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A Complete Guide to the Unique Siberian Forest Cat

siberian cat

siberian cat

This text will inform you all concerning the lovely Siberian cat. You’ll discover ways to look after them, what issues house owners should face, and what’s so particular about them.

The Siberian cat additionally referred to as the Siberian forest cat, is an adventurous and athletically constructed cat who possesses a mild and affectionate disposition.

They’re a medium to giant breed, weighing anyplace from 12 kilos to 25 kilos, and have a dense semi-long-haired coat, that is available in a variety of colours.

The Siberian cat is likely one of the more healthy cat breeds with minimal recognized hereditary well being points.

If you wish to study extra concerning the Siberian forest cat look no additional than this text, “A Full Information to the Distinctive Siberian Forest Cat,” and prepare to study!

What’s In This Information?

Siberian Cat FAQs

Siberian Cat Breed Evaluation: Contents

What Is A Siberian Cat

A Siberian cat is a selected breed of cat that originated within the chilly climate local weather of Russia.

There they’re known as forest cats as a result of historically they roamed wild within the subarctic conifer forests, or taiga, of Siberia.

This is the reason they’re also called the Siberian forest cat.

Siberian Cat: A Complete Guide to the Unique Siberian Forest Cat

Due to their chilly and moist surroundings, Siberian cats have an extended, waterproof fur coat.

The Siberian is a beloved breed in Russia and has lengthy been a well-liked household pet as a consequence of their easy-going and sociable nature and their endurance with youngsters.

Siberian Cat Historical past

The Siberian forest cat’s existence is alleged to date again a thousand years as a wild cat within the forests of Russia. References to the Siberian cat could be present in previous Russian fairy-tales and youngsters’s tales.

Despite the fact that the Siberian cat has been round for hundreds of years in Russia, it was solely lately that they have been acknowledged as a proper breed and bred for his or her aesthetic qualities.
In 1871, they turned a part of the primary cat present with solely 4 different breeds. Data and registrations of the breed have been stored because the 1980s.

Siberian cats weren’t present in the USA till the 1990s, after the top of the Chilly Struggle, when alternatives for export opened up. The breed first arrived in Britain in 2002 and since then the variety of breeders has steadily grown.

Siberian Cat Character

Siberian cats are thought-about to be fairly sensible. Some may even play fetch!

They’re loyal and wish to be close to their house owners. They benefit from the firm of youngsters and different animals.

These cats are typically comparatively quiet, they usually categorical themselves in a melodious approach by means of mews, trills, chirps, and deep purring.

They’re pure mousers and wonderful jumpers. A few of them seem to benefit from the water as nicely. So be ready in your kitty to need to get moist! It isn’t unprecedented for a Siberian cat to make a shock go to to its proprietor whereas within the tub or bathe.

Siberian Cat Temperament

Siberians are fearless and adventurous but in addition naturally calm. They’re mild and loving which exhibits of their candy facial expressions.

These beautiful kitties additionally like to play. Siberians adore all varieties of toys and stay vibrant all through their lives.

siberian cat

The Siberian cat can also be recognized for its affection and instinct. Some house owners say that their cat simply appears to know when they’re in want of ethical help.

Siberian cats are also known as the canine of the feline world as a result of they’re pleasant, extremely adaptable, and wish to cuddle in your lap. They could even come when referred to as.

Can Siberian Cats Go Outdoors?

The Siberian cat originated from the rugged, wild panorama of its namesake. They as soon as freely roamed the forests there, which can lead one to assume these cats would cope nicely and naturally gravitate towards an outside existence.

Nevertheless, consideration have to be given to the dangers introduced to domesticated pets in a modern-day or city setting. There are arguments to be made on each side of the indoor/outside cat debate.

One of many largest arguments in favor of permitting your cat outside is said to train and tedium. Outside cats can train their pure instincts to prowl and hunt whereas getting recent air. Indoor cats do are likely to have a better prevalence of weight problems and its associated well being points.

However, outside cats might get extra bodily exercise and see extra pleasure than an indoor cat, nevertheless it additionally places them at higher danger of different critical feline illnesses, parasites, damage, and poisoning.

Outside cats can also have altercations with different cats, canine, and even coyotes and raccoons, which may exist in city environments.

A number of the different widespread considerations are incidental poisoning (like strolling by means of spilled antifreeze), automotive collisions, theft, and turning into trapped in a distant place like a neighbor’s shed.

For additional consideration on this debate, take a look at our article, “Outside Cat Versus Indoor Cat.”

Siberian Cat Weight

Siberian cats have a stocky and athletic construct. They will vary in measurement and weight, from medium to giant, relying on gender and muscularity.

The male Siberian cat can weigh between 15 to 20 kilos. on common, however a muscular male might even attain 25 kilos! Females are typically smaller and may weigh between 10 to 15 kilos.

Their heads are formed like a rounded wedge and their physique is barrel-shaped. Siberian cats have hind legs which are barely longer than their entrance ones. General, they appear well-balanced and rounded. They’re agile and acrobatic.

Siberian Cat Colours And Coats

Siberian cats are available all colour mixtures. Their patterns and colours may be deep and dramatic.

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They often have white markings and may be colorpoint, like Siamese cats. There are even lynx level Siberian cats.

Normally, nevertheless, they sport medium-long fur that’s tabby-patterned.

Widespread colours embrace black, white, grey, orange, and blue.

Their giant, spherical eyes might be inexperienced, gold, or a mix between the 2. Some even have eyes of two totally different colours!

siberian cat

Siberian cats are thought-about a semi-longhair breed. They’ve a heat and dense triple coat because of their icy, northern origins. Their coats are thickest in winter and shortest in the summertime, and the fur is sturdy and waterproof.

They Siberian cats typically have a ruff across the neck, fluffy britches, and bushy tails.

Typically, they may present lynx-like tipping on the ears. They could have hair on the tops of their ears that make rounded ears look extra pointed.

Grooming Your Siberian Cat

Though Siberians have lengthy, lustrous fur, luckily, it doesn’t generally tend to tangle or mat.

Bi-weekly grooming periods with a metal comb are sometimes adequate to maintain them wholesome and scale back the incidence of hairballs.

Siberian cats shed their coats within the spring and the autumn. Throughout these transitions, Siberians can shed quite a bit and should extra frequent grooming.

Siberian Cat Shedding

Siberian cats do shed. Nevertheless, contemplating how a lot hair they really have, it’s not unmanageable.

Twice a yr, Siberian cats shed their coat. Their longer, heavy winter coat is shed in spring, whereas their shorter summer time coat is shed within the fall. You could want to groom every day beneath these circumstances for optimum well being.

Are Siberian Cats Hypoallergenic?

Some breeders and others declare that Siberian cats are hypoallergenic. This has not been scientifically confirmed.

Actually, scientific analysis has not proven that any hypoallergenic cat breeds exist.

It’s true that Siberian cats have much less “Fel d 1,” a cat-specific allergen that folks react to than another cats.

“Fel d 1” is created within the saliva, tears, pores and skin, and perianal glands. Throughout grooming, it turns into distributed throughout the fur. The perianal glands secrete it onto feces
Nevertheless, “Fel d 1” solely accounts for about 60 % of cat allergic reactions. No less than 10 different substances present in cats may cause an allergic response. So, there are different elements to think about.

Siberian cats with low allergen ranges typically—however not all the time—have kittens with low allergen ranges.

In case you are on the lookout for a cat that won’t set off an allergic response in you or somebody you’re keen on, the easiest way is to spend time together with your potential cat.

There are not any ensures for cat allergy victims. Nevertheless, a Siberian cat might have a decrease probability of triggering allergic reactions than different breeds.

Siberian Cat Well being Issues

All cats might endure from sure sicknesses. Kidney illness, most cancers, urinary crystals, and gum illness are widespread to many breeds.

Siberian cats are a wholesome, hardy breed, typically. Research present that they’re one of many cat breeds with extra genetic variety inside their inhabitants.

This makes them much less vulnerable to issues from inbreeding, nevertheless, Siberian cats are nonetheless bred for particular traits. As such, these cats are susceptible to sure well being circumstances. The most typical concern for Siberian cats is coronary heart illness.

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siberian cat

Coronary heart Illness (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)

This hereditary illness is a serious reason for deaths in home cats and a situation that may have an effect on Siberian Forest cats. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) causes the guts muscle to thicken and grow to be inflexible and results in coronary heart failure, fluid within the lungs, and deadly blood clots.

Within the Siberian cat, it might present up at any age ranging from as younger as one yr previous.

Only one faulty gene from one mother or father may end up in this illness. Some strains with heavy inbreeding endure probably the most deaths.

As a result of Siberians are a younger breed, research are ongoing concerning the genetics that trigger this illness.

DNA testing is accessible for HCM so guarantee your breeder can present certificates that each mother and father aren’t carriers.

Different beneficial genetic testing consists of:

  • Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK)
  • Polycystic Kidney Illness (PKD)

Siberian Cat Lifespan

The life expectancy of a cat is predicated on a lot of elements, together with food plan, way of life, setting, genetics, and breed.

The typical anticipated lifespan of a Siberian cat is 12 to 15 years.

Siberian cats are sturdy and are susceptible to minimal genetic well being points. They’re usually a long-living breed.

Caring For Your Siberian Cat

Along with their coat care wants, as mentioned earlier, Siberian cats want weekly nail clipping and ear checks for indicators of an infection. If the within of the ear seems soiled, gently wipe it with a humid cotton ball.

Common tooth brushing can also be beneficial to stop any dental or gum points.

It’s suggested that you simply begin these grooming habits early on together with your kitten in order that they turn into used to and accepting of them.

Siberian Cat Meals

Siberian cats are obligate carnivores like all cats. They require a food plan that consists of high quality animal protein.

Protein helps cats construct and keep muscular tissues mass in addition to manufacture antibodies, enzymes, and hormones.

Protein additionally helps cats keep correct pH stability and assists in progress and improvement.

Cats additionally require some amino acids that different animals don’t, similar to taurine. Taurine is simply derived from animal protein sources.

Sure kinds of fats present cats with a concentrated supply of power. Omega-Three and omega-6 fatty acids are important for cats, as are linoleic and arachidonic acids. DHA is important for imaginative and prescient, reproductive well being, and the immune system.

Moreover, cats want quite a lot of nutritional vitamins and minerals for all their organic processes: from oxygen transportation to metabolism regulation. They want antioxidants, too.

They don’t want carbohydrates. In truth, research present that a excessive carbohydrate food plan can contribute to weight problems, sort 2 diabetes, and different well being points.

Are Siberian Cats Good Pets?

Siberian forest cats have an extended historical past as treasured household pets in Russia and proceed to be sought-after right now for his or her mild disposition.

These cats are recognized for his or her friendliness and endurance with youngsters and different pets. They benefit from the firm of their house owners and are affectionate lap cats.

Siberian cats have a playful aspect and are somewhat clever cats that take nicely to coaching. Chances are you’ll even have the ability to get your cat to play fetch.

Siberian Cat Breeders

Siberian cat breeders could be discovered everywhere in the United States and Canada in addition to in Germany and Singapore. These may be situated by way of The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (ICA) web site.

Selecting a good breeder over a pet retailer or on-line and may drastically enhance your probabilities of taking residence a wholesome kitten.

It is very important know if you would like a pedigreed, championship-quality Siberian forest cat, or only a wholesome cat for a household pet. This will likely make a distinction when it comes to discovering an applicable breeder.

You might want to discover out if the breeder is registered this will help make it extra possible that your cat is wholesome and has championship bloodlines.

Be sure you find an moral and accountable breeder. A go to to the breeder can also be useful so you’ll be able to see the circumstances underneath which the kitten lives. This may also help decide how wholesome your kitten may be.

Ask about well being points and about outcomes of genetic testing. Be sure that to view the outcomes of earlier parental well being testing earlier than you commit to purchasing from a breeder.

Siberian Cat Kittens

Siberian kittens are completely lovable, however don’t let their cuteness blind you.

It is best to nonetheless do your analysis concerning the breeder and the genetic line of the cat you want to buy. Caring for a weak Siberian kitten is an enormous duty.

siberian cat

Siberian kittens are often obtainable at 12 to 16 weeks after inoculations. These Siberian kittens mature at a sluggish price and should take as much as 5 years to succeed in full maturity.

For recommendations on the way to correctly care on your new Siberian kitten, check out The Completely happy Cat Handbook.

Additionally take a look at our article, “12 Week Previous Kitten — A Full Information.”

Rescuing A Siberian Cat

Breed-specific Siberian cat rescues do exist. And infrequently, Siberian cats additionally flip up in common animal shelters.

The benefit right here is that you could be discover a Siberian cat for a less expensive fee. Nevertheless, you might not have choices relating to the age of the cat or their well being.

Likelihood is a rescue cat won’t be championship-quality. If this doesn’t matter to you, adopting a Siberian from a shelter could be an excellent choice.

However be ready. It might take time to discover a Siberian home cat that wants rescuing.

The Happy Cat Handbook

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UK Rescues

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Australia Rescues

Siberian Cat Mixes

Some breeders might try and create extra allergy-friendly cats by mixing Siberians with different home cat varieties. So, Siberian mixes do exist.

Siberian mixes may be common as a result of they’re extra reasonably priced than purebred Siberian cats.

If you’ll find one you want to get, be cautious and accountable. You’ll need to be sure a kitten has the mixture of qualities that you really want.

You’ll additionally need to examine on the kitten’s well being. Each mother and father ought to be examined for any potential genetic points.

Siberian mixes don’t have too many hereditary well being issues however different cat breeds may.

Execs And Cons Of Getting A Siberian Cat

Getting a pet it an enormous, and long run, duty. It’s important that you simply discover the proper cat for you and your loved ones. Let’s take a look at the professionals and cons of proudly owning a Siberian cat.



  • Enjoys the corporate of their proprietor
  • Mild, affectionate, and playful
  • Good with youngsters and different animals
  • Low allergen ranges
  • Minimal hereditary well being dangers


  • Bi-weekly (or extra) grooming wants
  • Could be a giant and heavy cat
  • Expense
  • Shedding seasons

Ought to I Get A Siberian Cat?

That relies upon. Now that you simply’ve discovered all of the fundamentals about Siberian cats, you’ll be able to hopefully make an knowledgeable determination.

Siberian cats have nice personalities. They like to play, they get alongside nicely with animals and youngsters, they usually additionally like to cuddle. A household setting or place the place they will work together with others can be a fantastic match.

These are beautiful kitties with lengthy fur and candy faces.

They’re a hardy breed that doesn’t have too many hereditary well being points, nevertheless, they’re vulnerable to coronary heart illness.

A Siberian cat could be the one for you for those who’re in search of a playful however affectionate companion and don’t thoughts some shedding,

Do you personal a Siberian cat? What’s your cat’s character like?

Would you like one?

Tell us within the feedback!

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