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TigeraCat Rescues

  • History:

Although it was established in October 1997, TigeraCat Rescues did not get its current name until October 2007. TigeraCat Rescues started out as a small group of everyday individuals who had a profound admiration for the planet we live on and even more profound affection for the animals that we share it with. Mrs. Larson, our organization’s founder, and director has been personally rescuing animals for over 20 years. Recently, with the support of her family, friends, and neighbors, she made the decision that it was finally time to expand her efforts. She saw a need for education and collaboration among people who love cats and other animals, those who work in shelters and rescue organizations, and community members everywhere, so she joined forces with other people who shared her views to make it happen in Iowa! TigeraCat Rescues was established with the kind and generous assistance of individuals all across the region, the country, and the globe JUST LIKE YOU!

  • Mission:

The mission of this organization is to educate the general public on the care, treatment, and welfare of animals, with a particular focus on felines, as well as to advocate and support the humane treatment, health, and welfare of animals.

  • Volunteers:

TigeraCat Rescues does not have any paid volunteers on its staff. All board members, administrators, & employees are VOLUNTEERS.

  • Funding:

All of TigeraCat Rescues’ operating expenses are covered by generous contributions. It does not get any subsidies or financing from the federal or state governments. Your support and contributions are what make it possible for us to save lives, and since we do not have any paid personnel, one hundred percent of the money you provide goes directly toward rescuing animals. Thank you very much!

  • Legal Information:

Citizens have the right to demand that their government not spend their tax dollars on programs and services that kill animals, but rather on programs and services that save and enhance the lives of animals and protect animals from cruelty. Citizens also have the right to full and complete disclosure about how animal shelters and other animal welfare organizations function.

We at TigeraCat Rescues want you to have as much information as possible on the cause you are helping to support. As a result, upon request, we will provide adoption numbers, euthanasia rates, live-release rates, and other relevant statistics, as well as annual financial summaries. Soon, we anticipate making the whole thing accessible over the internet. Send it to us in the meanwhile by just sending us an email, and we would be pleased to do so!

Incorporated, State of Iowa, Animal Welfare License, #9548, State of Iowa Dept. of Agriculture & Land Stewardship. IRS 501(c)3 Charity Status:  Effective May 26, 2009.

  • Why TigeraCat Rescues?

Traditional sheltering practices allow the mass killing of sheltered animals … Every year animal shelters in Iowa are killing thousands of healthy and treatable animals that could be placed in homes and thousands of feral cats that do not belong in animal shelters.

Unfortunately, over 70% of cats entering animal shelters are killed by people who believe there is no other way.  Over 80% of Americans believe that leaving a stray cat outside to live out its life is more humane than having the cat caught and killed, (, Alley Cat Allies, Inc., 2007).  Even in the hands of rescue workers, thousands of beautiful, undeserving cats are “humanely euthanized” every day!  Humane Societies and Animal Control Agencies, nationwide (including , here in Waterloo, IA) are being forced to euthanize (KILL) the adoptable & non-adoptable animals they diligently work to protect!  Many in our society have become discouraged by this practice & have turned away from these organizations because of the overwhelming kill rate.

Our community has long been concerned, frustrated, and discouraged by the actions of our local humane society and animal control.  It’s time to stand up, be heard, and make a change in the current pro-quo!

TigeraCat Rescues is NOT a traditional shelter, and is working with you to Stop The Killing!

  • By supporting TigeraCat Rescues you:
    • Promote TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return)
    • Promote low-cost spay/neuter Programs that decrease pet over-population and decrease the number of animals entering our current animal control/shelter/humane society.
    • Increase the number of animals getting quality veterinary care through the community’s well-established veterinarians!
    • Decrease resident & property-owner complaints to code enforcement and animal control in regards to damage and nuisance caused by outdoor cats.
    • Provide animal control and the humane society with the means to stop wasting time & money on complaints they can do nothing about and SAVE MORE ANIMALS, instead of uncessarily EUTHANISING them.
    • Save tax-dollars by providing more cost-effective ways to manage unwanted, homeless animals!
    • Create a friendlier community for all – Humans & Animals alike!

The Cedar Valley is in desperate need and TigeraCat Rescues is ready to expand to meet that need… with your help.


  • Become a VOLUNTEER —
  • Open your heart & home, become a TEMPORARY CAREGIVER –
  • DONATE time, money, or supplies to help us offer more services –
  • Spread the word!  Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, and community leaders!


  • What Does TigeraCat Rescues Do?

We provide assistance to ANYONE looking for help for cats or kittens that would otherwise be euthanized by local humane societies & animal control.

TigeraCat Rescues currently offers the following services:

  1. Discounted Micro-Chip ID services with free registration
  2. Discounted PetHealth Insurance
  3. Adoption Listing Services (list your adoptable pet with us and we’ll find it quality, loving home!)
  4. Adoption Services (Adopt your next cat or kitten through us and save a life!)
  5. Referral to quality, local veterinarians and providers of low-cost spay/neuter services.
  6. Referral to quality, No-Kill, rescues, shelters, & sanctuaries, etc.
  7. Educational materials in all things feline!
  8. Trap-Neuter-Return Assistance
  9. and More!

PAL Humane Society

20601 Hwy. 18 # 156
Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 240-6848
Fax (760) 240-6972

PAL was formed in October 1993 by a small group of people who were concerned about the well being of the unwanted animals of the Victor Valley. On February 4 the State of California and the Federal Government granted PAL their non-profit status.

PAL operated a low-cost spay/neuter clinic from 1995 to 1999. Our first year we spayed and neutered 3766 animals. PAL worked in conjunction with the City of Hesperia from 2000 to 2002 and transferred from their animal control facility over to PAL more than 2500 dogs and cats. Each one was spayed and neutered, vaccinated and adopted. Up until January 2005, PAL took in approximately 1100 animals per year. With 3 moves slowing down adoptions (one in September 2004 and another in January 2005, and our recent move July 2007), our focus has been on education, animal cruelty, and our Pet Connection program.  

In June 2009, in conjunction with ,  we began the first in the High Desert at the High Desert Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center (H.D.J.D.A.C.)  The program, aptly named, B.A.R.K., (Building Alliances Rehabilitating Kids) focus on teaching Youth at Risk humane treatment of animals and general animal care as well as an opportunity for those on “good behavior” to have hands on Dog Training classes.  Self esteem, responsibility, patience, love and compassion are just a few of the things these classes help to teach the kids.  

The prison program will expand to the Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville.  This program will be vocational in nature, the inmates will have an opportunity to earn various certificates such as Kennel Attendant, Animal Shelter Management, Dog Trainer etc.   In addition to classroom
activities, the inmates will assist PAL staff trainers in training rescued dogs, giving them obedience skills and good manners.  These dogs will then be re-homed into the community to “Forever homes”.

  • Our Goals:

PAL’s immediate goal is to help the community we serve with our current programs like The Pet , Community , and . Our long term goals are to establish a complete Humane Education Program and a spay/neuter assistance program. – For The Love Of Cats, Inc.

For the Love of Cats, Inc. is an organization dedicated to saving the lives of cats and kittens in our community. We are a no-kill, all-volunteer shelter and rescue group operating through the generous donations of the community members.

For more information, please go to

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