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Japanese Cat Names – 180 Awesome Ideas Inspired By Japan

Japanese Cat Names - 180 Awesome Ideas Inspired By Japan

What are the preferred Japanese cat names proper now?

These names come from probably the most just lately launched record of the preferred Japanese cat names based mostly on proprietor surveys carried out by Isis Pet:

  • Koko – cocoa
  • Hana – flower
  • Kuro – black
  • Momo – peach
  • Chibi – tiny
  • Mike – tortoiseshell
  • Hime – princess
  • Fuku – fortunate
  • Reo – Leo
  • Rin – bell
  • Mei or Mii – dependable sprout
  • Tora – tiger
  • Tama – ball
  • Shiro – white
  • Sora – sky
  • Kai – ocean
  • Chiro – naked (nice for a hairless cat!)
  • Mikan – mandarin orange
  • Kotetsu – small iron
  • Sakura – cherry blossom
  • Maron – chestnut
  • Azuki – candy purple beans
  • Miruku – milk
  • Maru – circle
  • Moka – mocha
  • Kinako – yellow flour
  • Kurumi – walnut
  • Chobi – small
  • Haru – spring
  • Minto – mint

Japanese Cat Names

Are you looking for one of the best Japanese cat names on your new feline member of the family? You will have come to the best place!

japanese cat names

On this article, you can see rigorously curated lists of a number of the greatest Japanese pet names for cats and kittens.

One of the enjoyable elements of selecting your kitty’s new identify is studying extra concerning the historical past of cats in Japan, which is each historic and really fascinating!

With out additional ado, let’s get to the great things – the lists of Japanese cat names!

About Japanese Cat Breeds

The Japanese Bobtail cat is extensively thought-about to be an historic purebred cat breed that hails from Japan.

Whereas trendy genome evaluation suggests the breed can also be influenced by felines from China or Korea, the Japanese declare the breed as their very own.

The close by Kuril Islands even have their very own cat breed, the Kurilian Bobtail cat.

The Kurilian Bobtail appears strikingly just like the Japanese Bobtail cat – sufficiently in order that researchers suspect a shared ancestor.

About Japanese Cat Names

In case you are not accustomed to the Japanese language, it will probably really feel a bit complicated to navigate at first.

It’s because there are three totally different alphabets used to write down in Japanese: katakana, hiragana and kanji.

Which alphabet is used, and whether or not it’s syllabic or symbolic, can have an effect on the Japanese cat names which means.

When you have seen the identical Japanese names which means cat given totally different meanings, that is doubtless the rationale why.

No matter which alphabet you employ, you’ll discover most Japanese cat names are brief.

It will work in your favor throughout coaching since a workforce of Japanese researchers lately revealed proof that cats can study and acknowledge their names.

Choosing a brief, percussive identify that sounds in contrast to widespread instructions or different member of the family names (together with different pets) will assist your new kitty study his or her identify shortly.

How nicely have you learnt your cat? Uncover the key world of cats.

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Well-known Japanese Cat Names

If there’s any doubt left in your thoughts that the entire nation of Japan loves cats, take a look at Maru.

Maru is the official Guinness World Report holder for “most watched animal on YouTube.”

Also referred to as Mugumogu, Maru is a Scottish Fold cat whose YouTube movies have been watched greater than 325 million occasions!

Different well-known Japanese felines hail from anime collection, feline J-pop idol spinoffs, fashionable product mascots (just like the Min Min Daha catgirls) and extra.

  • Maru – feline YouTube sensation
  • Shironeko, aka “basket cat” – one other feline YouTube sensation
  • Meowth – Pokemon
  • Luna – Sailor Moon anime feline
  • Artemis – Sailor Moon anime feline
  • Diana – Sailor Moon anime feline
  • Mugumogu – Maru’s YouTube identify
  • Doraemon – in style Japanese robotic cat
  • Kirara – Inuyasha Japanese anime
  • Fusasa – Fiona (HarMEOWny chief)
  • Raina (HarMEOWny member)
  • Solana (HarMEOWny member)
  • Topatopa (HarMEOWny member)
  • Aria (HarMEOWny member)
  • Yuria – Isabella (NKB48 member)
  • Rena or Renacchi – Ariana (NKB48 member)
  • Mako or Kojimako – Elena (NKB48 member)
  • Rina or Riccan – Rebecca (NKB48 member)
  • Haruka or Paruru – Petunia (NKB48 member)
  • Jurina – Julia (NKB48 member)
  • Kirika – Twitter cat
  • Gupitaro – Instagram cat
  • Map U Chin – Twitter cat
  • Rai – Instagram cat
  • Itosan – Instagram cat
  • Hakusama – Twitter cat
  • Jun – Twitter cat
  • Naomiuno – Instagram cat
  • Soramoon – Twitter cat
  • Maruruna – Instagram cat

Japanese Feminine Cat Names

Japanese woman cat names are simpler to identify if you understand about a few of the conventional endings utilized in Japanese tradition.

For instance, names ending in ko, mi, ka, e, na, no and ri usually tend to be feminine names.

  • Emi – lovely blessing
  • Mimi – from Japanese manga “ChocoMimi”
  • Ran – orchid
  • Fuji – sort of flower
  • Tenshi – angel
  • Ren – love
  • Cho – butterfly
  • Minako – lovely youngster
  • Miki – lovely princess
  • Ayaka – colourful flower
  • Ara – Japanese manga identify
  • Ina – Japanese manga identify
  • Fumiko – plentiful magnificence
  • Ayame – iris flower
  • Kimi – noble

Flick through 250 extra feminine cat names right here.

Japanese Male Cat Names

Japanese boy cat names could be comparatively straightforward to identify by how they finish.

For instance, in case you see a reputation that ends with kazu, dai, shi, ji, ro, ichi, o, kichi, hiko, nobu, or ta, this identify is probably going a masculine identify.

  • Kotarou or Kotaro – dreamer, sensible
  • Akira – brilliant boy
  • Suzuki – bell tree
  • Taro – massive son
  • Akio – hero
  • Kameko – lengthy life
  • Akihiko – shiny prince
  • Michio – journeyman
  • Rikuto – right down to earth
  • Sho – to fly (nice for a climbing or leaping cat)
  • Tadao – loyal
  • Yoshiro – righteous son
  • Tamotsu – protector
  • Kouta – peace
  • Hitoshi – motivated

Take a look at 250 extra male cat names right here.

Japanese Black Cat Names

In lots of elements of the world, a black cat is taken into account to be dangerous luck, however not so in Japan.

Not solely are black cats thought-about good luck, however this impact is amplified for single ladies seeking suitors!

Do you know that hundreds of analysis papers have been revealed on cat conduct and well being? No time to learn all of them? Don’t fear – we’ve carried out it for you! And picked out the most effective bits! The Pleased Cat Handbook – A singular information to understanding and having fun with your cat!

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  • Choco – chocolate
  • Sumi – black calligraphy ink
  • Jiji – black cat companion to the witch Kiki in Japanese anime “Kiki’s supply service”
  • Kuroi – black
  • Burakku – black
  • Kuroba mu – black or blacken
  • Kokukoku – black
  • Kuron – black or dark-skinned
  • Hei zhi – black mark
  • Kuro neko – black cat
  • Shirokuro – black and white
  • Burakkupeppa – black pepper
  • Yami – black
  • Kage – shadow
  • Kurai – darkish

For extra black cat names, go to this text.

Cute Japanese Cat Names

Kawaisa, or Kawaii, is the phrase describing the fashionable “tradition of cuteness” that’s so fashionable in Japan at present.

Maybe probably the most universally well-known icon of this tradition of cuteness is Good day Kitty (Haro Kiti in Japanese), a hybrid human/Japanese Bobtail cat with vast eyes and a bow over one ear.

These cute Japanese kitten names and cat names may be good for the lovable kitty in your life.

For an additional dose of cuteness, add the honorific “Chan” to the entrance of the identify you select.

  • Ringo – apple
  • Ichigo – strawberry
  • Mikan – orange
  • Yuzu – citrus fruit
  • Mochi – sticky rice
  • Anko – purple bean paste
  • Ocha – Japanese tea
  • Kawaii – cute
  • Yoshiko – good baby
  • Hanako – flower youngster
  • Mew – Pokemon
  • Hoshi – star
  • Kyoko – completely satisfied
  • Haiku – brief Japanese poem
  • Hotaru – firefly

Discover much more cute cat names on this article.

Humorous Japanese Cat Names

Does you cat have you ever in stitches?

One among these humorous Japanese cat names may simply suit your feline’s laugh-worthy antics!

  • Pochi – spot
  • Puss (in Boots)
  • Pero – Japanese character based mostly on Puss in Boots story
  • Nyan Cat – well-known Japanese meme
  • Nyan Nyan – cat’s meow
  • Waru Nyan – dangerous cat
  • Kyapi Nyan – perky cat
  • Genki Nyan – energetic cat
  • Dame Nyan – not good cat
  • Bonito – fish flakes
  • Skitty – Pokemon
  • Shinx – Pokemon
  • Purrloin – Pokemon
  • Bento – Japanese field lunch
  • Nintendo – depart luck to heaven

Take pleasure in extra humorous cat names on this article.

Cool Japanese Cat Names

If there’s any cooler character than a cat, we now have but to find it!

These cool Japanese cat names are impressed by Japanese tradition and historical past.

  • Mi-kay – tri-color cat
  • Maneki-Neko – Japanese Bobtail cat statues in lots of Japanese eating places
  • Koneko – Japanese phrase for kitten (“youngster cat”)
  • Neko – Japanese phrase for cat
  • Sensei – instructor
  • Yamakawa Sutematsu (“Stematz”) – first Japanese lady to graduate from school
  • Kounna – fortunate
  • Osamu – studious
  • Kaneda – wealthy, rich
  • Kimono – conventional identify for a cat with a black marking on its again
  • Ryou – cool
  • Hotoke – Buddha nature, merciful
  • Bishamon – Japanese god of conflict and happiness
  • Haya-ji – whirlwind
  • Kami – deity of the pure world

Discover tons extra cool cat names right here.

Robust Japanese Cat Names

These robust Japanese cat names evoke a few of the qualities of a courageous, robust, loyal feline.

  • Ryu – dragon
  • Katsuo – hero or victory
  • Nekomata – supernatural forked cat from Yokai folklore
  • Nekomata – comparable sort of supernatural cat from Yokai folklore
  • Kinnikou – muscle (robust)
  • Tomoe – Japanese warrior lady
  • Takeko – Japanese warrior lady
  • Musashi – Japanese samurai
  • Kojiro – Japanese samurai
  • Kenta – massive, robust
  • Kashi – oak tree
  • Noriko – thunder
  • Reiko – brave
  • Honcho – chief
  • Isamu – braveness
  • Judo – fighter
  • Daiki – nice glory
  • Makoto – true
  • Mitsuo – shining man
  • Sumo – wrestler
  • Taiki – giant
  • Katashi – agency
  • Ryuunosuke – noble, herald
  • Shinobu – endurance
  • Takumi – skilful
  • Yuudai – nice hero
  • Hiraku – help
  • Daisuke – huge assist
  • Daiki – nice tree
  • Haruki – vibrant just like the solar

Greatest Japanese Cat Names

We hope you will have loved these curated lists of a number of the all-time greatest Japanese cat names!

Do you have got your eye on a specific identify on your new cat or kitten in Japanese?

Once you select your kitty’s new identify, please drop again by and share the identify you selected and the story behind it – we like to study from our readers!

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The Happy Cat Handbook

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