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British Blue Cat – A Complete Guide to the British Shorthair Blue

british blue cat

british blue cat

The British Blue cat, or the British Shorthair Blue, is greater than what she appears.

A mellow, calm cat with a thick, brief coat, she is definitely a special colour variant of the British Shorthair, relatively than belonging to a separate breed.

These husky, muscular cats vary in weight from 9 to eighteen kilos, and are usually fairly wholesome.

Although they is probably not as demonstrative as some cats, and don’t sometimes like sitting in laps or being held, they’re nonetheless very hooked up to their people.

With somewhat extra info on this article, you could very properly determine that the British Blue cat is the right pet for you!

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British Blue FAQs

Our readers’ hottest and incessantly requested questions concerning the British Blue cat.

British Blue Breed Evaluation: Contents

What Is A British Blue Cat?

In case you are a cat fanatic, then you might be extraordinarily acquainted with a few of the commonest cat breeds.

Nothing screams distinctive like a Devon Rex or a Sphynx. Nevertheless, the tried and true breeds just like the British Shorthair or the British Blue are a few of the extra refined, conventional kitty choices.

british blue cat

In the event you actually simply need an cute and beloved household feline with a cute face and large spherical cheeks, then you definitely’ll virtually undoubtedly have an interest within the British Blue.

This pleasant breed is very clever and sometimes very eager on her human companions.

British Blue Historical past

The British Shorthair, British Blue, or the British for brief, is the primary cat fancy breed. Harrison Wier, an artist born in 1824, is credited because the creator of the breed normal.

Wier additionally organized the primary cat present within the UK, which befell in 1871 and featured the British Blue. He additionally based one of many first nationwide feline organizations.

Earlier than the rise of the standardized British Shorthair, it’s speculated that the British Shorthair has its origins in Egyptian cats, which have been ultimately introduced over to England by Roman invaders.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t till later, across the starting of the nineteenth century, that there was a give attention to selectively breeding to develop the British Blue.

Whereas the British Shorthair is the only oldest European cat breed, the breed was virtually utterly worn out throughout World Conflict II. As a consequence of this, the cats have been bred with home shorthairs, longhaired Persians, Russian Blue cats, and different breeds to save lots of the British Blue cats from dying out.

That is one purpose why the coloring is assorted. Nevertheless, most of the bodily traits of the cat are similar to their ancestors from the 1800s.

british blue cat

Within the 1970s, the British Shorthair was formally acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers Affiliation and The Worldwide Cat Affiliation.

Whereas there are variants on shade within the precise British Shorthair breed, the British Blue cat is the preferred.

British Blue Character

In case you are described as enjoyable and straightforward going, then the British Blue cat is the fitting pet for you.

These felines are described as heat, calm, and affectionate. Nevertheless, the cats are not often thought-about “lap cats.” You possibly can anticipate your feline to take a seat near you, however not on prime of you.

british blue cats

Though you might discover your feline pal following intently behind you as you stroll.

These cats have considerably meek voices in comparison with their cousins. However they do have massive personalities and a love of youngsters and different animals.

Whereas most British Blues are mellow and calm, grownup males are typically a bit extra energetic. Don’t be stunned in case you see a robust case of the zoomies in your feline.

British Blue Temperament

This power additionally carries over into the searching division, even on the subject of the extra mild and laid again cats.

This is probably not surprising whenever you understand that the breed was initially developed from British barn cats.

As a pure protector of the barn, your feline shall be a superb mouser. If rodents are usually not a priority in your house, then it’s sensible to introduce some teaser toys to your feline’s setting.

However these cats shouldn’t be aggressive to their human household, or in the direction of different cats.

Can British Blue Cats Go Outdoors?

British Blue cats are typically unbiased, robust, and wholesome. Additionally they have a robust intuition to catch small prey.

If the surroundings round your own home is protected for cats, then your British Blue might very nicely need to spend a substantial amount of time outdoors. And that must be high-quality, so long as you have got the area to maintain your cat protected.

With a robust mousing intuition like that of a British Blue, remember that their searching might minimize down on how a lot cat meals they want. These cats can have a tendency towards weight problems, so it’s necessary that they get sufficient train and don’t eat to extra.

For extra info on the dialogue on outside vs. indoor cats, check out this text.

British Blue Weight

British Blue cats are massive and hefty, with broad, robust muscular tissues.

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This musculature provides density to the cat’s physique. When you have ever heard the saying, “muscle weighs greater than fats,” you then is probably not stunned that the hefty breed weighs a whopping 18 kilos on the heavier finish.

british blue kitten

Lighter felines are nonetheless more likely to weigh about 9 kilos. Whereas that is a mean weight for British Blue cats, you do want to concentrate on weight problems points. Because the cats are a bit calmer and extra sedentary, you might ultimately see fairly the fats cat in your house.

So it’s necessary to maintain up in your cat’s well being and food regimen, to thrust back the potential well being points that come together with carrying an excessive amount of weight.

British Blue Colours And Coats

Because the identify implies, an ideal many British Shorthair felines have the distinctive deep blue-gray coloring. Nevertheless, the cats also can vary in colour from lilac, white, chocolate, black, to mild grey.

The patterns of those cats differ as nicely. They function strong, tabby, smoke, calico, and patched.

If you would like a extra conventional British Blue, then it is best to know there are all kinds of phrases used to explain the blue coloring you want.

Some widespread names embrace strong blue, slate grey, and maltese. Blue may also be used to explain a light-weight grey colour, so the time period might check with a medium or lighter grey as an alternative of the darker blue-gray.

british blue cat

Relating to hair colour, an image may be value a thousand phrases. Particularly in case you are on the lookout for that distinctive blue grey toned feline from out of your native breeder.

British Blue Hair Size

On the subject of hair size, the British Blue cat has some extra variation to select from.

The most typical of the breed are shorthair cats, and these are those which are most intently associated to their unique ancestors, regardless that the gene pool was expanded to incorporate Russian Blue and Chartreux felines.

In an try and maintain the British Blue breed alive and nicely, and with its unique telltale colour, a few of the cats have been bred with Persians. That is the place the British Longhair comes from.

These cats have the identical “teddy bear” options because the shorthair varieties, however they’ve the longer hair of a Persian cat.

Grooming Your British Blue

Most cats of this breed are, as their identify implies, short-haired. The plush, thick coat of the British Shorthair Blue shouldn’t require a lot grooming.

Though, in fact, all cats do nicely with a brush down from time to time! And it may be essential to get your kitten used to this at an early age.

Brush your cat a few times every week to maintain up with unfastened hair. When the heavy coat is shed within the spring, they may want extra frequent brushing.
british blue kittens

In case you are involved concerning the potential grooming points concerned with the British Longhair, the excellent news is that the hair is extra medium or medium-long because of the genetic combine that makes up the feline.

This requires a bit much less grooming and much much less hassle with knots and tangles.

British Blue Shedding

The British Shorthair is just not a high-shedding breed.

Some maintenance is required to stop surplus hair from being left in all places — from furnishings to clothes — particularly throughout spring.

Nevertheless it shouldn’t be too onerous of a process.

Are British Blue Cats Hypoallergenic?

Most individuals equate “hypoallergenic” with “non-shedding.” However the fact about that’s that there are not any cats that don’t shed. Even “hairless” cats, just like the Sphynx, can have “down” and shed.

What hypoallergenic actually means, based on one dictionary, is “comparatively unlikely to trigger an allergic response.” So it’s true that lower-shedding cats are “hypoallergenic” on this sense.

And British Blues are a lower-shedding cat.

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Nevertheless, anybody can develop allergic reactions to any cat, if the circumstances set off it. So whereas British Blue cats are low-shedding and could also be categorized as hypoallergenic, there’s actually no solution to assure that they won’t trigger any sort of allergic response in everybody.

British Blue Well being Issues

British Blues have a reasonably broad or assorted gene pool in comparison with different cat breeds. Whereas some cat fanciers might flip their nostril up at this kind of variance, it’s a excellent factor if you need a cheerful and wholesome feline good friend.

When gene swimming pools are smaller, this amplifies sure defects. Whereas many defects and critical genetic anomalies are carried on recessive genes, it’s possible for these genes to double up in future generations when gene swimming pools are smaller. This may end up in considered one of three varieties of anomalies that embrace deadly, impairing, and beauty varieties.

One such anomaly is the presence of a uncommon blood sort in your British. Whereas most cats have sort A blood, many British cats have sort B blood. Whereas this doesn’t result in a critical well being situation by itself, it could possibly create an emergency state of affairs in case your feline wants a direct surgical process. Principally, your veterinarian might not have the blood sort available.

A easy blood check and a descriptive observe in your cat’s chart may also help to scale back future issues. If you wish to assist different felines with the uncommon blood sort, then you possibly can even go so far as setting your cat up as a blood donor.

Your vet can inform you extra about this, and you must know that your cat might want to meet sure well being necessities to offer blood.

Different potential inheritable well being issues for British Shorthair Blue cats embrace:

  • Coronary heart illness
  • Arterial thromboembolism
  • Polycystic Kidney Illness
  • Cataracts
  • Neonatal Isoerythrolysis
  • Deafness

Obese British Blue Cats

Even with that listing of potential issues, it’s extra possible that your cat could have a weight difficulty as her main concern.

Relating to the overall cat inhabitants, about 50% of all cats seen by veterinarians are obese, based on the Cornell College School of Veterinary Drugs.

Since British Blues are broad and muscular, it may be arduous to find out whether or not your feline is muscular or overweight.

Ask your veterinarian concerning the physique situation scoring system. This technique is utilized by many animal professionals to evaluate weight, and it may be used at house that will help you determine weight points earlier than they trigger well being points.

Like different cats, overweight British Blues can develop diabetes. Actually, chunkier felines could also be as a lot as 4 occasions extra more likely to type diabetes than ones with a wholesome weight.

General, British Shorthairs of all colours are sometimes one of many healthiest breeds.

Nevertheless it’s necessary to regulate your cat, take note of variations in conduct that recommend she is probably not feeling nicely. And when unsure, all the time play it protected and go to your vet.

British Blue Lifespan

Everybody needs their beloved pet to stay ceaselessly. And often, cats can stay fairly a very long time.

The British Blue is not any exception.

Because of the giant gene pool of the breed and few general well being issues, you possibly can anticipate your lovable teddy bear confronted good friend to reside 14 to 20 years.

Caring For Your British Blue

Since weight problems is the primary drawback dealing with a British Blue, caring in your cat will certainly embrace monitoring her consuming habits!

Nevertheless it’s additionally good to take preventative measures. Although British Blues are typically laid-back, pretty chill animals, they’re nonetheless cats. And that signifies that they will typically be engaged with a toy.

Enjoying together with your cat each day will assist her to get the train she must maintain her weight at a manageable degree. It’s going to additionally deepen the bond between you.

British Blue Meals

Keep in mind, in case your cat is outdoors, she could also be including to her food regimen with the prey she catches. So take that under consideration when deciding how a lot to feed her.

Analysis signifies that a dry meals eating regimen can will increase dangers in cats who’re already prone to diabetes. So you could need to take into consideration switching your British over to a moist meals eating regimen as an alternative of a free-fed dry one.

And, as all the time, it’s a good suggestion to seek the advice of together with your vet on the perfect sort of meals and the way a lot to feed your British Blue.

Are British Blue Cats Good Pets?

So far as kitties go, British Blue cats are perfect for each households and quiet houses.

When you’ve got a household, you then’ll discover your cat might be unlikely to favor one member over one other. This will actually minimize down on harm emotions if in case you have a number of youngsters.

Nevertheless, don’t let your cat’s mellow character idiot you.

Analysis exhibits that cats do take pleasure in social interplay with their people greater than they want toys or meals. So be certain that to offer your feline all the eye and play time he can get.

Whereas cuddles are a sensible choice, don’t decide up your British Blue cat.

These cats are sometimes described because the dignified Winston Churchill creatures of the cat world. They take pleasure in holding all 4 ft on the bottom.

British Blue Breeders

There are a number of assets you should use to seek out British Blue breeders. The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) is one such useful resource.

It’s also possible to search for The Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation emblem on breeder web sites. Their emblem signifies that the breeder is in good standing with the affiliation. It additionally means the breeder has registered a minimum of one litter with the CFA inside the final two years.

In fact, your vet can also be an amazing useful resource relating to discovering a good breeder.

Make certain to keep away from pet shops and different disreputable sources that don’t put the well being and welfare of their animals above a fast payday. The breeder ought to carry out well being checks of the mother and father and every kitten, and concentrate on the significance of socialization.

Should you do determine to go together with a breeder, then it is best to select your British Blue kitten rigorously. British cats are on the calmer aspect. So you could need to select one of many livelier kittens. That is particularly if in case you have youngsters or different pets within the residence who might need to play.

There are only a few different issues to remember as properly. Ensure that the eyes and nostril are clear with no discharge. Ears must be clear, and the mouth ought to present mild pink gums. The physique ought to be symmetrical, with no lumps, sores, or matted hair.

British Blue Kittens

In fact, when you’ve introduced the kitten residence, the journey is simply getting began!

Selecting a kitten from a good breeder will give her the absolute best begin in life. However now it’s as much as you because the pet dad or mum to be sure that this good begin doesn’t go awry!

All pet mother and father must be well-educated on issues like litter field coaching, correct socialization, and the way to deal with a biting kitten.

And if in case you have extra questions — and also you in all probability will! — the Pleased Cat Handbook accommodates every little thing that it is advisable to know on elevating a kitten to be a cheerful, wholesome grownup.

Rescuing A British Blue

Should you determine to rescue a cat, there are a number of advantages.

  • First, it is possible for you to to inform extra concerning the particular person cat’s character.
  • Second, adoption charges are often a lot lower than a breeder.
  • Third, shelter or rescue cats often have a well being checkup and are given their photographs.
  • And lastly, and most significantly, you’re offering a house to a cat in want!

That being stated, there are only a few devoted British Blue cat rescues that may be contacted for adoptions. Because the felines are wholesome, affectionate, and calm, they don’t pose a few of the similar issues as others breeds that make them susceptible to abandonment.

If you understand of another rescues that target British Shorthairs, please tell us within the feedback!

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British Blue Mixes

In case you are not serious about paying a small fortune in your feline and when you can’t discover a rescue, then you possibly can go together with a cat cross, a mixture, or a hybrid.

In probably the most primary sense, a combined cat could also be one thing like a purebred British bred with a standard home cat.

This feline might not have its papers declaring it a purebred, however in case you are actually in search of the cutesy face and laid again character of the British Blue cat, then this can be an awesome choice for you.

You even have the choice of on the lookout for a hybrid feline. In terms of home hybrids, the California Spangled is what you ought to be on the lookout for.

This cat is a Manx, Siamese, British, and feral cat hybrid and has the distinctive chubby and teddy bear face of the British Blue.

Sadly, the California Spangled is a more moderen and rarer breed. Which means, in the intervening time, the cat could also be approach out of your worth vary.


Execs And Cons Of Getting A British Blue


  • Tendency to turn into obese
  • As a hunter, might convey prey to the home
  • Doesn’t wish to be picked up
  • Can typically be aloof
  • Lengthy haired variants require some extra grooming


  • Household pleasant
  • Has a smooth voice
  • Usually straightforward to groom
  • Clever
  • Very wholesome

Ought to I Get A British Blue?

British Blues are cute, calm, and wholesome cats. Not solely are the felines an excellent selection for households, however they do nicely with different pets and with single house owners too.

The British felines are fairly widespread as properly, so that you certainly won’t have hassle finding one. However your veterinarian might help you if you wish to find probably the most respected breeder attainable.

Do you might have your personal British Blue cats or are you looking for the cat with probably the most pinchable cheeks? Tell us within the feedback under.

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