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Cat Biting – Why It Happens and How to Stop It

Why do cats bite?

Why do cats bite?

As any cat proprietor on the market is aware of, canine will not be the one ones that chew. Cat biting can come within the type of mild love bites or within the type of tough, sudden bites that may result in precise accidents. Actually, cats can develop into extraordinarily aggressive and their biting is nothing to be taken flippantly. Wounds brought on by cat biting could be critical and will all the time be handled correctly.

Since no cat proprietor needs to undergo this, every little thing aside from love bites is conduct that must be stopped. Cats can truly be educated out of biting through the use of some easy methods. Nevertheless, it’s excellent to coach kittens to not chew their masters, not even throughout enjoying, in order that this sort of aggressive conduct doesn’t come up when they’re adults. However to have the ability to practice a cat to not chew, it’s important that you simply perceive why it’s doing that within the first place. This offers you leverage in creating the perfect plan in your particular state of affairs.

Why do cats chew?

First off, biting is instinctive conduct for cats, so you need to by no means anticipate that you’ll practice your cat to cease biting. What you are able to do is to coach your cat to cease biting individuals. There are a number of varieties of conditions throughout which cats resort to biting. Every of those is tailor-made to its trigger.

1. Cat love bites vs Cat warning bites

Love bites are a singular approach of displaying affection, which ought to be cherished and appreciated. These are extra nibbles than bites. They don’t seem to be supposed to harm since they’re meant as one thing constructive. Cats often give them throughout particularly tender play periods with their masters.

Nevertheless, it is extremely necessary that house owners know tips on how to interpret their cat’s conduct. Love bites, that are a constructive factor can simply be confused with warning bites. Typically when petting a cat, even when it appears like it’s having fun with each second of it, you could be stunned to get bitten instantly.

One of these chew is a warning that it is best to cease petting the cat. This occurs as a result of cats get can get overstimulated when they’re petted, which turns it into an disagreeable and perhaps even painful expertise for them. Their response is a warning chew.

To differentiate love bites from warning bites, all you need to do is take note of the cat’s conduct as you pet her. For those who discover that it’s getting agitated, whether it is shifting its tail, or making lengthy meowing sounds, then it is best to look out for the warning chew. However, in case your cat is happy, fairly than agitated, then you might be getting one of many good love bites.

The way to Cease It

It isn’t as much as you to determine when a cat turns into delicate to your petting. What you are able to do to keep away from warning bites is to concentrate to the cat’s conduct. For those who discover it turning into more and more agitated, then it is best to in all probability cease earlier than you get bitten.

As for the love bites, take pleasure in them, but when they flip from nibbles to one thing extra painful, then it might be time so that you can put an finish to it. Even when it springs from one thing constructive, it is rather essential that you simply cease your cat each single time it bites you.

In the event you discover any indicators of stronger aggression, akin to dilated pupils or the ears leaned again, you need to know that your cat is able to battle. That is when you must dominate it to include the state of affairs. Cease and slowly transfer away from the cat whereas watching her.

2. Teething

The teething part kicks in when kittens lose their child tooth, which occurs at roughly 9 weeks. It lasts till the everlasting tooth are absolutely shaped, which occurs at 5-6 months. Throughout these months, kittens expertise gum sensitivity of varied intensities and even painful episodes, which is why they wish to chew on as many issues as they will.

A standard mistake that cat house owners make is to let their kittens chew them in the course of the teething part. Not solely is that this painful throughout these months, it additionally makes cats consider that that is regular conduct, which signifies that they’ll proceed to take action as adults.

How one can Cease It

Managing the teething part entails two important steps:

A. Enjoying with the appropriate toys
The necessity that kittens really feel to chew and chew on as many issues as they will in the course of the teething part is extraordinarily actual. For this reason it is rather necessary that they’ve the proper toys for this era. Chew toys will assist them cope with a lot of the disagreeable issues they really feel. It’s a must to play with them with the chew toys each day to interact them.

B. Chew-free enjoying
If you play together with your kitten, it’s more than likely going to resort to clawing and biting you. As quickly as this occurs, it’s a must to alert it and put the play session to an finish. Use a cue to alert it and use it each time the kitten bites you. Then, you need to develop into detached to the kitten’s makes an attempt to get you to maintain enjoying. This can function a lesson and it’ll keep in mind that biting makes you cease enjoying with it.

This consists of biting that you could be not contemplate painful as a result of your purpose ought to be to cease the conduct altogether. By no means let your cat use your fingers as toys as a result of it can develop as much as chew them as an grownup as properly. Whereas the coaching periods with the kittens could also be a bit tedious, they may forestall a lot of the following conditions, that are far harder to cope with.

three. Common biting when enjoying

Cats get to chew regularly if their house owners have allowed them to take action as kittens. Since that is considered regular, tolerated conduct, they’ll chew each time they play with their masters. This occurs when the interplay is initiated by the proprietor, but in addition when it the cat needs to play.

When the cats provoke the play session in an aggressive method, it might feel and appear like an assault. A typical state of affairs is when individuals have their ankles or ft bitten by their cats as they stroll round the home. That is referred to as play aggression and it’s instantly linked to the cat’s intuition to hunt. It should direct the power it has for searching in the direction of its house owners, which signifies that they may get bitten and scratched as a result of they’re handled as pray.

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Methods to Cease It


In case your cat assaults you in the home and bites your ft, then the very first thing it is best to deduct is that it isn’t getting sufficient consideration and undoubtedly not sufficient play time. Whereas it’d appear and feel like an assault, your cat is almost certainly enjoying with you, in a kind of aggressive method.

The most effective answer is to entertain your cat in a constructive approach. In case your cat is making an attempt to make up for all of the animals it isn’t searching within the wild, it’s as much as you to offer it some toy animals to hunt round the home and to oversee the method. Merely put, you need to play together with your cat each single day.

Use toys that may make your cat run and bounce after them. The toy will simulate their pray and they’ll let loose that searching power in a constructive means, which can hold them from biting and attacking. Some cat house owners complain that their cats don’t take pleasure in enjoying. What they need to think about is that they could haven’t discovered the fitting toy for his or her cat.

four. Sudden biting when enjoying

A quite common state of affairs that cat house owners come throughout is getting bitten whereas enjoying once they least anticipate it. The cat seems to be having fun with the time spent with the proprietor, and abruptly, it begins biting.

One of these conduct is often favored to traumatic occasions within the cat’s adolescence. Ragdoll cats that come from catteries might have been taken away from their mom and siblings too quickly or they could haven’t been socialized correctly.

As for adopted Raggies, there’s a probability that they’ve gone via trauma earlier than they discovered their house. If the biting occurs throughout petting, quite than enjoying, the cat could be defending a sure space as a result of it’s delicate not directly.

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The way to Cease It

The important thing to stopping this type of conduct is determining what’s inflicting it. Nevertheless, that isn’t all the time attainable. If that’s the case, the house owners can check out all the opposite strategies and see if there’s any enchancment. For instance, they will introduce extra play periods with numerous varieties of toys and stimulate the cat whereas educating to be bite-free.

If the cat resorts to biting solely when a sure delicate space is about to be touched, then it is very important get it to the vet. A full medical exercise can shed some mild on the matter as a result of it might reveal if there are any native points making the cat behave this manner.

four. Aggressive biting

Both of the conditions described above might escalate to aggressive biting when the cat attracts blood. On this state of affairs, the difficulty is dominance and the cat will attempt its hardest to say its spot because the alpha animal in the home.

Because of traumas from the previous or due to current emotional occasions for them, comparable to a welcoming a brand new member to the household or dropping one, cats might really feel the necessity to dominate their house owners. If they’re permitted to do that, then there’s going to be a justifiable share of biting concerned.

Please observe that when aggressive conduct comes up due to deep-rooted traumas, it’s far more troublesome to pinpoint the triggers and the event of the conduct.

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Easy methods to Cease It


Crucial factor that you must do is to reestablish your self because the dominant one. This doesn’t imply that you may be aggressive in any means with the cat, however it does imply that you must be as agency as attainable. Don’t use water sprays or newspapers as a result of these solely reinforce your cat’s aggressive conduct. Your goal is to dominate your cat, to not punish it.

Because of this you must converse in a agency voice and develop a cue to make use of each time after the biting takes place. Don’t shout on the cat, however maintain a agency voice. One other factor that may assist you to dominate your cat is to stare it within the eyes immediately and fiercely. Dominance is all concerning the angle, so it’s a must to personal your position 100%.

After the biting happens, say the cue you’ve got chosen, and ignore the cat utterly for a couple of minutes. This may even emphasize that the biting is the problematic conduct. As well as, in case your cat has not been neutered but, then it might be time so that you can make this step, particularly if in case you have a male cat. After they’re neutered, cats are often calmer and the aggression might subside.

Wounds Brought on by Cat Biting

More often than not, cats bites result in superficial wounds, however aggressive cats may cause critical accidents, so by no means underestimate them. Taking good care of cat chew wounds is extraordinarily essential, even when they don’t seem to be deep. Making use of disinfectant is completely essential, although you realize the whole lot concerning the cat’s setting.

You also needs to anticipate to really feel fairly a little bit of ache. When cats chew, they trigger puncture wounds, that are often accompanied by native irritation and bruising. In case you are bitten by a stray cat, an aged cat, or one with unknown whereabouts, it’s best to see a specialist. Cats have micro organism of their mouths, which they transmit when biting. This will result in native infections of the cat chew, which shouldn’t be ignored.

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