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How to Introduce Cats

Caymus and Murphy with Rags

Caymus and Murphy with Rags

The way to Introduce Cats

Initially revealed Feb 12, 2010

I typically get inquiries on the way to introduce cats – or perhaps a resident cat to a kitten.

It actually comes right down to the cats’ personalities – not their sexes.  Cats are like individuals. Some will get alongside and a few simply won’t ever get alongside. There are some issues you are able to do, as a accountable pet proprietor, to make the transition with a brand new cat a neater one.

So, you’ve gotten selected bringing one other furry feline pal into your own home. Now you’re asking, “How do I introduce cats to at least one one other?” The very first thing to recollect is that your cat goes to really feel like his or her space is being entrenched on. Attempt establishing a protected room in your new feline companion. Ensure that there are many hiding locations, a separate litter field, and separate meals and water bowls. Block the door by both shutting it or placing child gates up. For those who determine to make use of the child gates just remember to put them on the within of the door so you may as well shut the door.

Murphy on BedMurphy on BedIn truth, it’s in all probability greatest to permit the brand new addition to spend no less than 1-2 weeks in a room closed off out of your different cats or cat. The rationale for that is in order that the brand new cat loses the odor of his or her earlier residence and good points the odor of your personal, this can be a essential step in methods to introduce cats. In fact, your new cat will all the time have his or her distinct odor (that solely kitties can odor), however so far as fur, and so forth. is worried, it’s best for the brand new one to have your own home’s odor on it in addition to your odor on it. Additionally, you need to ensure that your new cat isn’t bringing any illnesses into the home and to your resident kitty. With a bit of endurance, you possibly can simply keep away from a catastrophe.

Attempt to not stress your new addition. Deliver them in a service and place the service within the protected room. Open the door and depart, giving them loads of time to discover the protected room on their very own–one other essential step in the way to introduce cats. Throughout this time your resident cat may sit out aspect the door and should sometimes hiss—smelling and listening to the brand new addition. Don’t fear this can be a regular response.

As soon as your resident cat has appeared to settle down a bit and doesn’t appear so within the protected room door you possibly can transfer to the subsequent step. This might take a day or two, however endurance is a advantage with regards to how you can introduce cats. Endurance is vital throughout this time since one dangerous response might trigger long run injury within the cats’ relationship.

The subsequent step is the best way to introduce cats to every others scents. Take a clear pair of socks or wash garments and rub every of the cats down with one. Make sure that to rub their facial space the place most of the scent glands are situated. Subsequent place the socks within the reverse cats space ensuring to avoid their litter field or meals and water bowls. This can be achieved by switching the cats’ space. Letting your resident cat have time smelling the protected room and your new cat have time smelling the home. It’s in all probability a good suggestion to take away the litter bins and meals and water bowls so there isn’t a exhausting emotions when the rooms are switched again. Cats are very delicate to different cat’s urine smells, so litterboxes are key parts within the how one can introduce cats course of. Make sure you introduce all smells.

Caymus and Murphy in the WindowCaymus and Murphy in the Window
Relying on how your cats react to this it could be time to maneuver to the subsequent step. Utilizing a child gate barrier it’s time to open the door and let the cats see one another. They may most undoubtedly be interested in one another. Watch their reactions to one another. If there’s any hissing or growling then it is very important take this step slowly.

As soon as the cats appear to be calm on the sight of one another it’s in all probability protected to introduce the 2. Make it possible for they’re supervised throughout this preliminary assembly. If there’s any issues throughout this time return a step, permitting them to view one another on reverse sides of the child gate. If issues go properly you’ll be able to permit them to spend longer and longer quantities of time collectively until they’re collectively full time. For the primary couple of weeks you may need to present two meals and water bowls and separate litter packing containers simply in case one decides to get territorial.

There isn’t any positive hearth method to inform if cats shall be buddies for all times. Like individuals there shall be some that simply don’t mesh. Sluggish introductions are an essential step in doing what you are able to do to ease the strain of the brand new addition.

Do you could have greater than 1 cat?  Did you introduce them to one another or did you get them on the similar time?  What are a number of the ideas and tips that labored for you?

Extra Info on Introducing Cats

Louann writes, “Powder every cat with child powder.  It helps them odor the identical initially.  The powder additionally helps relieve discomfort of spay stitches.”

Additionally attempt Feliway plugins or Pet Treatment plugins and even the Jackson Galaxy bully drops of their water for starters.

Further Studying – from discussions on Floppycats’ Fb:

Reader Ideas and Tips for The best way to Introduce Cats:

Submission from Joel – Nov 20, 2017

Hey Jenny !

I want to inform you our new kitten introduction story, in addition to supply my experiences introducing a brand new Ragdoll Kitten to a barely older Ragdoll kitten. (Leo and Shelby)

Once we introduced Leo residence, we knew that Ragdolls have been a social breed and appreciated companionship. The breeder that we obtained Leo from didn’t have some other kittens out there once we received him so we determined to attempt to get a feminine from a breeder that was nearer to Rochester. Leo’s breeder was about an hours drive away in Albany. We didn’t need to attempt to introduce a brand new kitten to Leo till after he was neutered, so we waited a couple of months till Leo had turned four months and was capable of be neutered. As soon as he was “snipped”, we instantly contacted Pams Doll home – a breeder close to Rochester that bought Ragdolls and Golden Doodle canine.
She had two bi-color females obtainable so we went to go to her residence and picked out Shelby. We waited one other two months till Shelby was sufficiently old to be spayed and able to be adopted. Whereas we waited we learn a lot of articles about introducing a brand new cat or kitten to an present cat – together with something you had on Floppycats in addition to all Jackson Galaxies movies coping with introducing cats right into a family.
We introduced Shelby residence and instantly quarantined her to our second flooring workplace and spare bed room :

introducing ragdoll kitten to ragdoll catintroducing ragdoll kitten to ragdoll cat

I took over caring for her for the primary week, sleeping upstairs together with her and protecting her entertained. She had her personal litter field, meals, and water up there with me.
However it was exhausting on Leo. He needed to play together with his new sister so badly !

introducing ragdoll kitten to ragdoll catintroducing ragdoll kitten to ragdoll cat

It was arduous to maintain the door closed and hold him from darting up the steps or Shelby from coming down the steps to see who was making all these trilling sounds beneath the door.

So after the primary week, we tried a number of brief, supervised interactions with Leo by letting him come upstairs. However he was a lot too huge and aggressive for Shelby. She was nonetheless very small and timid to play with Leo. She hid behind packing containers and beneath the futon, and cried. We carried Leo again downstairs and closed the door once more.

In search of ways in which would permit Leo and Shelby to work together WITHOUT direct contact (Leo tended to pile on prime of her after which bunny kick her mercilessly) we went to the pet retailer to see what that they had for blocking a canine from getting into a infants room when unsupervised.

We shortly realized that each one the canine gates had bars that have been method to far aside to maintain a decided skinny Ragdoll from squeezing by means of the bars to get the place he needed to go. We couldn’t discover something that might permit Leo and Shelby to see one another and odor one another whereas protecting them separated. We went again residence and Shelby returned to Isolation with me upstairs. However then the subsequent day – salvation ! A ladies that Tammy works with simply gave away a bunch of puppies from a litter her neighbor had and gave Tammy one thing that made all of the distinction !

What she gave her was a pet tent !

A pet tent is principally a nylon expandable mesh enclosure with springy wire frames round its edges. You fold it up right into a flat pancake, and whenever you pull it out of its storage bag it springs open into a pretty big enclosed area with zippered openings.

Its designed to let your pet play safely whereas preserving them out of hassle.
However guess what ? It’s also possible to use it for kittens !

What would occur if we put Shelby safely contained in the pet tent, and let Leo play, bounce round, and work together together with her safely OUTSIDE the tent ?
It labored nice !

do ragdoll cats get along with other catsdo ragdoll cats get along with other cats

We began out with Shelby within the tent, and Leo outdoors, for about 15 minutes every day. Leo would get very excited, and would bat and play with Shelby whereas she was safely inside. Shelby might see and odor and work together with him with out getting pinned and kicked by Leo.

We regularly labored every days interactions to about 1 hour. We additionally traded locations, by placing Leo within the tent and letting Shelby play outdoors in the lounge. After about two weeks of utilizing the tent, Leo and Shelby might keep collectively in the identical room with out Shelby getting dominated by Leo.

introducing ragdoll kitten to ragdoll catintroducing ragdoll kitten to ragdoll cat

We have been SO comfortable once they might lastly co-exist with out hurting one another.
Now we’re one comfortable household !

So to summarize, my ideas and tips for introducing a brand new cat or kitten to an present cat or an older kitten can be as follows :

  • You MUST take this course of slooooowly ……. Ragdolls could also be docile and dog-like, however they’re nonetheless a territorial animal. Particularly males, who might really feel threatened or aggressive towards one other cat or kitten who shouldn’t be a sibling.
  • You need to ISOLATE the brand new cat or kitten in its personal area, separate from the remainder of the home for the primary couple weeks. DO NOT “simply throw them collectively and allow them to work it out.”
  • There could also be hissing, growling, and spitting from the brand new cat or kitten or the prevailing cat, or each. Don’t fear an excessive amount of. This they’ll recover from in time.
  • Permit the brand new cat or kitten to odor beneath the door in addition to the prevailing cat or kitten. That is the beginning of the introductions.
  • When the 2 cats start to play “footsie” with one another underneath the door, you make progress. Enjoying footsie means they’re prepared for the subsequent step.
  • An excellent subsequent step can be to get a PUPPY TENT. Some pet shops carry these, or you will get them on-line from Amazon or Having the tent means now you can put one cat within the tent, and the opposite is outdoors. Each cats can now meet nose to nose with out with the ability to contact one another, and probably harm one another.
  • Maintain the direct conferences with the pet tent brief to start out with. Perhaps 10 minutes. Ensure these periods are supervised. If one cat will get too aggressive, or if one cat will get too confused (numerous hissing, sharp cries from a kitten, or extreme growling) separate the 2 once more and check out once more later.
  • Progressively work the session occasions within the tent longer and longer. You’ll know when its work is completed when one cat will get bored and begins ignoring the cat contained in the tent.
  • Now you’re able to attempt a nose to nose, un-restricted assembly. Be certain that these are additionally supervised. Be able to step in if issues get tough.
  • Don’t surrender if issues don’t go nicely the primary few weeks after permitting direct interactions. Leo did want a number of “TIME-OUTS” after permitting Leo and Shelby to share our complete home. Cats a really sensible. They know that undesirable conduct has penalties. We had to do that to Leo a number of occasions, however he discovered shortly that “Mauling the Shelby” meant that he can be banished to the bed room for an disagreeable 5 minutes. Once we let him again out he would behave.

Success Tales:

How to Introduce CatsHow to Introduce CatsSasha and Bailey

Colleen writes, “Sasha’s brother, Bailey, has arrived. We used your information on introducing a brand new cat. Seems to be to have been profitable! After 1 day solely, we made intros (Sasha was so curious concerning the new child so I adopted his lead) and now they’re inseparable.  Sasha requires Bailey and he comes operating. It validates each thought I’ve had for months that he wanted a kitty companion. Bailey got here house simply 6 days in the past….I used to be stunned Sasha got here round so shortly, however we did go at his tempo. Once I noticed his ears up and curious, we made preliminary intros via the door. Footage okay to share too. Sasha acts like a Mama cat with the child. It’s so candy.

Thanks once more for serving to with the transition!”

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