specialised cat breeds with both lengthy hair or a particular sort of temperament. In reality, Ann Baker created the breed from free-roaming cats.

The place does the identify “Ragdoll” come from?

The well-known identify comes from this cat breed’s tendency to go limp and relaxed when picked up. This is among the best-known options of one of these cat. Ann Baker has trademarked the breed identify “Ragdoll” and she or he arrange her personal breed registry, the Worldwide Ragdoll Cat Affiliation (IRCA). She urged breeders to satisfy very particular requirements as a way to qualify.

The Principal Profile of the Ragdoll Breed

**Please know that after having this web site for 11 years, I’ve discovered the significance of stressing that BREED STEREOTYPES may be deceiving.  DO NOT EXPECT that should you undertake a Ragdoll kitten that it’ll match the breed description.  Each cat is a dwelling soul, which suggests they’ll have a unique character and should or might not possess some or all the qualities of the breed.

Trigg a blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat sleeping on the Brentwood home pet bedTrigg a blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat sleeping on the Brentwood home pet bed

Everyone is aware of Ragdoll cats due to their floppy character and their beautiful blue eyes, however that is just one of their superb options. These are the primary options of the Ragdoll cat breed:

  • Giant cat breed – Corresponding to the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Maine Coon, the Egyptian Mau, or the American Bobtail, Ragdoll cats are really giant. Males go as much as 20 kilos, whereas females might differ from 10 to 15 kilos. This makes it one of many largest cat breeds on the planet.
  • Semi-long-haired cat – Ragdolls have a smooth semi-long coat, which makes them simpler to groom than different long-haired cats. They don’t have an undercoat, which is essential as a result of that is the place the extreme shedding often comes from in different cat breeds.The life span of Ragdoll cats averages round 15 years. Every particular person’s life span varies in accordance with genetic information, medical points developed all through the years, high quality of vitamin and care, dwelling circumstances, and so forth.

Ragdoll Cat MurphyRagdoll Cat Murphy

The Character of a Ragdoll Cat

Apart from the Ragdoll impact talked about above, these cats have many extra traits that construct as much as their fantastic character. Listed here are just a few issues that make Raggies so nice:

  • Ragdolls are extraordinarily sociable with people – each their masters and different individuals.
  • Ragdolls are very near their masters, however they don’t seem to be pushy.
  • Ragdolls present their love by way of fixed proximity to their masters.
  • Ragdolls are very playful cats.

These traits make these cats match for nearly any sort of residence. They’re greatest fitted to house owners who’re on the lookout for a relaxed cat with which they will develop an in depth relationship. Listed here are a couple of generally requested questions concerning the conduct of Ragdoll cats.

Seal Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll Cat Charlie Stretching Laying Down IMG_0591Seal Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll Cat Charlie Stretching Laying Down IMG_0591

Are Ragdolls good with youngsters?

Ragdolls are a few of the greatest cats for households with youngsters due to their floppy, laid-back personalities. These cats are affected person sufficient to work together with youngsters and, most significantly, they won’t turn into violent with them.

Are Ragdolls good with different cats?

Introducing a brand new cat within the family is a posh course of in itself, however with Ragdolls it ought to a minimum of a bit bit simpler as a result of they’re docile and sociable. If launched correctly, Raggies ought to get alongside properly with different cats.

Murphy and CaymusMurphy and Caymus

Are Ragdolls good with canine?

Ragdolls are literally a few of the few cat breeds that get together with cat-friendly canine. It’s extremely advisable that at the least one of many animals be of youthful age, that they’re launched steadily and stored beneath fixed surveillance, a minimum of at first, however getting a Raggie to befriend a canine is definitely attainable.

Murphy on Tuckers PawMurphy on Tuckers Paw

Ragdoll Shade Patterns

All Ragdoll cats are born white, however as they develop, they develop all kinds of colours and patterns. They’re colorpointed cats, which signifies that their our bodies are lighter in colour than their extremities. The colour choices are:

  • Blue – the physique of the cat could be very mild grey and the extremities are a darker shade of grey – numerous shade patterns.
  • Seal – the physique is creamy white and the extremities are a really darkish shade of brown.
  • Chocolate – a mixture of a light-colored physique and lightweight brown extremities.
  • Lilac – the physique could be very mild in colour and the extremities are grey and cream-colored.
  • Cream – a mixture of an ivory-colored physique and creamy extremities.
  • Flame – the physique could be very mild in shade and the extremities are pink or orange.
  • Black – that is an upcoming colour variation for Ragdolls, as it’s but to be accepted by The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA), however they do are available black as properly.

Take a look at our enjoyable web page – Colorpointed Cats Transition: Ragdoll Cats to see kitten –> grownup pictures of the identical Ragdoll cat.

As for the patterns they will develop, Ragdolls could be colorpointed, mitted, bicolor, lynx level, or tortie level, as per the Ragdolls Fanciers Membership Worldwide (RFCI).

Breed-Particular Well being Dangers

Ragdoll cats don’t current main well being dangers. Nevertheless, each cat breed has displayed a better prevalence in creating sure varieties of illnesses. Figuring out what these are can create a bonus for the cat proprietor as a result of preventative measures for these sicknesses could be issued early on.

In response to breed statistics, Ragdolls generally tend to develop a coronary heart situation referred to as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which causes the thickening of the cardiac wall. The primary trigger for that is genetic, and breeders now have entry to a check that may decide the cats which have this situation.

These must be faraway from the breeding course of to cease perpetuating the illness. HCM may be detected in the course of the common checkups carried out by the veterinarian. Different widespread well being points seen in Ragdolls are kidney stones and digestive points associated to a delicate abdomen.

Additionally they generally tend to turn out to be obese, however this may be simply prevented with a rigorous dietary plan and a wholesome lively way of life. With the right dietary dietary supplements and common visits to the veterinarian, Ragdoll cats can stay an extended a wholesome life.

The right way to Take Correct Care of a Ragdoll Cat

This breed comes with a couple of particularities when it comes to correct cat care, however having a Ragdoll round the home won’t be problematic. Listed here are a number of elements on your consideration:

Housing Particularities – Are Ragdolls Match for Any Sort of House?

Ragdolls are giant cats, which signifies that they should have an area that’s proportional to their measurement. Nevertheless, this nonetheless makes them fitted to virtually any sort of condo or home. The more room you possibly can supply them, the higher, however the limits are fairly acceptable.

Furthermore, if you would like your Ragdoll cat to get extra train, you possibly can all the time make investments time in day by day play with a cat wand toy or educating them new tips whereas enjoying with them.

Relying in your state of affairs and the place you reside on the earth, you may also take it out for a stroll. Cat house owners who’ve yards for the cats to roam free in have it fairly straightforward. Ragdoll house owners who reside in flats have the choice to coach their cats to exit for walks.

Please notice that some security precautions ought to be taken on this case. Cats ought to put on harnesses and be on leashes to ensure that they’re protected throughout their exploration.

Actually, cat strolling is turning into increasingly widespread amongst pet house owners. Quickly sufficient seeing cats being walked by their masters can be simply as regular as seeing canine.

Ragdolls, and particularly people who stay in smaller locations, can profit from strolling as a result of they will get their train. It is rather necessary to maintain Ragdoll cats match and this can be a excellent method to do it. As for the cats that do have entry to a yard, this can be very useful for them to spend time outside. Nevertheless, it’s extremely advisable that they’re watched on this time.

One of many myths about Ragdoll cats is that they’re so pleasant that anyone can decide them up and take them as a result of they won’t protest. Whereas this stays extra of a stereotype, maintaining a tally of indoor cats once they get to go outdoors is a security precaution that any cat proprietor ought to take.


Do Ragdolls Want Particular Diets?

When it comes to feeding Ragdoll cats, there are not any breed-specific particularities. The cat’s food plan must be arrange along with the veterinarian to make it possible for it meets all of the dietary necessities. From there on, it relies upon completely on the person, its construct, its underlying medical points, and so forth.

Our web page about cat vitamin might be discovered right here.

Any cat ought to obtain high-quality meals and Ragdolls are not any exception. In truth, the standard of its food plan can be seen in its coat. When a Ragdoll’s coat begins to look matted and lacks its regular shine and mushy really feel, one of many causes might be the meals.

Contemplating the massive measurement of Ragdoll cats, they will profit from Omega-Three dietary supplements. These are extraordinarily helpful for his or her joints, their nervous system, however, most significantly, for his or her cardiovascular system.

How Typically Do Ragdolls Have to Go to the Vet?

vet visit pet carrier IMG_7456vet visit pet carrier IMG_7456

Ragdoll cats require the standard quantities of veterinary visits. They’ll have to be taken in additional ceaselessly when they’re kittens and once they attain the geriatric stage, however in between these, there’s a routine that may be arrange.

Except for their routine vaccinations, they do want common check-ups simply to ensure that all the things is OK. Taking your Ragdoll to the vet as soon as each 6 months is sufficient normally, however the particular routine is determined by the particularities of the person.

Whereas widespread factors for any Ragdoll cats embrace cardio, orthopedic, and dermatological exercises, each cat has its personal wants. It’s as much as the vet to maintain a rigorous affected person historical past and arrange preventative measures to make sure the cat’s long run well being. You possibly can learn or take heed to our interviews with Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM of Little Huge Cat to seek out out extra about cat care.

Grooming Rituals for Ragdolls

Cat Comb for Long Haired Cats - EZ-Groomer Comb and Ragdoll Cat Hobbs - FloppycatsCat Comb for Long Haired Cats - EZ-Groomer Comb and Ragdoll Cat Hobbs - Floppycats

You may assume that proudly owning a Ragdoll cats means spending half of the time grooming it, however it’s truly not as a lot as a chore because it appears. With the right grooming instruments for long-haired cats at your disposal, you’ll be able to reduce the time you spend on this activity.

Then again , common grooming is a should relating to Ragdolls. Cat house owners who don’t really feel up for the duty are suggested to search for cats with brief coats, such because the Russian Blue or the British Shorthair.

It is extremely necessary that Ragdolls get used to being groomed from an early age. With endurance and perseverance, any Ragdoll proprietor can groom the cat. As talked about above, this breed doesn’t have an undercoat, which makes a large distinction each when it comes to shedding and matting.

One other essential a part of the grooming course of is trimming the cat’s claws. This also needs to be carried out from an early age to scale back the cat’s protests as a lot as attainable. Having specialised instruments for chopping the cat’s nails can also be essential.

What Type of Equipment Do Ragdolls Want?

Except for all of the cat toys you possibly can consider and your grooming provides, you Ragdoll cat will want one or a number of cat scratchers. These will maintain its claws trimmed and your furnishings protected from scratches. Cat beds and cat homes are additionally essential as a result of the cat should have a spot of its personal the place it may cover or just spend time alone.

Take a look at our Floppycats 10 Pawesome Cat Merchandise to see which merchandise we love for Ragdolls and why.

Do You Have to Play with Your Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdoll Cat Murphy kicking a yeowww catnip bananaRagdoll Cat Murphy kicking a yeowww catnip banana

Whereas Ragdolls are quite unbiased cats, enjoying with them is definitely really helpful. Interacting with its masters will construct the cat’s character and it’ll strengthen the bond them. Additionally it is plenty of enjoyable as a result of Ragdolls are extraordinarily playful.

They’re generally known as “pet cats” as a result of they genuinely take pleasure in these playful moments. Your choices for cat toys are nearly infinite, so there are all the time new issues that you are able to do together with your cat. As an added bonus of establishing a playtime routine with the cat may even give it the train it wants and it’ll forestall it from turning into obese.  We’re all the time reviewing nice cat merchandise to attempt together with your kitty.

The Monetary Points of Turning into a Ragdoll Cat Proprietor

Proudly owning a Ragdoll cat comes with a monetary effort, each when it comes to the preliminary funding, and the long-term care required for any pet. All cat house owners ought to concentrate on these prices earlier than getting their Raggies to keep away from undesirable conditions when the cats have to be re-homed.

Preliminary Prices – Shopping for a Ragdoll Cat

Shopping for a Ragdoll cat requires a monetary effort. The precise prices, nevertheless, range enormously (roughly $850- $2,700+) from one breeder to a different as a result of every of them might arrange totally different guidelines when it comes to vaccination, spaying, veterinary consults, and lots of different elements that alter the ultimate worth. Learn our article on the prices of buying a Ragdoll cat to seek out out extra.

The perfect place to get a Ragdoll cat is from a licensed breeder. Be certain that to verify the IRCA registration and to look into the breeder earlier than getting the cat. Our information to discovering a great cat breeder may give you some concepts concerning the course of.

Is Adoption an Choice?

Sure, adopting a Ragdoll cat is an choice. Earlier than you begin in search of breeders, chances are you’ll need to see if there’s a Raggie on the market who’s in want of a house.  Study discovering a Ragdoll needing rescue in your space.

Sadly, the immense reputation of this breed has created a stereotype round it and when the cats don’t reside as much as their proprietor’s expectations, a few of them are deserted.

The most important draw back of adoption is that, usually, the cat is already an grownup. In case you are prepared to get a cat as an alternative of a kitten, then that is one thing you’re properly value wanting into. Giving a house to a cat in want is a particularly rewarding expertise.

The Prices of Taking Care of a Ragdoll Cat

As chances are you’ll anticipate, taking good care of a Ragdoll cat is costlier than taking good care of a small cat breed, however the variation in worth is sort of acceptable. The price of meals and dietary dietary supplements goes to be larger than it’s for different cats as a result of Ragdolls do want a bit extra of every little thing.

Apart from vitamin, every little thing when it comes to pet equipment and toys have to be supersized to suit the mild big. However shopping for the most important cat scratchers and cat beds won’t result in a large distinction within the general prices of cat care.

As you possibly can see, Ragdoll cats are a specific sort of cat breed with particular wants, however not some that set it aside from different cats on the market. Having this massive docile cat in your house will definitely make up in your funding and you’ll earn a real companion.

Are you considering of adopting a Ragdoll kitten? You may take pleasure in our e-book, A Ragdoll Kitten Care Information.

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