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American Wirehair Cat – Your Complete Guide from The Happy Cat Site

american wirehair cat

american wirehair cat

The American Wirehair cat is an uncommon breed of home cat with dense, springy and barely crimped fur. The Wirehair is a medium sized cat, with a candy, calm temperament and is available in a variety of colours.

As a comparatively new breed , it may be arduous to seek out all the knowledge you want in a single place, however this text has all of it!

We’ll take a look at the historical past behind the American Wirehair cat breed, and talk about its seems, well being, and character.

All so you understand precisely what you’re getting should you determine to purchase an American Wirehair kitten.

This analysis is a good way to be sure to’re getting a cat that may go well with your loved ones, and a great way to be sure to’re selecting the most effective breeder!

To start out issues off, let’s take a look at the historical past of the American Wirehair!

What’s an American Wirehair cat?

american wirehair cat

American Wirehair cats, as you’ll be able to in all probability guess from their identify, originate in America!

Particularly, from a litter born at Council Rock Farm in New York again in 1966.

The mother and father of this litter have been odd, normal-coated home shorthairs, however a genetic mutation induced one of many kittens to be born with wiry hair and crimped whiskers!

This kitten was given to a neighbor of the farm house owners, who bred it on to supply extra kittens with an identical, coarser coat.

The rise of the American Wirehair cat

The gene that provides American Wirehairs their uniquely thick, steel-wool like fur is dominant.

Because of this if an American Wirehair has kittens with any one other cat, the litter might include some, or all, wirehair kittens.

So it was fast and straightforward to breed additional American Wirehair, and the breed is now gaining reputation throughout America and different nations, like Canada.

It’s beloved for its distinctive fur, which may seem crimped, giving it a a lot totally different look to different cats!

Wirehair cat traits

American Wirehair cats appear similar to the American shorthair at a primary look, however their coat distinguishes them.

They’re medium-sized cats, inbuilt a distinctly common cat form (not that that’s any dangerous factor!)

The primary function that distinguishes the American Wirehair breed is their steely fur, though the diploma of coarseness can differ.

Simply because the cat’s coat is wiry doesn’t imply that it isn’t delicate like different breeds!

American Wirehairs nonetheless have delicate fur, however it’s going to spring again into place as soon as touched.

All kinds of coat colours

Though the fur of the American Wirehair breed will all the time be wiry and crimped, it could actually differ massively in colour and sample.

Most American Wirehairs have brief, thick fur, however sometimes they’re bred to have longer coats, particularly if they’re for use in exhibits.

Their fur can come within the full spectrum of colours, so that you’re spoilt for selection.

If there’s a specific sample or shade you would like, you may have the ability to discover precisely what you need if you’re looking for a kitten!

American Wirehair cat character

The personalities of American Wirehairs imply they’re an amazing breed selection for households with youngsters

They’re comparatively calm cats, and sometimes very straightforward going, which is a part of what makes them so good with youngsters.

Nevertheless, they do even have a playful streak, and are clever cats, so are more likely to exhibit an inherent curiosity concerning the world round them.

This playful, energetic streak additionally extends to their searching instincts.

Your American Wirehair will take pleasure in roaming round outdoors searching birds and different small creatures, or attacking its toys whereas it performs with them!

Wirehair cat well being

A cautious breeding programme, has helped to make sure that that is up to now, a comparatively wholesome breed.

Which with a bit of luck means your American Wirehair may have much less medical care over the course of their life than another breeds with a excessive fee of inherited illnesses.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that your American Wirehair cat won’t ever fall sick.

Genetic well being

American Wirehairs are nonetheless fairly uncommon and this isn’t excellent with regards to genetic well being.

A research revealed within the Journal of Feline Drugs and Surgical procedure in 2015 discovered that crossbred cats have a better longevity than purebred cats.

This isn’t shocking as small populations all the time improve the danger of latest illnesses showing and American Wirehair breeders must be aware of this over the approaching years.

Common healthcare

Simply because inherited illnesses haven’t but been acknowledged within the breed, it doesn’t imply each cat is assured a full wholesome life.

You need to nonetheless be careful for something uncommon in your cat’s conduct and keep common checks together with your vet.

You’ll additionally have to take some steps to make sure that your cat’s pores and skin stays wholesome and free from an infection (see grooming part)

Stopping sickness and accidents

Common vaccinations are necessary, even for cats that reside indoors.

Earlier than you determine whether or not or to not let your cat benefit from the outside world, it’s necessary to have them neutered.

Kittens can begin breeding at an early age, have a number of litters a yr, and usually tend to stray and get into fights than neutered cats.

Do verify on the forms of predators in your location. In some elements of the world outside cats are weak to giant birds, coyotes and different bigger predatory animals

Though this breed has no recognized hereditary well being points to date, it does have some essential grooming necessities that any potential house owners ought to concentrate on

The subsequent part will cope with these wants in additional element.

American Wirehair grooming

The pure fur of the ancestors of our home cats is brief, dense and has a reasonably weatherproof floor.

This ‘pure’ fur sort continues to be the default in most cats and wishes little or no care and a spotlight from people.

Nevertheless, once we breed cats with totally different or uncommon forms of fur we danger disrupting the pure order of issues and purebred cats with particular fur, typically want particular care and might be susceptible to pores and skin issues.

As a result of American Wirehair cats have thicker, coarser fur than different breeds, their fur must be taken care of.

Regardless of the thickness of particular person fur strands, American Wirehairs have delicate coats, they usually must be handled with care.

The kinks within the particular person hairs can depart them vulnerable to breakage, so your cat’s fur turns into sparser than regular, even for an American Wirehair!

Taking care of an American Wirehair cat’s pores and skin

A number of the most important points American Wirehairs can have concern their pores and skin: many American Wirehairs are vulnerable to delicate pores and skin, and even oily pores and skin.

To deal with these issues, it is best to gently and commonly bathe your cat with a light, vet-recommended shampoo.

This can be a higher answer than brushing your American Wirehair, as brushing its fur may cause additional breakage.

Pores and skin sensitivity may also imply that these cats are weak to sunburn if they’re left outdoors unprotected towards the solar.

Cleansing an American Wirehair cat’s ears

Moreover, the thick hair can result in an extreme buildup of wax in your cat’s ears.

If this occurs it is best to use a cotton bud to softly take away additional wax.

Your vet can present you one of the simplest ways to do that in case you’re apprehensive about hurting your kitty’s ears!

American Wirehair lifespan

The lifespan of American Wirehairs will range relying on every cat, so it’s troublesome to pin the lifespan to a precise yr.

Nevertheless, they’re recognized to stay anyplace from 14 – 20 years – an identical lifespan to American Shorthairs!

This makes them an amazing selection for households that need a cat that can be a long-term pet, one that may develop into part of the household itself!

This potential lifespan means you have to be ready to personal and look after a cat for a very long time!

American Wirehair kittens

American Wirehair kittens are often bought between twelve and sixteen weeks of age.

These kittens will already be displaying their wiry fur, typically even wanting as if their fur is crimped!

American Wirehair kittens can are available quite a lot of colours, and this could be a large issue that influences your selection!

The patterns on their fur, and its colour, will rely upon the traits they inherit from their dad or mum cats.

American Wirehair worth

In the event you’re liking the sound of American Wirehairs as a selection on your new pet up to now, it is advisable to get thinking about how a lot it should value to get one!

Like another breed of cat, you will want to be ready to pay for any vet appointments, inoculations, flea remedy and worming.

And don’t overlook cats additionally want meals, toys and bedding.

As soon as you already know you’re capable of present all of this, you’ll have to know the worth of a kitten!

Usually, the worth of American Wirehair kittens can vary from as little as $800, to as a lot as $1200.

This worth will often rely upon the breeder you select, however that you must keep in mind a excessive worth doesn’t essentially assure a wholesome, completely happy kitten.

You’ll all the time have to put a little bit of analysis into the breeder you select and the situation of that cats they use – we’ll cowl this within the subsequent part.

American Wirehair breeders

When selecting a breeder from which to get your American Wirehair, you need to by no means be afraid to analysis them!

Don’t be embarrassed to ask a breeder for references and testimonials – they’ll be completely happy you requested!

An excellent breeder will love to listen to that you’re dedicated to being a great cat father or mother.

If you go to them, take a look at the circumstances the father or mother cats and kittens have been stored in.

The litter’s mom ought to clearly be a well-loved household pet, in good well being, and who is aware of their very own identify.

Is an American Wirehair cat proper for me?

Any cat – even the straightforward going and strong American Wirehair – is an enormous dedication.

The Happy Cat Handbook

American Wirehair cats are fairly people-oriented, they usually thrive with interplay and a spotlight.

They may not be the only option in the event you and your loved ones are all out at work all week, or shall be spending giant quantities of time travelling away from house.

If they’re left to get bored and lonely in the course of the day, you may discover if you get house that the enjoyable they’ve created to cross the time was quite damaging!

If in case you have different pets, you don’t have to rule out the American Wirehair – this breed’s easygoing nature extends to its nature round different animals.

Most significantly, you need to be sure to have sufficient time to decide to preserving your cat’s fur well-groomed and taken care of.


In case you assume you possibly can present the American Wirehair with the appropriate surroundings for a cheerful life, and to take care of its distinctive fur, it seems like this breed is ideal for you!

What is an American Wirehair cat? - Cat breed review.

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How did you discover taking care of their coat?

Do you will have any ideas for individuals who want to convey an American Wirehair into their household?


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