Animal Airways Presents Safe Alternative To Cargo Pet Travel By Flying Pets With Owners

The Company’s Pet-Flight Management service provides coverage for all modes of transportation, which enables clients and their animals to travel in an environment that is both secure and uncomplicated while simultaneously lowering associated expenses.

Animal Airways, the first global pet-flight management provider for safe and simple family travel, made the announcement today that it will extend its Pet-Flight Management Service to all methods of flight. This will allow customers to travel with their pets in an environment that is both safe and simple, while also reducing the overall cost of the trip significantly.

According to the statistics, around 200,000 animals are transported by air each year inside the borders of the United States alone. Dogs make about 70 percent of the total population, the vast majority of which are transported by freight.

Animal Airways has developed services for all methods of flight provided by international airlines, including Cargo, Checked Baggage, and In-Cabin, to make it possible for families to select the mode of transportation that best meets their needs in terms of comfort, security, and financial considerations.

Customers who ship their animals as cargo must pay hefty fees to clear customs and cover the cost of plane travel. When a pet is sent by cargo, the owner and pet arrive at their destination on separate flights, and sometimes even in different ports. The length of time the pet must wait before being let out might vary. Alternative modes of transportation are likely to be less expensive overall, in addition to being safer for animals and more convenient for their owners.

According to Dr. Eytan Kreiner, Head Veterinarian of Animal Airways, “We feel strongly that families who wish to fly together with their pets should be able to do so – and get professional guidance as they go through this complex process.” “Most people do not have the time or know what questions to ask in order to travel safely with their pets,” We are delighted to be in a position to be of assistance to them.

The goal of Animal Airways’ Pet-Flight Management service is to offer families with the most secure and hassle-free mode of transportation possible by capitalising on the airline’s extensive experience and knowledge in the field of pet travel. Customers are guided by a team of flight advisors and veterinarians through the process of selecting flight plans, complying with rules, preparing necessary papers, and preparing kennels.

In addition to their management service, the organisation can accommodate any and all of a family’s travel requirements by providing ground handling services, ticketing, and shuttle services.

About Animal Airways

Animal Airways is already redefining the way families in 20 different countries travel with their pets, and it was founded by a veterinarian who had the goal of making family travel pet-friendly. Families from all over the globe are taking their cats, dogs, and other pets with them on vacation together and having a great time since the process is so easy and safe. Please visit for any more inquiries.

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