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10 Natural Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats (Flea Killer and Repellant)

natural flea remedies for cats


natural flea remedies for cats

Cats get fleas: it’s a reality of life. Even for indoor cats it may be an unavoidable drawback, and for outside cats who work together commonly with different neighbourhood felines it may be an issue that happens a number of occasions a month.

As a cat proprietor, it’s your duty to assist alleviate the distress of fleas by treating your cat for them, both as a preventative measure or after you discover them scratching.

Nevertheless, there’s a big subset of pet mother and father who don’t like exposing their cats to the tough chemical compounds of conventional, shop-bought flea remedies. Apart from the truth that you’ll be able to by no means actually ensure of what’s in them, such chemical compounds could be dangerous to cats and may trigger reactions in felines who’re allergic or notably delicate.

Most cat house owners are conscious that pure, do-it-yourself flea cures exist, however are not sure of how precisely to get began.

This text outlines ten pure strategies that you should use to deal with your cat for fleas within the security of your personal residence. Not solely have you learnt precisely what goes into these cures, however you’ll be able to ensure that they’ll be protected on your cat and simply as efficient as any store purchased treatment or preventative.

What to Contemplate Earlier than utilizing a Pure Treatment

Earlier than leaping into the world of pure flea remedies, it’s necessary to know a couple of issues:

Not all Pure Cures Work

Sadly, numerous straightforward recipes and strategies yow will discover on-line for flea remedies merely don’t work, or work so not often that many cat house owners simply hand over and purchase bottled remedies from their closest grocery store. Those listed on this article are one of the best of one of the best, however do keep in mind that a few of them nonetheless don’t match as much as the chemical options which might be commercially out there.

For those who’ve tried each pure flea remedy on this record and your cat continues to be plagued with itching, the best choice is to see your vet and ask for a suggestion for a mild, non-harmful chemical remedy that can be protected to make use of in your cat.

Holding your personal moral requirements above your cat’s well being is just improper; your cat is beneath your care and it’s your obligation to maintain her or him the healthiest you probably can. Pure remedies are nice, but when they’re not working then any good vet would advise you to maneuver on to extra widespread cures.

Some Manufacturers Declare to be ‘Pure’ and Aren’t

Nowadays, ‘all-natural’ is a strong buzz-word. Corporations plaster inexperienced labels throughout their packaging within the hope that environmentally-conscious shoppers shall be interested in their merchandise.

In actuality, it’s fairly troublesome to seek out commercially out there merchandise that basically are utterly pure and don’t have any type of components or preservatives.

For this reason, when you’re actually involved about treating your cat with artificial chemical compounds, it’s greatest to make flea cures at residence.

Simply As a result of a Treatment is Pure Doesn’t Imply it’s Mechanically Protected

Most of the remedies on this listing may be dangerous if used within the flawed means. Even one thing as benign as lemon juice may cause vital injury in the event you by chance spray it in your cat’s eye.

Use all the options on this article with excessive warning and, if one thing appears to be going incorrect or in case your cat is uncomfortable, cease instantly.

All-natural doesn’t mechanically imply utterly protected, and as an proprietor your prime precedence ought to be your cat’s security and well-being.

Cat-Based mostly Repellents vs. Environmental Repellents vs. Quick appearing Cures

A number of the remedies listed on this article are cat-based repellents, which signifies that you apply them weekly or month-to-month to your cat to restrict the prospect of flea infestation.

Others are environmental repellents, which signifies that they’re utilized to your home or yard to make the setting much less fascinating for fleas.

Lastly, there are quick appearing cures, which must be used after your cat has contracted fleas to eliminate them.

For the perfect outcomes, you need to use all three; cat and environmental preventatives to minimise the prospect of your feline good friend ever coming into contact with fleas, after which a fast-acting remedy in case the preventative measures fail.

Quick Appearing Residence Cures for Flea Remedy

Lemon Juice

lemon juice for natural flea treatment

Lemons include citric acid, which is a pure flea-killer. As a cat proprietor, you possibly can harness this pure energy and switch it right into a flea preventative! Use the tactic under to make a lemon-based spray that may have your cat flea-free very quickly.

For this technique, you’ll want 4 lemons, 4 cups of water, a saucepan, and a sprig bottle.

  1. Slice the lemons into sections, ensuring to attain the peel with a knife (it will assist to launch extra oils in later steps).
  2. Utilizing a saucepan, warmth the water to boiling
  3. Pour the water over the lemons and depart to soak in a single day. For the perfect outcomes, be sure that to cowl the highest of the bowl.
  4. After the lemons have completed soaking, pour the answer into the spray bottle. Make it possible for it’s freed from pips and don’t embrace the lemon slices (if the answer is cloudy, attempt filtering it with a sieve or a tender material).
  5. Spray onto your cat as soon as each few days to kill fleas. It’s also possible to attempt spraying your cat’s mattress or favorite blanket to assist curb the flea infestation.

Essential to notice:

In case your cat has notably delicate pores and skin or in case you discover irritation after utilizing the spray, attempt diluting it a number of occasions. It will scale back the flea-killing energy, however it should hold your cat’s pores and skin glad and wholesome.

Aloe Vera and Cayenne Pepper

aloe vera for natural flea treatment

Aloe vera is a miracle plant if such a factor exists. Its juice has antibacterial properties and cools and soothes irritation. This makes it nice for treating flea bites and when combined in with a bit cayenne pepper it makes a terrific, multi-action, flea-killing spray.

You’ll want two cups of aloe vera juice (out there on-line and from some well being shops), 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a sprig bottle.

  • Combine two cups of aloe vera juice with half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
  • Pour the answer into a sprig bottle
  • Spray calmly in your cat as soon as each three days, taking care to keep away from the eyes, mouth, and nostril (the pepper burns!)

This can be a nice, quick-fix spray for killing fleas. In case your cat has any nasty flea bites, make use of the aloe vera juice and unfold it gently over the bites for additional therapeutic impact.

Necessary to notice:

Even in case you have an aloe vera plant at residence, don’t try and make your personal aloe juice. Elements of the plant could be extremely poisonous to cats. Depart it to the professionals and purchase a bottle prepared made.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth for natural flea treatment

Diatomaceous earth is very poisonous to fleas, making it one of the potent flea killers round.

You’ll want a bag of meals grade diatomaceous earth and a few gloves

  • Ensuring to put on your gloves, sprinkle the facility on surfaces in your house the place your cat frequents, together with cat beds, blankets, furnishings, and outside surfaces.
  • Attempt to maintain the powder dry because it loses efficiency when moist.
  • Don’t unfold any in your cat’s pores and skin instantly, as it can trigger dryness.
  • After a number of days, vacuum up the remaining product.

Essential to notice:

As talked about, you’ll want meals grade diatomaceous earth to kill fleas with. It’s because some sorts of diatomaceous earth could be dangerous to cats and people because of chemical components. The meals grade sort, nevertheless, is totally protected and could be purchased in most gardening shops or on-line. When dealing with the product make sure that to put on gloves, as it may be damaging to the pores and skin, and by no means sprinkle it onto your cat immediately.

Neem leaf

neem leaf for natural flea treatments

Neem leaf comes from a tree native to India, Sri Lanka, and Burma and has been used for medicinal and anti-parasitic functions for hundreds of years, together with on pets.

Nevertheless, not all neem merchandise are proper for cats. When selecting a product, keep away from something with neem oil in it and as an alternative search for neem leaf merchandise.

Like different important oils, neem oil is very concentrated and could also be dangerous to cats. The leaf, then again, is totally innocent. It may be ready in two alternative ways:

Neem Leaf Spray

You’ll want half a kilogram of neem leaves, two and a half litres of water, and a sprig bottle

  • Pour the water over the neem leaves and permit them to soak in a single day
  • When soaking is full, grind the leaves within the answer after which pressure, first utilizing a sieve after which a mushy material.
  • Spray liberally in your cat’s fur, avoiding the eyes, mouth, and nostril.

Neem Leaf Paste

You’ll want 250g of dried neem leaves and a small quantity of water

  • Crush the neem leaves right into a advantageous powder
  • Add water till a paste-like consistency is achieved
  • Apply the previous to your cat’s flea bites. For long-haired cats, a comb could also be wanted to half the hair so the pores and skin might be reached

Necessary to notice:

The neem leaf spray is greatest for killing fleas, whereas the paste helps to appease infected bites.

white cat outdoors looking with collar natural flea remedies for cats

Cat-Based mostly Flea Repellants

Lavender Spray

lavender for natural flea treatments

Whereas lavender smells heavenly to people, fleas can’t stand the beautiful purple flower. This makes the plant not solely a really perfect environmentally-based preventative (hold studying to learn how!), but in addition a very good cat-based preventative.

Use the next technique to make a lavender spray that may assist maintain fleas away out of your valuable feline pal.

  • You’ll want some recent lavender (dried lavender additionally works, however not as properly), a sprig bottle, some water and, in case your cat is especially fluffy, a comb.
  • Let the recent lavender soak in a jar in a single day (10-16 hours for greatest outcomes).
  • As soon as the soaking course of is full, pressure out the lavender items utilizing a sieve or a delicate material and switch the liquid collected into the spray bottle.
  • Spray the lavender answer over your cat, ensuring to keep away from the eyes, mouth, and nostril.
  • In case your cat has lengthy hair, comb the lavender answer by way of and ensure that a few of it reaches the pores and skin. In case your cat has shorter hair, the answer ought to be capable of permeate with out concern.
  • Repeat this course of each week for max impact, or each few weeks for primary protection

This technique is nice as a result of it’s easy, makes use of elements that most individuals can get simply, and in addition makes your cat odor like lavender for the foreseeable future! What’s to not like?

Essential to Observe:

Some individuals advocate changing the recent lavender with lavender important oils. That is extraordinarily harmful. Important oils odor so nice to people as a result of they’re extraordinarily concentrated. Whereas some are protected for cats, others are so concentrated that they are often dangerous and it’s subsequent to unattainable to inform which is which by wanting on the bottle. Until you’ve obtained a selected suggestion out of your vet, stick with recent lavender for one of the best outcomes.

Pure Flea Collars

soft cat collar for natural flea treatments

It might shock numerous cat house owners to know which you can truly make a flea prevention collar in your cat with your personal two palms. This sort of collar isn’t full-proof, however it’s much better than nothing in terms of preserving the fleas away out of your valuable kitty. To make one, comply with the steps under.

  • You’ll want a mushy nylon or cotton collar, unflavoured vodka, and cedarwood important oil
  • Combine half a teaspoon of vodka with one drop of the cedar-wood important oil
  • Soak the collar within the combination and depart to dry
  • As soon as dry, buckle the collar round your cat’s neck.
  • ‘Recharge’ the collar each week by soaking it in the identical vodka and cedar oil combination

Essential to Notice:

A big a part of this text condemns using important oils on cats, and this technique doesn’t undo that criticism. This combination is just protected as a result of such a small quantity of the important oil is getting used and it’s being soaked right into a collar, the place a cat gained’t have the ability to ingest it so simply. Except for in tiny, managed doses like this, don’t give your cat important oils!

Environmental Flea Repellents

Lavender (once more!)

As talked about earlier than, lavender is a pure flea preventative and making recent lavender into a sprig is a good way to stop fleas. This profit may also prolong outdoors of your cat’s fur and into your setting in two methods.

  1. Plant lavender in your backyard! Lavender is a sweet-smelling, lovely, purple plant that nobody of their proper thoughts would object to having of their entrance backyard. Because it seems, planting lavender in your yard is an effective approach to create a barrier of safety towards fleas round your property. When you’ve acquired a inexperienced thumb, and even simply mildly take pleasure in gardening, attempt planting a number of bushes. An added bonus of that is that you simply’ve obtained a prepared provide of recent lavender to make up some spray everytime you want.
  2. Use the lavender spray on different surfaces. Apart from combing it into your cat’s fur, attempt spraying your concoction on different surfaces in your home. Your cat’s favorite blanket, your mattress, different furnishings: get artistic together with your spraying! Not solely will this make your house odor fantastic, however it’s going to additionally detract fleas from coming into your property and wreaking havoc.

Cedar Chips

Fleas hate the odor of cedar. Use the next steps as a information to eliminating fleas in your yard with the standard wooden.

  • Purchase your cedar chips from a backyard retailer. Speciality shops usually tend to have a selection in terms of the dimensions of the chip. For max flea prevention, smaller chips must be used as they’ve a bigger floor space and subsequently a stronger odor
  • Concentrate on the areas the place your cats are typically and sprinkle the chips there. In the event you’d moderately not drown your whole yard in cedar, concentrate on the areas your cat likes to sleep or play.
  • Take note of areas across the boundary of your yard. That is the probably spot that your cat will probably be interacting with different animals and flea infestation can happen. Spreading a skinny line of chips across the inside your backyard fence will act as a scent-barrier to any invading fleas.


Nematodes are stay, worm-like bugs that prey on fleas and might be purchased at most backyard shops. To reap their full, predatory profit, adhere to the next steps.

  • Combine your nematodes with a considerable amount of water. The packaging ought to specify what number of scoops of nematodes to a given quantity of water.
  • Spray the combination over your garden
  • To make sure the nematodes don’t die off, water your garden persistently each two days to maintain them moist and joyful
  • Reap the advantages!

Cleaning soap and Water

It in all probability sounds ridiculously apparent, however ensuring that your setting is clear works to stop fleas.

Wash something that your cat makes use of commonly, together with bedding, furnishings covers, and even smooth toys.

Cleaning soap and scorching water can kill flea eggs, stopping an infestation earlier than it even actually begins.

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