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25 Amazing Facts About Calico Cats

Calico Cat

Calico cats are one of the common kinds of cat, boasting a variety of lovely patterns and colours. On this article, we’ll reveal greater than 25 calico cat information about these lovely cats and present you the story behind their distinctive patterns.

You actually can say that no two calico cats are alike.

What some individuals don’t know is that these divine, tri-colored felines we take as a right have some uncommon quirks. Through the years, individuals have seen them as fortunate mascots or capable of remedy warts. One well-known calico cat even turned a stationmaster!

Listed here are a few of the issues you will discover out on this article:

You gained’t take a look at your calico cat in the identical method when you see these superior feline information.

You’ll discover that we now have greater than 25 details! That’s as a result of we up to date the article in response to reader feedback and questions.

An important factor to recollect about Calico kitties is that they don’t seem to be a separate breed. Calico coloration can occur in most breeds, even hairless cats.

So, earlier than we provide the fascinating details, we should always take a look at one necessary query. Are calico and tortoiseshell cats the identical? They positive look comparable!

Are Calico Cats and Tortoiseshell Cats the Similar?

Individuals typically combine up calico cats with tortoiseshells. It’s a very easy mistake to make. Each cats are available such a variety of colours that they will look precisely the identical.

Calico Cat

A calico cat all the time has three colours in its coat, one thing that we name tricolor. For a cat to be really calico, this should embrace white.

Some calicos are virtually all white, whereas others solely have small white patches. These variations are what makes each calico cat so distinctive and lovely.

Tortoiseshell cats all the time have two colours, often purple/ginger and black/brown, though different colours are potential. Typically, torties can have orange or yellow patches as an alternative of purple. The darkish patches may be gray, blue, or chocolate.

Calico cats and torties can have tabby patches.

Simply to make issues complicated, outdoors the US, some individuals name calicos ‘tortoiseshell and white cats.’ Perhaps that’s the place the confusion comes from!

If you wish to go all scientific, your humble calico’s colours are right down to its genes.

Some individuals’s eyes glaze over if you speak science, however don’t fear. You don’t have to know concerning the genetics and may merely skip to the fascinating details.

25 Amazing Calico Cat Facts

So, now for a bit of cat biology!

Calico Cat Genetics

The rationale that cats have coloured coats is as a result of they’ve melanocytes of their pores and skin, and these include shade pigments. We’ve got melanocytes, too. They make your pores and skin go darker if you develop a suntan.

The colour these melanocytes give is all right down to a cat’s genes, which include a blueprint for coat shade. The colour genes are on one thing referred to as the X chromosome. Females have two of those, which we name XX.

For cats, the colours black and orange are discovered on the X chromosome. As a result of feminine cats have two X chromosomes, if they’ve a black gene on one and orange on the opposite, you’ll get a combined colour tortoiseshell.

Tricolor cats are extra complicated, as a result of they’ve one other gene on the X chromosome for white patches. If a cat has all three genes, it is going to be calico.

The white gene is often dominant over the colour genes, so the quantity of white on a calico cat can differ.

What About Male Cats?

If we return to our genetics lesson, as an alternative of XX, male cats have XY chromosomes. The Y chromosome doesn’t have any shade genes, so males are not often tortoiseshell or calico.

Males can have colour and white on their X chromosome, in fact.

Interstingly, a uncommon situation signifies that a couple of boy cats could be calico. We’ll take a look at male calico cats later.

With the science lesson over, we will delve into our enjoyable calico cat details.

Incredible Calico Cat Details

You’ve doubtless seen the distinctive tri-colored sample of the fluffy calico cat, however you won’t know all of the distinctive traits of those fabulous felines.

Not solely are Calico cats beautiful, they’ve some distinctive traits.

On this article, we’re going to discover 30 of probably the most fascinating calico cat information!

One – There Is No Such Factor As A Calico Cat!

Do you know there’s no such factor as calico cat breeds? Actually!

Nicely, then, what’s a calico cat?

Allow us to make clear issues. The time period calico refers back to the tri-color coat on the cat. Moreover, quite a few totally different breeds can have the calico’s signature orange, black, and white hues, and all of those are nonetheless referred to as calico!

Calico Cat facts

A calico sample is especially white with spots of orange and black, which means that you would be able to have all kinds of calico cats.

You possibly can have a calico tabby, an American shorthair calico, a muted calico, a calico Persian cat, or perhaps a longhaired calico cat! Probably the most fashionable is the American Shorthair Calico.

Two – Mild American Shorthair Calicos

The American Shorthair calico is quite a lot of the much-loved American shorthair cat breed.

Shorthairs are famend for his or her type nature and their capability to combine with youngsters and different pets.

It’s no marvel that many homeowners love this number of calico cat.

If you’d like one thing extra unique, Persian cats might be calico, too.

Three – Unique Persian Calico Cats

Calico Persian cats have the distinctive Persian look, full with the fabulous calico colour scheme!

25 Amazing Calico Cat Facts

Though they’re pretty cats when it comes to look and temperament, the Persian breed does have some well being issues potential house owners want to think about.

We advocate some analysis earlier than adopting any Persian cat so that you’re absolutely ready.

In case you are considering of shopping for a calico Persian cat, then take a look at this text to seek out out extra.

Most individuals love Persians due to the lengthy hair. In fact, most longhaired breeds might be calico.

You’re spoiled for selection!

How properly have you learnt your cat? Uncover the key world of cats.

The Joyful Cat Handbook – A singular information to understanding and having fun with your cat!

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4 – Divine Longhaired Calico Cats

Persian cats are one of many breeds that may produced longhaired calico cats. However, they’re, certainly not, the one one!

An extended and luscious calico coat may be completely divine.

Whereas longhaired calico cats are lovely, they want a bit extra care.

You’ll have to groom your longhaired calico kitty a minimum of a few occasions every week, and probably need to cope with a number of extra furballs too!

Yow will discover some pretty lengthy haired cat breeds on this article

Most kitties love grooming, particularly in case you give them a tasty deal with afterwards, and it could possibly strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Grooming time isn’t wasted time!

For all you shorthair cat lovers, they often love grooming time, too! Don’t make them really feel overlooked!

Now, let’s take a look at a number of the totally different calico cat colours, beginning with one thing referred to as dilute calico.

5 – Dilute Calico Coats

You may need a calico cat that has muted, pastel colours.

It seems to be prefer it has been painted in watercolors!

We name these dilute calico cats, the place the time period ‘dilute’ merely refers back to the vibrancy of the colours.

A dilute cat’s coat is paler and has grey/blue as an alternative of black, and cream or gold as an alternative of purple and chocolate. These mild calicos are widespread and simply as lovely

Like virtually all calico kitties, they’re virtually all the time women.

Six – Are All Calico Cats Feminine?

Are all calico cats feminine? Yep, just about.

Virtually each calico kitty is a woman!

25 Amazing Calico Cat Facts

How does this occur? It’s all within the calico cat genetics. Should you actually need to go into it, we talked about it earlier.

You will discover out all about how they work on this fascinating article

You could be asking why we stated ‘virtually all.’ If some calicos are male, what number of?

Seven – How Many Male Calico Cats Are There?

So if virtually all calico cats are women, then what number of are male?

Nicely, it’s thought that the figures lie someplace within the vary of 1 in three,000 calico kittens!

If we return to the cat genetics, a male calico cat has XXY chromosomes as an alternative of the traditional XY.

To offer the technical identify, that is referred to as Klinefelter syndrome.

Can this create different issues akin to sterility?

Eight – Is My Male Calico Cat Sterile?

So, we all know male calico cats are very not often born.

Which, logically, results in the query: are calico cats sterile once they’re male?

Sadly, the reply is ‘Sure!’ For the male calico cat in query, he’ll be virtually assured of being sterile and can’t breed.

Speaking of breeding, for those who love calicos, are you able to breed them?

9 – Calicos Are A Completely satisfied Accident

The straightforward reply is ‘no.’ Once more, because of genetics, it’s troublesome to breed cats and find yourself together with your beloved calicos.

You possibly can’t ever plan a purely calico litter, so deal with them as a cheerful accident!

Thankfully, this makes each calico distinctive and one thing to be treasured.

Ten – Each Calico Kitty Is Distinctive

We already talked concerning the calico patterns and identified that they range extensively. Each calico cat has its personal markings.

This uniqueness additionally extends to character.

The calico cat temperament and calico cat conduct may be as distinct, and as totally different, as any particular person cat.

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As a result of calico is a shade sample and never a calico breed sort, there aren’t any widespread calico cat traits.

They’re all distinctive.

25 Amazing Calico Cat Facts

Nevertheless, one fascinating research confirmed that folks assign personalities to totally different cats based mostly upon their colours.

Consequently, some individuals see calicos as extra aloof and illiberal than different cat breeds, though there isn’t any proof to again this up! It’s simply to do with individuals’s perceptions.

That stated, it’s nonetheless potential to discover a calico with the temperament you need.

Keep in mind, we stated that calicos may be virtually any breed of cat. Handily, meaning you’ll be able to search for a breed that has the character traits you need.

Eleven – Can I Select A Calico Cat Character?

One method to predict the calico cat temperament is to purchase a calico cat from a selected breed.

Subsequently, a purebred Persian calico cat may have a temperament according to her mother and father and grandparents. Likewise, the identical will probably be true for an American Shorthair calico cat.

In fact, discovering a furry pal with the proper calico cat character isn’t actual, however the unpredictability is among the issues that we cats lovers adore most about our furry buddies.

We have now given you some nice details about your calico, so how about some wacky calico kitty details. Listed here are some issues that you simply gained’t consider!

Twelve – Maryland Loves Calico Cats

Calicos are the official cat of the state of Maryland!

They have been chosen as a result of their coloring is harking back to the state hen (and baseball group!), the Baltimore Orioles.

Perhaps they will cross a few of their legendary luck onto the baseball group!

13 – Fortunate Calico Cats

Had a nasty streak? Add a calico cat to your life.

Some cultures consider that these tri-colored beauties convey good luck. And, as a result of they’re so uncommon, male calicos are thought-about additional fortunate!

Many cultures see calico cats as a blessing that brings cash and even helps them catch fish.

Fourteen – Calico, The Cash Cat

Nicknamed the Cash Cat, calicos have been stated to deliver additional excessive charges to their breeders.

Oops…the genetics inform us that is simply an Previous Wives’ Story, as a result of it’s unattainable to breed a calico cat purposefully.

At the moment, a calico cat worth can range from “free to a superb residence” to $100 or extra.

In fact, the worth may be a lot larger for pedigree breeds.

Thoughts you, calicos are stated to draw wealth. Perhaps your calico kitten will make you wealthy! The Japanese definitely assume so.

Fifteen – Japanese Beckoning Cats

You’ve doubtless seen a candy, waving cat statue within the doorway of your favourite Japanese restaurant or enterprise.

Though often gold coloured, these “beckoning cats” are based mostly on a calico and are thought to convey wealth and good enterprise.

Not content material with that, the Japanese additionally assume that calicos assist them catch fish!

Sixteen – The Calico Fishing Cats

Japanese sailors and fishermen have lengthy stored these felines on board their vessels as a talisman for security and a bountiful catch.

calico cat names

We don’t have any concept if that is true, however we’re positive that these calico ships’ cats have as a lot fish as they will eat.

Let’s take a look at one thing much more loopy. Some individuals consider that calico cats can remedy warts!

Seventeen – Can Calicos Remedy Warts?

Into pure cures? Seize a calico cat!

Some individuals in Eire consider that the calico’s tail will remedy warts…if it’s rubbed on the wart…within the month of Might.

Hmmm…we’re not shopping for it.

Previous wives’ tales apart, the place did calico cats come from? In that case many cultures revere them and have beliefs, they should have an extended and noble historical past.

Eighteen – Calicos And The Pharaohs

Some archaeologists and researchers inform us that calico cats possible originated in Egypt and labored their means throughout the continent. They have been widespread within the ports of Historic Greece and the Center East earlier than individuals took them in all places.

Perhaps that’s the place the calico unique shorthair comes from!

We aren’t positive if their Egyptian origins are true, however they’ve been round for a very long time. Artists have included calico cats in work for tons of of years.

We’ve seemed on the historical past of calicos, however the place does the identify come from?

Why can we name them calico cats?

Nineteen – The place Does The Phrase ‘Calico’ Come From?

What’s the calico definition? Initially, it was a kind of cloth made in India, however the phrase quickly unfold.

As we speak, calico material is a small floral patterned print, typically utilized by quilters. The calico might have gotten its identify from this material, which has small patterns.

Now, the phrase calico has been used to call many different issues.

Twenty – The Calico Crab

Guess what? Individuals named the calico crab  after the calico cat. The crab’s giant, orange spots resemble the calico cat traits.

The crab lives within the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay.

Twenty-One – Calico Beans

Calico beans, a favourite recipe of old-time cooks, was named after the cat.

The dish includes a trio of beans in a tomato based mostly sauce with floor meat.

Twenty-Two – Calico Cat Names

What are some nice names for calico cats?

Many homeowners like to decide on a reputation that fits their coloring, whereas others will select an previous standby. Chloe, Bella, Lucy, and Angel are simply 4 of the most typical calico cat names.

You’ll find a great deal of nice calico cat identify decisions right here.

Twenty-Three – How Lengthy Do Calico Cats Stay For?

How lengthy to calico cats stay? Properly, very similar to people, the reply is determined by their way of life and breed.


calico cat names

A nutritious diet, loads of train and plenty of love will sometimes end in a 15-year calico cat lifespan.

Once more, unlucky for the uncommon male calico, he’ll doubtless reside a a lot shorter life resulting from his distinctive genetic make-up.

You will discover out all about cat lifespan on this article.

Twenty-4 – Calicos Are Beautiful And We Need To Undertake One

Able to convey a calico cat residence? Right here’s the perfect reality of all: your native rescue group or animal shelter is certain to have a couple of beauties to select from.

And, we’re guessing you may need a tough time taking only one!

Twenty-5 – What Breeds Can Be Calico?

It’s virtually simpler to ask which breeds can’t be calico. Critically, virtually each sort of cat you’ll be able to consider could be a calico. That’s earlier than we even take a look at our pretty mixed-breed moggies!

If we take a look at present breeds which are allowed to have calico coats, there are eleven:

The Happy Cat Handbook
  • Manx
  • British Shorthair
  • Arabian Mau
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Turkish Angora
  • Siberian
  • American Shorthair
  • Turkish Van
  • Unique Shorthair
  • Persian

In fact, these are simply the acknowledged breeds. Combined breed cats may be calico, too, and are simply as beautiful.

As with all cat, being conscious of the breed might be helpful as a result of this implies you may be conscious of any potential well being points and dietary wants.

Understanding the breed means you’ll know the probably character, measurement, and lifespan.

In case you are unsure, ask your vet. They could be capable of pinpoint the cat’s lineage.

Twenty-Six – A Cat of Many Names

We already discovered that calicos are available many colours, reminiscent of white, black, and orange/ginger, or white, brown/chocolate, and orange. They are often dilute calicos, or they are often tabby. These tabbies are referred to as ‘caliby’ cats.

Diluted calico cats might be referred to as calamanco cats, or typically ‘clouded tiger,’ which we expect is basically neat!

Calicos can have totally different names around the globe:

  • Tri-color
  • Brindle
  • Tortoiseshell and white
  • Tobi Mi-ke – ‘triple fur’ in Japanese
  • Lapjeskat – ‘patches cat’ in Dutch

So, we have now talked a lot about calicos, however are there any well-known ones? You guess!

We all know many well-known calicos.

Twenty-Seven – Well-known Calico Cats

Are there well-known calico cats? In fact!

Instagram’s most well-known tri-color cat, @pudgethecat, has greater than 672,000 followers!

Twenty-Eight – The Calico Station Cat

One Japanese cat, Tama, turned a well-known stationmaster for Kishi practice station in Japan. She was a stray cat commonly fed by the station supervisor and passengers.

When the station was on account of be closed, in 2004, residents protested and the station remained open, however the firm minimize the employees in any respect its stations to economize.

As an alternative, they selected individuals from native companies to turn out to be stationmaster and greet passengers.

At Kishi Station, they selected Tama! Her job was to greet passengers, and she or he was paid with meals.

Consider it or not, she turned so well-known that folks made journeys simply to see Tama. This led to a rise within the variety of passengers and cash for the native financial system from ‘cat vacationers!’

Now, after assembly Tama, a cat who helped individuals, do you know that calicos may very well save human lives.

Twenty-9 – Calico Cats Might Save Lives

Unbelievably, calico cats have been very helpful for learning human well being.

Utilizing calicos, scientists can research the distinction between genders in mammals, and this will result in advances in information.

Who is aware of, perhaps a geneticist learning calico cats may provide you with a remedy for some nasty illness.

Calico Cat Abstract

So, on this article, up to date with a couple of new fascinating calico cat information, you’ve gotten discovered that there’s extra to calicos than meets the attention. Now, you understand rather more concerning the calico cat shade and the calico cat character. Moreover, you perceive which breeds could be calico, and the calico cat lifespan.

Hopefully, it is possible for you to to seek out the right calico kitty to undertake. Who is aware of? Maybe it’s going to deliver you good luck, identical to within the legends!

Do you could have any fascinating calico details to share or tales to inform? Tell us within the feedback!

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