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Hypoallergenic cat breeds

Hypoallergenic cat breeds

Hypoallergenic cat breeds

There are various cat lovers on the market who’re allergic to cats and most of them assume that getting their splendid pet means dwelling with a runny nostril and tearing eyes each single day. Whereas this would definitely occur when they’re uncovered to most cats, there are some breeds which may not set off the allergic response in them. These are referred to as hypoallergenic cat breeds – however is there actually a real hypoallergenic cat breed? No…however there might sure breeds which may nonetheless work for a human’s allergic reactions relying on what the individual is allergic to.

These cat breeds have particular options that make them much less of a menace for individuals affected by cat allergic reactions. When you may assume that it’s all associated to the size of their fur, there are another traits that play a much more necessary position, such because the presence of particular proteins that may generate the complete array of signs.

What Are Cat Allergic reactions?

Pet allergic reactions are extraordinarily widespread within the US. Greater than 10% of People are allergic to animals, and cats are the standard suspects. Cat allergic reactions are much more widespread than canine allergic reactions or to another pets.

Individuals who endure from one of these allergy get an instantaneous response when they’re round cats. From tearing eyes to runny noses and all the best way to pores and skin rashes, the response is just unattainable to disregard.

What Causes Cat Allergic reactions?

Cat allergic reactions are generally related to cat fur, however opposite to well-liked perception, this isn’t the primary reason for the allergy. Normally, the fur is merely the service. The primary triggers are particular proteins discovered within the cat’s saliva and urine, and cat dander (lifeless pores and skin). Out of those, the Fel D1 protein present in cat saliva is probably the most frequent allergen, liable for most allergy instances.

Individuals with allergic reactions have overactive immune techniques and when they’re in touch with these substances (allergens), their our bodies mistake these for pathogens and creates antibodies for them. The allergic response is the physique making an attempt to struggle off this presumed pathogen, which is manifested as dermatological or respiratory points.

When cats groom themselves, they unfold saliva throughout their fur, which makes the fur the vessel of the allergic response, however not the trigger. As for dander, these small particles are unfold all all through the home. They can be carried on something from garments to bedding. When allergic individuals come into contact with these, the allergic response is triggered.

Widespread Signs of Cat Allergic reactions

Relying on the allergen that triggers the response, every sort of cat allergy is manifested in a different way. These are probably the most frequent signs related to this sort of allergic response:

  • Eye irritation
  • Stuffy Nostril
  • Pores and skin rashes situated on the face, neck, and higher chest
  • Bronchial asthma assaults
  • Fatigue
  • Elevated physique temperature/ Low-grade fever

Are Cat Allergic reactions Treatable?

Like all different forms of allergic reactions, this can be a situation that may be managed, however that may’t be cured. When uncovered to the allergen, the array of signs will manifest once more, however these will solely be current throughout publicity. Eliminating the allergen results in the suppression of the signs.

As for the remedy, this targets the signs of the allergy, however not the trigger. This consists of anti-inflammatory drugs (eye drops, nasal sprays, pores and skin lotion) that may maintain the signs at bay.

What Are Hypoallergenic Cats?

Hypoallergenic cats are particular breeds that produce much less of the allergens related to the pathology of cat allergic reactions. They make good candidates for cat lovers affected by this situation, however please observe that there’s all the time a transition interval and that an ideal cohabitation is just not assured.

The Non-Allergenic Fantasy

The prefix “hypo” comes from Greek and it means “much less”. The time period “hypoallergenic” refers to one thing that might decide a much less intense allergic response. It is extremely necessary to know that these cat breeds would nonetheless set off an allergic response, however a far much less intense one than different breeds.

This makes it simpler for individuals with cat allergic reactions to be round them, however it doesn’t assure that the response can be completely absent. The non-allergenic fable constructed round hypoallergenic cat breeds has pushed many animal lovers to convey cats of those breeds into their houses anticipating that the interplay can be side-effect free.

As you possibly can think about, this has led to lots of people rehousing or abandoning the cats once they realized that the response was nonetheless there. To keep away from this kind of conditions, individuals affected by cat allergic reactions are suggested to absorb hypoallergenic cat breeds on a trial foundation solely.

The Important Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

There are fairly a couple of hypoallergenic cat breeds on the market. Listed here are the ten breeds which have proven one of the best outcomes:


The Sphynx is understood all all through the world because the hairless cat. This provides it an instantaneous benefit to the opposite hypoallergenic breeds as a result of the fur-related points may be eradicated. Whereas the Fel D1 protein, the substance liable for most cat allergic reactions continues to be current, it’s unfold much less all through the physique.

Nevertheless, Sphynx cats will not be solely hairless and, except for that, they do their grooming identical to different cats. Which means the Fel D1 protein continues to be current on their pores and skin, however in far decrease quantities. Subsequently, it nonetheless has some potential to trigger allergic reactions.

Then again, the quantity of dander eradicated by a Sphynx is considerably bigger than that eradicated by a cat with fur as a result of the chemistry of its pores and skin is totally different. With the pores and skin uncovered to the surroundings, the regeneration course of within the outer layers of the pores and skin is extra intense.

To maintain dander elimination to the minimal, Sphynx cats ought to be bathed frequently to scale back oil buildup. All in all, the Sphynx is the best choice for hypoallergenic cats as a result of it presents the bottom potential for contact with the widespread allergens.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is among the world’s smallest cat breeds. It has brief hair and it solely has the undercoat layer, just like Ragdoll cats. However what makes it a superb hypoallergenic cat is the truth that it produces much less dander than different cat breeds. Furthermore, it’s notably well-suited for individuals whose allergic reactions are brought on by dander particles.

This cat breed additionally has patches of pores and skin with much less fur on them. Its brief, tender coat makes it shed far lower than different cats, which reduces the event of allergic reactions. As with the Sphynx, the truth that it has much less fur doesn’t assure the absence of the allergic reactions. Devon Rex cats have to be bathed and groomed regularly to stop oil buildup on the pores and skin.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is similar to the Devon Rex, however the attribute that units it aside is its wavy to curly fur. It additionally has a clean and brief coat, and it sheds far lower than different cat breeds as a result of it solely has the undercoat layer.

Whereas that is necessary, it’s the low dander manufacturing that makes it an appropriate candidate for the hypoallergenic cat listing. This limits the allergic response triggered in individuals delicate to cat dander.

Oriental Shorthair

This cat breed has a really brief coat, which retains shedding at its lowest. With a rigorous grooming routine, all allergic reactions generated by this may be minimized. The Oriental Shorthair produces little or no dander, which is a vital asset for hypoallergenic cats.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a wonderful selection for a hypoallergenic cat as a result of it produces decrease ranges of the Fel D1 protein. Which means the allergic response it might set off can be far much less intense, and, with common grooming, it might be eradicated altogether.

It has a really plush, however brief coat, and it doesn’t shed quite a bit. The thickness of its coat additionally minimizes dander elimination. If bathed regularly, the oil buildup on the pores and skin might be stored at very low ranges. General, it is among the greatest decisions for a hypoallergenic cat.


The Balinese is yet one more cat breed that produces much less Fel D1 protein in its saliva. Though it has an extended coat and a cunning tail, it poses much less of a menace to these affected by cat allergic reactions. This breed would require a extra thorough grooming ritual than cats with brief coats to attenuate allergy signs, however the low Fel D1 ranges make it a worthy candidate.


The stunning Siberian cat is yet one more instance of a long-haired hypoallergenic cat. It additionally produces low ranges of Fel D1 protein, which signifies that its lengthy beautiful coat won’t generate an allergic response.

It’s nonetheless really helpful that the grooming course of is extraordinarily thorough. Not solely does this reduce shedding, which can also be concerned in triggering allergic reactions, nevertheless it additionally reduces dander elimination. Together with common baths, this may be stored to a minimal.


The Bengal cat has extraordinarily high quality fur that requires it to do little or no grooming. Because the cat spends much less time grooming itself, there’s much less saliva unfold over its coat. This makes its allergenic potential as little as attainable.

Its coat construction makes it very straightforward for house owners to carry out thorough grooming as properly. By brushing it frequently, the self-grooming could be lowered much more. Nevertheless, there isn’t any proof that the Bengal produces much less Fel D1 protein.


If the Cornish Rex has a wavy coat, the LaPerm cat has precise curls. Except for the aesthetic issue, that is extraordinarily necessary as a hypoallergenic attribute as a result of it minimizes each dander elimination and get in touch with with saliva.


Just like the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex solely have the undercoat layer, Javanese cats solely have the topcoat layer, which makes them wonderful hypoallergenic cats. Their coat construction makes them shed much less, but in addition spend much less time grooming themselves. It additionally means much less dander and a decrease danger for individuals affected by cat allergic reactions.

Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?

Ragdolls would not have the undercoat layer, which has made individuals assume that they’re hypoallergenic cats. Whereas this makes them shed lower than different cat breeds, this function alone will not be sufficient to think about them a sensible choice for individuals affected by cat allergic reactions. Additionally, there isn’t a proof stating that they might produce decrease ranges of Fel D1 protein.

How you can Select the Proper Hypoallergenic Cat

Selecting a hypoallergenic cat could be very totally different from selecting a daily cat as a result of there are much more elements to take into accounts. The bodily look of the cat can’t be on the prime of the listing anymore. The only option is predicated on the extent of compatibility between the allergic proprietor and the cat.

Whereas there are not any ensures that interplay with the cat shall be allergy-free, there are some things which may assist individuals decide the most effective hypoallergenic cat breed for them. There are a number of essential elements that decide the compatibility between a pet proprietor with cat allergic reactions and a hypoallergenic cat:

1. The Allergen

Understanding the precise allergen chargeable for the response is the important thing factor behind selecting a hypoallergenic cat breed. Your goal is to seek out the breed that has the least quantity of allergen manufacturing. Your physician can carry out a collection of checks to seek out out what this allergen is. This manner, you’ll know what to look out for.

For example, individuals whose cat allergic reactions are produced by publicity to the Fel D1 protein ought to select between cats that produce much less of it, such because the Russian Blue, the Balinese, or the Siberian. Then again, it the difficulty is especially associated to cat dander, then the Sphynx, the Devon Rex, or the Cornish Rex may make much better decisions.

2. The Severity of the Pathology

Individuals with extreme cat allergic reactions are suggested to attenuate contact with cats, whatever the breed, as a result of fixed publicity might result in very critical well being points. Nevertheless, these affected by delicate to low-grade reactions have much better probabilities of with the ability to cohabitate efficiently with a hypoallergenic cat.

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