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Can Cats Have Allergies? – The Happy Cat Site Allergy FAQ

We answer all your questions on allergies in cats.

We answer all your questions on allergies in cats.

Can cats have allergic reactions?

We’re so used to considering of cats as issues we may be allergic to, that it’s straightforward to overlook that cats can endure allergic reactions of their very own.

However as a result of cats’ immune techniques work in the identical method as ours, they’re simply as weak as us to allergic reactions.

On this article we check out the widespread causes, signs and coverings of feline allergic reactions.

Can cat have allergic reactions?


And identical to our allergic reactions, they aren’t all the time what you may anticipate.

What’s an allergy?

Put merely, an allergy is when our immune system errors a innocent substance for one thing which may trigger illness.

After which tries to eliminate it.

The signs of allergic reactions are all simply outwardly seen outcomes of the immune system working at a mobile degree to get rid of one thing it doesn’t belief.

What are cats allergic to?

So we all know cats have allergic reactions, however what are they generally allergic to?

Can cats have allergic reactions to fleas?

What about issues that they eat?

Cats’ allergic reactions often fall into one in every of 5 classes, and a few are extra prevalent than others.

We’ll take a look at what these classes are, and what sort of substances fall into them.

#1 Flea allergy

Cat flea allergy is the most typical allergy in cats.

The allergic response is triggered by proteins within the fleas’ saliva once they chew.

how to help your allergic cat. Allergy causes, symptoms, treatment and preventionMost cats solely expertise somewhat itching and discomfort once they obtain a flea chew.

However for a flea-allergic cat, these bites are sufficient to result in intense and infuriating itching.

They attempt to relieve by extreme scratching, grooming and biting.

This conduct is distressing in itself, however it additionally damages the pores and skin, permitting bacterial an infection to get in.

It’s much more necessary with flea allergic cats to have a very good routine of flea remedies.

#2 Cat meals allergic reactions

The second commonest allergy in cats.

Cats are often allergic to the protein in meals, so the meat or fish, or grains like corn, which have protein elements.

Prepared made cat meals may additionally include artificial flavorings or preservatives which may can set off an allergic response.

Meals allergic reactions in cats aren’t all the time triggered by new meals.

Actually they typically develop over time to meals your pet has beforehand eaten for years with out hassle.

It’s not absolutely understood why this occurs, and various theories are nonetheless being examined and researched by scientists.

Restricted ingredient or hypoallergenic cat meals may assist you to to resolve the state of affairs.

An elimination food regimen, the place you narrow out components and progressively add them again in, will help to determine what the route trigger may be.

#three Inhalant allergic reactions

This implies an allergic response triggered by one thing the cat has inhaled within the air.

For instance pollen, mildew, mould spores or mud mites.

That’s proper, cats could be allergic to mud mites too!

Pollen allergic reactions are the feline equal of hay fever.

Relying which crops set off your cat’s pollen allergy, their signs can spike over every week or two annually, or final all summer time lengthy.

Inevitably pollen allergic reactions are extra widespread in outside cats, however even indoor cats could be vulnerable in mid-summer when the pollen rely is excessive.

Chat to your vet about their choices of antihistamines, to assist scale back your cat’s signs.

#four Contact allergic reactions

Have you ever ever touched one thing and immediately discovered your pores and skin pink, sore or barely swollen?

This occurs to our kitties too.

Contact allergic reactions happen when one thing touches your cat’s pores and skin and triggers an allergic response.

Widespread triggers of contact allergic reactions in cats are wool fibers in bedding, pet shampoos, some pesticides used on flea collars, and family cleansing merchandise.

#5 Antagonistic drug reactions

Typically, however very occasionally, cats endure allergic reactions to medicines.

Allergic reactions to flea remedies are a standard concern, however thankfully they aren’t a standard occurence.

Any drugs correctly prescribed by your vet may have been rigorously examined for security, so we don’t know but why cat’s immune techniques nonetheless react badly typically.

Allergy signs in cats

Allergic reactions can set off a variety of signs.

Totally different allergic reactions can have the identical signs. So sadly, you possibly can’t

Listed here are a number of the typical indicators of an allergic response

Extreme itching (“pruritis”)

Itching is widespread to virtually each allergic response.

Your cat may expertise it throughout their physique, or localized to at least one space.

Some cat allergies cause itching or skin irritation. Find out more in our guide: Can Cats Have AllergiesFor instance cats with flea allergic reactions are sometimes notably itchy on the base of their backbone and round their backside and hindquarters.

A cat which is itching so much will scratch and groom themselves extra steadily.

The primary indication you may get that one thing isn’t proper is should you discover your pet washing themselves extra typically or extra aggressively.

This may additionally end in sores or small scabs forming on the pores and skin if left unchecked.

Coughing, sneezing and wheezing

Irregular or uncomfortable respiration may be caused by any allergy, however cats struggling inhalant allergic reactions will often endure the worst..

Discharge from the eyes and nostril

Anybody with hay fever is aware of how this feels.

Runny nostril and eyes as well.

Look out for any discharge or crustiness which isn’t regular on your pet.

Ear infections

So as to add insult to damage, allergic reactions in cats typically make them extra weak to ear infections

And recurring ear infections could possibly be the results of an underlying allergy.

To acknowledge an ear an infection, look out for redness and irritation across the ear, and any black or yellow discharge or construct up of wax.

Vomiting, flatulence and diarrhea

As you may think, these signs are particularly widespread in cats with meals allergic reactions.

Though unidentified contact allergic reactions are additionally considered the offender behind many unexplained digestive issues.

How did my cat develop into allergic?

Allergic reactions aren’t hereditary, so there’s no method of predicting whether or not your kitten may have allergic reactions as they develop up.

For causes we don’t absolutely perceive but, some cats’ immune techniques start to react the fallacious option to beforehand innocent substances

This could occur at any time.

Some allergic reactions are merely an unavoidable a part of rising previous.

For instance as your cat ages itself respiratory system steadily weakens and turns into extra weak to bronchial asthma and inhalant allergic reactions.

Diagnosing cats with allergic reactions

I can’t stress this sufficient: to appropriately diagnose an allergy you MUST seek the advice of a vet.

It’s nearly inconceivable for you or I to appropriately diagnose a cat with allergic reactions.

It will be even more durable nonetheless (that’s more durable than inconceivable people) to precisely determine what they’re experiencing an allergic response to.

Firstly as a result of the signs of allergic reactions in cats are so broad that they might match the signs of many different illnesses too.

For instance the signs of a meals allergy may be triggered by a parasitic an infection.

Secondly as a result of lots of allergic reactions look the identical, so discovering out the set off requires specialised checks.

And thirdly as a result of the spontaneous nature of allergic reactions signifies that you or I’d simply overlook the probability of allergic reactions if nothing in our pet’s meals or surroundings has modified lately.

So in the event you suspect your cat has allergic reactions, or if they’re displaying any of the signs of allergic reactions described above, take them to your vet!

Testing for allergic reactions in cats

In case your cat has signs of allergic reactions, your vet will take an in depth medical historical past and carry out a radical bodily examination.

In the long run, some allergic reactions can solely be confirmed ruling all the things else out

So your vet may advocate checks specifically designed for isolating and figuring out allergic reactions.

These may embrace blood checks, pores and skin prick checks, or putting your pet on a hypoallergenic food regimen.

The supply of contact allergic reactions could be notoriously troublesome to determine.

Your vet may offer you an inventory of doubtless triggers.  And directions for eradicating them and reintroducing them at house to determine the wrongdoer.

Cat allergy remedy

As soon as your vet has recognized what’s triggering your pet’s allergy, they may advocate probably the most appropriate remedy.

In case your pet has a contact allergy to one thing simply avoidable – for instance a cleansing product you presently use in your house – then the remedy could also be so simple as stopping additional contact.

Likewise, a cat allergic to meals can often be handled by eliminating the meals accountable out of your cat’s food plan.

You may be capable of obtain this by buying prepared made cat meals for cats with allergic reactions.

Or your vet may advocate getting ready meals from scratch at residence.

If this occurs, all the time comply with your vet’s recommendation to ensure your pet receives a wholesome and full food regimen.

Allergy drugs for cats

To convey a extreme allergic response underneath management your vet might prescribe steroids. Steroids work by decreasing the irritation brought on by the immune system.

As ointments they may also help the pores and skin heal in case your cat has a flea allergy or contact allergy. Taken orally or by injection they will ease respiration difficulties.

Fortunately, cats don’t expertise the opposed unwanted effects to steroids that we people do.

Which means they can be used over the long run to guard your cats towards allergens they will’t escape from (like mud mites).

Some vets additionally present allergy photographs for cats with inhalant allergic reactions.

These expose your cat to tiny quantities of the allergenic substance, and the goal is to reprogram their immune response.

Allergy photographs don’t all the time work.

Round half of cats take pleasure in a superb response, and an extra quarter have some luck, however the remaining quarter don’t react in any respect.

Keep in mind: solely ever use allergy treatment for cats which has been correctly prescribed by a vet.

Can I forestall my cat getting allergic reactions?

As we’ve seen, most allergic reactions come up spontaneously to substances which have by no means bothered your cat earlier than. And we’re unsure why.

So sadly there’s nothing you are able to do to cease them materializing within the first place.

Nevertheless, as soon as the substance which triggers your pet’s allergy has been recognized, there’s a good risk that it is possible for you to to stop future allergic reactions.

Or no less than scale back their severity, by stopping your cat coming into contact with the set off.

Cat allergy cures

Relying how delicate your cat is, inhalant allergic reactions to mud mites, mildew or pollen may be managed by common hoovering and cleansing at house.

And by washing your cat’s bedding frequently.

In case your cat is allergic to pollen, use the native climate forecast to watch the pollen rely in summer time. You must attempt to hold your pet indoors on days when the pollen rely is excessive.

A cat with a flea allergy will obtain loads of safety from a daily flea remedy program really helpful by your vet.

There are additionally steps you’ll be able to take at house to maintain the flea inhabitants as little as potential. Yow will discover out extra about cat this in our article Cat Fleas and Flea Remedies for Cats and Kittens.

Be ready to attempt numerous totally different techniques to see what helps your pet.

Allergens constructed up in your pet’s system can take as much as twelve weeks to be eradicated.

So everytime you attempt are new prevention, you have to keep it up for twelve weeks to see if it really works.

Can cats have allergic reactions?


Cats expertise many allergic reactions in precisely the identical means people do.

They will make us fairly depressing, and there’s typically plenty of trial and error earlier than we pin down what brought on them, and what’s efficient for treating them.

It may be an extended street, however your pet will thanks for persevering!

In human and animal drugs there’s nonetheless rather a lot to study why allergic reactions occur. And about find out how to deal with or suppress them.

It’s a extremely lively subject of analysis, which hopefully means the potential of ever simpler remedies sooner or later.

How about your cat?

Does your cat have allergic reactions? Did you wrestle to determine the trigger? Please share your experiences with us within the remark part.

“In the present day’s article is by Sarah Holloway. Sarah holds a bachelors diploma in Zoology and has a particular curiosity in animal conduct and communication”

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