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Savannah cat

The Savannah cat is among the most enjoyable new breeds to emerge in recent times. Created from cross-breeding serval cats and home cats, the Savannah is exclusive in look and temperament. This uncommon cat turned widespread with breeders within the 1990s, and curiosity within the breed has steadily grown since then.

As a result of it’s such a brand new breed, few cat house owners know a lot about Savannahs. On this helpful article, we delve into the traits of the breed, present you the right way to look after them, and assist you to determine if it’s the cat for you.

In case you are , we’ll present you ways Savannah cats change via the generations, and clarify a few of the authorized points you may encounter.

First, right here’s a helpful record of what you possibly can look forward to finding on this information.

What’s In This Information

Are you occupied with bringing residence a Savannah cat? Or, are you curious and need to study extra about this fascinating new pedigree breed?

Don’t fear, you’ll discover all of the solutions about this fascinating cat right here. We have now all the things you need to know, multi functional place.

Let’s begin with a fast starter information to the breed.

Savannah Cat Breed – At A Look

  • Sort: Home cat and serval hybrid
  • Coat: Brief and noticed
  • Weight: Varies massively, however averages round 13lbs
  • Temperament: Loving, loyal, clever and lively

Though you’ll be able to guess some traits of the Savannah cat, it is very important keep in mind that it’s a hybrid and differs from home cats in some necessary methods.

savannah cat

For a begin, which means most of the earlier generations can be unpredictable in nature and will embrace many traits descended from the serval mother and father and grandparents.

One other factor making the character of Savannah cats exhausting to foretell is the truth that they’re a brand new breed. The cat has solely been round a couple of years, so individuals are solely simply attending to know them.

Earlier than we go any additional, we get a lot of questions from readers. We collected a few of these for you and can level you to the solutions.

Savannah Cat FAQs

Savannah cats are one of many cat world’s latest pedigrees, they usually have gained a gentle following within the final thirty years.

Curiosity in them is rising, primarily because of their distinctive and hanging patterns.

Listed here are our readers’ prime questions concerning the breed. You’ll be able to click on on the hyperlinks and go straight to the reply.

In any other case, why don’t we take a deeper take a look at the Savannah breed?

Savannah Cat Breed Assessment: Contents

We all know that Savannah cats have one serval mum or dad. So, we’ll offer you a fast information to the serval cat.

The Serval Cat

The serval is a wildcat native to sub-Saharan Africa, the place it prefers to cover in lengthy grass and reed close to water, ready to ambush its prey.

The serval is a medium sized cat that weights about 20-40 kilos (9 – 18kg), and is surprisingly tall, measuring 21-24 inches (54–62 cm). It’s associated to the lynx and ocelot, with comparable coat patterns.

Servals have a golden/yellow coats with darkish spots and stripes, in addition to a small head with giant ears. It has a brief tail with a black tip, and its camouflage is ideal for its grassy residence.

They are typically solitary animals and prey on small animals comparable to rats, birds, reptiles, and bugs. Servals have wonderful listening to and use this to find their prey.

African servals have the longest legs in proportion to their physique of any cat. Because of this they’re able to leap nice distances and heights. These lengthy legs are a results of elongated bones of their ft.

Servals are agile and capable of catch birds in mid-air, in addition to digging for prey.

Servals As Pets

As a result of they’re so lovely, people have lengthy coveted this wildcat. Historic Egyptians stored them as pets and gave them as presents.

It’s no shock that folks need to hold these lovely cats, however they’re very wild. They are surely a pet just for skilled house owners, and protecting them is against the law in lots of locations.

Due to the difficulties with protecting servals, it’s no marvel that breeders tried to discover a answer.

Are you able to cross a serval with home cats to make them much less wild whereas preserving the gorgeous patterns and coat colours?

You guess! A couple of years in the past, the primary Savannah cat was born.

Historical past of the Savannah Cat

The historical past of the Savannah cat is an fascinating story, if not notably lengthy.

Oddly sufficient, we all know the precise day the primary Savannah kitten was born. It was born on Monday, April seventh, 1986.

As we already know, Savannah cat breeds are hybrids of home cats and Servals. That yr, a breeder, Judee Frank, mated a feminine home Siamese cat with a male serval, and she or he quickly gave delivery to the primary Savannah cat.

The proprietor of the primary Savannah cat truly gave the breed its identify, calling it after the African Savannah, residence of the serval.

The brand new kitten quickly charmed it’s proprietor, and Savannah cat breeding started. These charming cats gained reputation resulting from their uncommon appears and resemblance to their wild serval ancestors.

Fifteen years later, in 2001, the Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) acknowledged Savannah cats as a separate breed. To date TICA is the one physique to acknowledge them.

We will now take a look at a number of the traits of the Savannah cat. First of those enjoyable information is the ‘filial quantity.’ This exhibits how far a Savannah is from its wild serval mother or father.

For anybody curious about Savannah cat breeds, that is necessary to know.

Savannah cats have very distinctive ear shapes and markings.

Enjoyable Details About Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are virtually all the time described with a filial quantity, akin to F1, F2, F3, and F4 and so on. The preliminary cross is described as an F1 Savannah with one serval mum or dad.

A filial quantity merely describes the era a person cat comes from, and what number of generations away it’s from the serval:

  • An F1 Savannah cat has a serval dad or mum and a home cat or Savannah father or mother
  • An F2 Savannah, cat has a serval grandparent, whereas the remaining are home cats or Savannahs
  • An F3 Savannah cat has a serval nice grandparent, whereas the remaining are home cats or Savannahs.

So, an F1 is one era faraway from the serval, the F2 two generations, and so forth.

These first three generations are most like servals, so they’re often bigger than home cats and share many character traits.

Filial numbers proceed down via the generations, as much as F7 and past, every turning into extra like home cats and fewer like servals. F4 is when the breed is taken into account a real Savannah cat.

The Savannah Cat was created from Serval domestic cat hybrids. F4 Savannah cats are the first true Savannah cats.

Briefly, the filial quantity is a tough information to how far eliminated a person cat is from servals.

The filial quantity may also inform us how a lot wild cat DNA they possess. That is one thing that must be easy, however could be fairly complicated.

It’s All About The DNA

At first look, the rule for calculating how a lot serval DNA a Savannah cat has appears so simple as dividing by two.

An F1 must be 50% serval, an F2 25% serval, and so forth.

Nothing is ever that straightforward, as a result of backcrossing makes calculating the share of serval DNA harder. That is merely the follow of mating throughout totally different filial generations.

Breeders wish to backcross early generations of Savannahs to “repair” as many serval traits as potential and make their cats extra lovely and extra saleable.

Doing this, initially of the breeding line, might help hold that wild look that potential house owners need. Finally, the lanky lengthy legs and delightful coat are the explanations individuals need Savannahs!

So, in the event you cross a serval with an F1 Savannah, it should include a better proportion of serval DNA than a serval crossed with a home cat. As a result of an F1 has 50% serval DNA, this implies 75% serval DNA, making these cats very just like the serval.

Additional Classification

To maintain monitor of the DNA proportion, breeders add an additional classification to the filial quantity: A, B, C, or Stud Guide Conventional (SBT).

  • A: One father or mother wasn’t a Savannah cat
  • B: One grandparent wasn’t a Savannah
  • C: A fantastic-grandparent wasn’t a savannah
  • SBT: Ancestors have been Savannahs for least three generations.

As soon as a Savannah is assessed as SBT, it’s thought-about a purebred Savannah. As a result of this takes a minimum of three generations, F4 Savannah kittens are the primary era that may be purebred Savannah cats. In different phrases, they’re not wildcat hybrids.

Whenever you meet Savannah cat breeders, they need to have the ability to present an in depth household tree for his or her kittens. Ideally, they’ll give you a calculation of how a lot serval DNA every one has.

In fact, a few of you may assume that you simply don’t want to know the genetics and filial quantity. Nevertheless, if you wish to undertake a Savannah, it is very important know. As we’ll see later, some states and nations don’t can help you maintain Savannah cats from the early generations.

We talked about backcrossing to maintain the serval’s appears for so long as potential. Why do breeders do that?

It’s as a result of the Savannah’s look is what makes the breed profitable. Individuals love how this distinctive cat appears.

Savannah Cat Look

Why do individuals discover Savannah cats lovely? What’s it about this breed that makes individuals need to personal them.

Properly, the key of the Savannah’s mesmerizing look is extremes. None of their options are fairly what we anticipate to see in a home cat.

Their legs are only a bit longer than we’re used to. The Savannah cat’s tail is only a bit shorter, and their ears are greater.

A Savannah seems to be like no different cat breed and, for some individuals, they merely can’t resist falling in love with these beautiful cats.

And, once they bounce, boy do they leap!

Now, in case you are desirous about Savannahs, how massive are they? This can be a troublesome query to reply as a result of they range a lot.

Savannah Cat Measurement

Savannah cats fall someplace on a scale between home cats (9-11lb) and servals (20-40lb). Often, they’re round 11 to 30lbs in weight.

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As you’d anticipate, F1 and F2 generations are the most important cats, and subsequent generations are likely to get smaller.

In different phrases, they lower in measurement as their serval ancestry turns into extra dilute.

An F4 Savannah cat measurement is equal to a traditional medium or giant home cat, at across the 11-13lb mark.

Make no mistake, they are often very imposing although. Giant Savannah cats are taller than most home cats and, even for decrease generations, their lengthy legs and muscular construct give the impression of peak and measurement.

Because of this Savannahs look extra highly effective than home cats, even when their weight is comparable.

You want the dimensions and construct, however what concerning the Savannah’s coat? That’s the primary purpose why they’re turning into so widespread.

Savannah Cat Coloring

Savannah cats have been meticulously bred to retain as a lot of their serval look as potential.

Purebred Savannah cats have crisp and distinct spots on their coat, they usually even have darkish “tear stain” strains, like cheetahs. These stretch from the within nook of their eyes to the corners of the mouth.

How big are Savannah kittens?

Savannah cats additionally show ocelli (eye shapes) on the again of their ears.

Savannah cats are available 4 background colours. These embrace golden brown, silver, smoke and black.

If we’re speaking about shade, what about these unique spots>Nicely, you possibly can have them in any shade you want, so long as it’s black!

As any cat proprietor is aware of, the looks is just one a part of dwelling with a cat. We additionally want to know the character and temperament of the Savannah cat.

Savannah Cat Temperament

Savannah cat temperament can range so much as a result of their hybrid origins. So as to add to the confusion, they’re a comparatively new breed, so individuals are nonetheless studying all of the quirks.

Nevertheless, Savannahs from F4 onwards are often considered having good temperaments. They’ve definitely misplaced a lot of the wild instincts that make for troublesome pets. Earlier generations are much less predictable as a result of they’ve a better proportion of wildcat of their DNA.

Many homeowners report that the Savannah cat temperament could be very canine like. Certainly, Savannah cats are a type of breeds typically described as a canine inside a cat’s physique. Many Savannah house owners like to take their cat for a stroll on a leash.

They’re loyal and loving, and they’re additionally fiercely clever. Most are social animals and good with individuals, youngsters, and different pets.

As a result of they’re clever and curious, Savannah cats require numerous psychological stimuli. To maintain them from tearing up your property, you’ll want a big stash of toys, and you’ll need to spend so much of time enjoying with them.

You’ll want loads of diverting and enriching actions to maintain them occupied. Their intelligence and bundles of power imply that the majority Savannahs have some widespread behaviors.

Savannah Cat Conduct

Savannahs are additionally extremely athletic, and may simply bounce six ft (two meters) from a standing begin.

Their rampant curiosity means they’ll use this prowess to discover each attainable nook of your home and get into all types of mischief!

It’s this mix of wit and playfulness that provides Savannah cats their brilliant and entertaining personalities.

Their large personalities make them so beloved by their house owners, and the cats often reciprocate these emotions, too.

Savannah cats typically meet their house owners on the door once they get house, glad to see them and able to play.

Does the Home Cat Pressure Have an effect on Savannah Conduct?

Some potential Savannah cat house owners ask if the kind of home cat bred with the serval impacts the Savannah’s character.

Savannah cats can meow like their home moms, or they will truly chirp like a serval, or perhaps a combination of each, though the chirping often happens solely in the course of the earlier generations. The breed can even hiss loudly, which could be a shock the primary time you hear it.

Actually, it’s troublesome to understand how a lot of the conduct is from the mom as a result of the breed is so new. For instance, the cat’s era and socialization play a task. General, as soon as they attain the later generations, Savannahs behave like home cats.

Nevertheless, most Savannahs appear to retain the power, curiosity, and intelligence of their serval forebears.

For those who introduce kittens to individuals and different cats, they’ll develop to be extra assured and fewer afraid of individuals and new conditions.

We’ve seemed on the Savannah, however earlier than we go any additional, we have to know when you can truly personal one. It might be a disgrace if we allow you to get all excited, able to undertake one, solely to seek out out you could’t.

The issue is, in some areas, it isn’t authorized to maintain these cats as pets, let’s discover the place it’s truly authorized to maintain Savannahs as pets?

Are Savannah Cats Unlawful In My Space?

As a consequence of their uncommon ancestry, some areas have strict guidelines about proudly owning Savannah cats. In truth, some locations prohibit it utterly.

Should you’re considering of bringing residence a Savannah cat, first be sure to don’t stay in a prohibited space.

Areas with Restrictions on Proudly owning a Savannah Cat

Areas in america the place all Savannah cats are unlawful:

  • Alaska
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • New York Metropolis

Areas in the USA with restrictions on proudly owning Savannah cats:

  • Colorado: Solely F4 or under permitted
  • Indiana: Solely F3 or under permitted
  • Massachusetts: Solely F4 or under permitted
  • New York (besides New York Metropolis – see above): Solely F5 or under permitted

Whereas we listed a number of the locations the place they’re authorized, this will all the time change. In case you are unsure, examine together with your vet or an area cat breeders affiliation. Please verify the principles in your space earlier than you commit to purchasing a Savannah cat.

Tell us if any of our info is outdated!

Outdoors the US

Shifting away from the US, in the UK, F2 Savannah cats and decrease are authorized, whereas F1 Savannah cats require a particular license.

Should you’re studying this in Australia, all generations of Savannah cats have been unlawful since 2008. The federal government’s rationale, and the counter arguments by critics, are a thought-provoking debate.

It covers the rights and wrongs not solely of making wild cat hybrids, but in addition the issues Australia faces with importing alien species and managing undesirable cat populations at a nationwide degree.

As a result of they’re unlawful in lots of locations, does that imply that Savannahs are harmful?

Let’s discover out!

Are Savannah Cats Harmful?

As a result of they’re unlawful in some locations, individuals might imagine that the breed is harmful. Definitely, Savannah cats could be unpredictable, particularly within the F1 and F2 generations.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that they’re aggressive. It signifies that they may be much less straightforward to reside with than your common home cat, and they’re in all probability higher with skilled cat house owners.

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the happy cat handbook

Their measurement signifies that, in the event that they do scratch or chew, it might trigger extra injury. We will’t discover any analysis to recommend they’re extra of a hazard to their households than different breeds.

They aren’t harmful and make good home pets. Subsequently, in case you have determined to personal a Savannah, can they be stored indoors, or do they want outside entry?

Indoor vs Outside Dwelling for Savannah Cats

Savannah cats like to be round individuals. They typically haven’t any want to stray removed from their house owners. Many will regulate to life indoors, offered you provide loads of leisure, toys, and plenty of time.

Many Savannah Cat owners choose to keep their pets indoors.

Nevertheless, Savannah cats are enthusiastic athletes. Typically it may be onerous to fulfill their impulse to run and bounce indoors. When this occurs, they will turn out to be bored and damaging.

One of the simplest ways to assist them burn off their power appropriately is by letting them roam outdoors. Typically, this merely isn’t attainable. Maybe you reside subsequent to a busy street or someplace harmful for cats, and their leaping potential means they will escape your yard within the blink of an eye fixed. What are you able to do?

Nicely, there’s a unusual compromise available.

Plenty of Savannah cat house owners report efficiently educating their Savannahs to stroll on a leash outside, like a canine! That approach, they will burn off their power whereas safely supervised.

Guess it’s enjoyable taking the cat for a stroll, too!

It’s actually necessary that Savannahs get loads of train, not only for to fight boredom, but in addition for his or her well being. Savannahs have some distinctive well being points that you must know.

Savannah Cat Well being And Care

The most important drawback with Savannahs is creating the primary F1 hybrid, the one between a home cats and a serval.

Home cats and servals have totally different gestation occasions, so this may end up in a excessive variety of aborted pregnancies, stillbirths and deaths in early infancy.

As soon as these hurdles are overcome, most Savannah cats take pleasure in fairly good well being. Nevertheless, we should always point out two circumstances.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Savannahs appear extra weak to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) than their moggy counterparts.

Cats with HCM have an enlarged coronary heart, which may impair perform and end in sudden cardiac arrest.

In a really perfect world, all pedigree cat breeders would have their breeding cats recurrently checked for HCM. Sadly, there isn’t any requirement for them to take action.

You will want to ensure your kitten’s mother and father have had these checks carried out, and ask for proof from the vet.

One other drawback for earlier generations is male sterility.

Hybrid Male Sterility (HMS)

Early generations of male Savannahs endure Hybrid Male Sterility (HMS). HMS signifies that male Savannahs are born with incorrectly developed testes. Accordingly, they continue to be infertile in no less than the F1 and F2 generations.

Very, very sometimes a fertile male Savannah is born within the third era however, usually, the F4 era is the primary to supply reliably fertile males.

In truth, Savannahs are proving a priceless species for scientists at Texas College. They’re making an attempt to know HMS and present the way it retains all species distinct relatively than seeing infinite numbers of hybrids cropping up everywhere.

HMS doesn’t actually have an effect on the well being of male Savannahs very a lot, and neutered male cats nonetheless have a great life with the best household.

It definitely does have an effect on their worth! Whereas cash is the very last thing on most cat house owners’ minds, in case you are spending cash, will your Savannah cat reside for a very long time?

Fortunately, the Savannah cat lifespan is pretty good.

Savannah Cat Lifespan

Estimates on Savannah cat life expectancy range. Nevertheless, most reviews are likely to put them between 15 to 20 years. That’s just about the identical as the typical home cat, so you’ll be able to sit up for years of companionship!

As everyone knows, one of many keys to lengthy kitty life is a nutritious diet. How do you have to feed your Savannah?

Savannah Cat Meals

If you wish to maintain your cat wholesome, there are some things you are able to do.

Savannah cats are likely to favor a moist eating regimen with a big meat element. You possibly can feed kibble and different dry meals, however good high quality meat could make the distinction.

Savannahs develop in a short time within the first couple of years, so a top quality, nutritious meals will give them every thing they want.

Your Savannah cat breeder ought to be capable of talk about their mother and father’ eating regimen intimately.

They need to additionally offer you a small quantity of the meals your kitten has been weaned onto of their going residence pack.

When your Savannah is full and contented, maybe a groom will make her happier and strengthen the bonds between you.

Grooming Your Savannah Cat

Individuals breed Savannah cats for his or her temperament, physique form and coloring.

Their coat has remained brief, barely coarse and sensible, identical to their wild ancestors, and it isn’t hypoallergenic.

A Savannah cat’s coat doesn’t require a lot grooming, and a a mild brush now and again will suffice.

A groom ought to assist to catch caught items of particles (particularly in the event that they’re an outside cat).

Are you with us thus far? Are you interested by Savannah cats?

What in case you have youngsters? Are Savannah cats good with households?

Do Savannah Cats Make Good Household Pets

This breed could make nice pets for the appropriate houses. Nevertheless, Savannah cats typically crave one-to-one consideration, so they’re maybe incompatible with elevating young children on the similar time.

savannah cat colors

However, they’re extremely sociable and infrequently shy of individuals.This makes them a terrific pet for older youngsters.

In case you are now decided to discover a Savannah cat on your house, are you able to discover a rescue cat?

Rescuing a Savannah Cat

Savannah cats are nonetheless fairly uncommon, owing to the organic challenges of making them, and the brief time they’ve been accepted as a pedigree.

Nevertheless, it’s not utterly remarkable to seek out Savannah cat for adoption now and again.

In case you want to go down the route of Savannah cat rescue, you may need to register your curiosity with native businesses.

Then, brace your self to be just a little affected person.

In fact, you may also discover a Savannah kitten from a breeder, however this may cost you some cash. This ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to some thousand.

Discovering a Savannah Cat Kitten

So, you’re assured that a Savannah cat is the breed for you, and also you’ve checked they’re allowed the place you reside.

Then, your kitten search can start!

The TICA web site maintains an inventory of Savannah cat breeders, and it’s straightforward to seek out extra on-line.

When you’ve discovered one you want, you will have to ask numerous questions. Alarm bells ought to ring in the event that they attempt to sweep your considerations underneath the carpet.

Firstly, be sure that the breeder has carried out well being checks on the mother and father.

Secondly, examine that they’re educated concerning the breed.

This is identical recommendation it is best to comply with everytime you purchase any cat from a breeder.

In the event you discover a breeder you want, and a kitten you’re keen on, how a lot will all of it value? What’s the Savannah cat worth?

Savannah Cat Worth

You could be considering, how a lot is a Savannah cat? They have to be costly if they’re so uncommon.

Nicely, Savannah cats could be very, very costly, primarily as a result of they’re nonetheless unusual. Nevertheless, some generations and cats are extra reasonably priced and corresponding to different pedigree breeds.


F4 and F5 Savannah cat kittens often value between $1,000 and $2,000.

F8 Savannah cats are likely to go for round $600 – $700.

You’ll be able to anticipate to pay a premium for kittens of any era who’ve inherited particularly serval-like options. That’s as a result of the serval patterns are what everybody needs!

HMS can even affect the worth.

Impact of HMS on Savannah Cat Worth

Have you ever already determined you particularly need a male Savannah cat or a feminine Savannah cat?

You’ll want to remember the impact of Hybrid Male Sterility on the worth of a Savannah cat. Within the F1-F3 generations the males are often sterile.

Because of this feminine Savannah kittens are rather more beneficial than male Savannah kittens.

In actuality they’re often stored or promised to different breeders earlier than they’re even conceived. F1 to F3 females are not often discovered on the market.

From the F4 era onwards, the worth of feminine kittens drops. This continues as they grow to be additional faraway from their serval family members.

In distinction, the males develop into fertile, so their worth truly goes up.

Unusually, it’s simpler to seek out an F3 Savannah male kitten available on the market than an F4 Savannah male kitten.

When you discover a kitten, how do you go about elevating them? Do they want any particular remedy?

Elevating a Savannah Cat Kitten

Mentioning any kitten is a vital job. With unique breeds just like the Savannah cats, you actually need to get it proper.

Thankfully, we’ve numerous nice free guides that will help you alongside the best way, together with some helpful equipment.

Feeding Your Kitten

Litter Coaching A Kitten

How To Increase A Pleasant Kitten

Savannah Cat Merchandise and Equipment

Listed here are some useful gadgets that you’ll want when caring in your kitty:

The Happy Cat Handbook

Savannah cat beds

Greatest litter bins for Savannah cats

Prime toys for Savannah cats

Greatest meals for Savannah cats

So, why don’t we go over the professionals and cons of Savannah cats that will help you make the suitable choice.

Execs and Cons of Getting a Savannah Cat

Getting a cat is an enormous choice, particularly when it’s a uncommon breed.

So, let’s run by means of these execs and cons one final time earlier than you make the leap.


  • Savannah cats are massive and lively
  • They want a lot of consideration, time, and toys
  • Savannahs may turn into damaging if left alone too often
  • They are often susceptible to well being issues
  • The breed won’t be appropriate round young children


  • Savannahs are enjoyable and interactive
  • They’ll play with you to your coronary heart’s content material
  • Savannah cats like to spend time with you
  • You may have the ability to stroll them on a leash

The primary con is the potential coronary heart issues, however you possibly can assist to scale back the probabilities by selecting a kitten from well being examined mother and father.

Whereas there are various execs, there are additionally some cons. In case you are unsure, are there different breeds which may make an incredible pet? How do Savannahs examine to different varieties of cat?

Evaluating the Savannah Cat With Different Breeds

Nonetheless caught on whether or not to get a Savannah cat or one other breed?

Why don’t you take a look at our comparability guides right here!


Savannah cat vs Maine Coon

Bengal vs Savannah cat

We’ve even appeared on the query of Savannah cat vs Canine, as a result of their canine suitable character!

Comparable Breeds

What in case you’ve come this far and determined that a Savannah cat is just not best for you? Simply perhaps, you’ve gotten realized that they’re outlawed in your space, otherwise you need to wait till your youngsters are a bit older.

Nicely there are some nice various breeds, with unique seems and devoted personalities, however that are utterly home.

Two nice breeds that share a few of the Savannah’s seems are the Oriental Shorthair and the Ocicat.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental shorthair cats are lean and muscular just like the Savannah cat.

Additionally they have the identical huge eyes, massive ears, and large personalities.

Oriental shorthairs are available virtually each potential coloring, together with noticed tabbies, which look slightly just like the Savannah.


Ocicats are three elements siamese and one half abyssinian.

This lovely breed was found by completely happy accident within the 1960s.

The breed turned well-liked as a result of their noticed coat provides them the looks of a wild cat, however with none wild cat DNA.

Their temperament is pleasant and energetic, in order that they make nice household pets.


Hopefully, this text has given you an perception into the fascinating world of Savannah cats. Now, you understand a bit of bit concerning the historical past of this distinctive hybrid cat and perceive why it turned well-liked.

They’ve massive and boisterous personalities matched with that wildcat look and, so long as you examine a kitten’s historical past or examine with a vet, few of the main well being points that may have an effect on some pedigree cats.

As a result of this can be a comparatively new breed with so little info on the market, we’re all the time looking out for Savannah cat tales and recommendation. Depart us a remark!

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